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Kanga's Avatar Kanga 11:09 PM 03-18-2002
My son, now 12 mo will be attending a toddler program at a Montessori school when he turns 18 mo. I've observed the class several times and it looks like such a big jump from what he's doing now. I want him to enjoy his time there and not be too stressed by the fairly strict order with which the class is run. Is there anything I can start doing with him now to prepare him for the class? Do I have to run my (very "casual") home like a Montessori school?
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Luma's Avatar Luma 08:37 PM 03-20-2002
hi Kanga, I just pulled ds out of the waldorf parent toddler program because I felt he got stressed. And its such a lovely enviroment and toys etc etc, I would suggest just be open to whatever your son feels ok with!
This experience made me feel like theres nothing like home for ds you know, home the way it is, the way he knows it, its really home sweet home for him.
I was all excited to go myself but he didnt really seem to need it, it was more for myself I guess.
Maybe later he will like it a lot, well see.

Your babe might just love the montessori program, if you want to give him some familiarity with it you can sing some songs from the program or play in the way they do there, same kind of toys and materials, still the change is going to be huge because is a different place with more people, noises, smells, etc etc. But if he knows some songs or games that might happen, he will feel more like "hey I know this"!

Good luck!