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View Poll Results: With no adult visible to receive the student, at what age would a student be allowed to cross a stre
under 4 2 1.04%
4 5 2.60%
5 45 23.44%
6 35 18.23%
7 29 15.10%
8 32 16.67%
9 12 6.25%
10 15 7.81%
11 2 1.04%
12 10 5.21%
13-14 1 0.52%
15-16 0 0%
17-18 0 0%
NEVER! 0 0%
other 4 2.08%
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Learning at School > At what age do you think a student would be allowed by the bus driver to get off the bus, cross the street, and go into the house without an adult...
alaskaberry's Avatar alaskaberry 07:42 PM 09-24-2008
I voted 5--that's how old I was when the bus dropped me off as a kid. And it didn't drop me off by my house, either, it dropped me off about a block away from it. Granted, I lived in a small village and it was a short walk. But I've noticed they drop most kids in rural areas off either at the bottom of their dirt roads/hills or the ends of them with no adult in sight.

Amylcd's Avatar Amylcd 08:02 PM 09-24-2008
Would be allowed: 5
Should be allowed: 7-8
amynbebes's Avatar amynbebes 02:07 AM 09-26-2008
Well my 5 yr old is allowed to. The bus driver doesn't see me standing behind the gate so in his eyes there's no one helping my child across the street or getting him into the house. I don't know that he knows that my 11 yr old i his brother and is making sure he crosses the street okay.
NatureMommy's Avatar NatureMommy 06:25 PM 09-26-2008
In our district kindergarteners need to be met by a parent at the bus stop. If there are kids that need to cross the street at the bus stop, the driver gets out of the bus acts as a crossing guard, holding a stop sign in the street. Now, our school is small and the bus fee is about $700 for the year. There is only one bus and not many kids ride it, the driver usually knows each one by name and what stop they are supposed to get off at.
MommaCrystal's Avatar MommaCrystal 08:22 PM 09-26-2008
In our district preschoolers ride vans and are driven right to their door. No child is ever left unless the parent comes out to get them.

Kindergarteners are dropped off in front of their house and only with an adult waiting outside.

In both cases, if no one is waiting outside the child is brought back to school. If parents or emergency contacts cannot be reached the police are called.

All other students, 1st grade and up, are dropped off at their bus stop. the distance from home varies. The driver cannot see all the homes from the bus stop and is not responsible for making sure the children get to them or that anyone is waiting for them.

1st grade is usually not younger then 6.
sullengurl's Avatar sullengurl 12:38 PM 09-28-2008
...and some people wonder why parents might be hesitant to let their younger kids ride the bus in the first place.
oursweetboys's Avatar oursweetboys 12:37 AM 09-29-2008
Originally Posted by rabrog View Post
Um...what's the bus driver supposed to do if there is no one there to receive a young child? I don't know if there's a policy for this or not. I guess I would say if a parent isn't comfortable with their child doing this, they need to pick the child up from school or be home when the bus comes.

Um, keep the child on the bus and take them back to the school or bus base until a parent/guardian is located? My boys, who are in K and 3rd grade would not be allowed off the bus without an adult present.(and they're dropped off at our driveway) Our school system(thankfully!) has a system in place for such situations. Of course the parents are responsible for making sure someone is there to receive their child but sh!t happens, KWIM? I find it very comforting to know that if something weird happened and I couldn't be here in time, they wouldn't leave my sons here alone. I'm so very surprised that many others have a different experience.
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