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How has this pregnancy been different than your first (others)? With DD, I was so sick from 5w3d until the end of the first trimester. I had m/s 24 hours a day and had horrible smell and food aversions. I couldn't go to the grocery store or out to eat, I definitely couldn't cook, and I could only eat about 5 different foods which I had to force down. I only threw up twice, but I was constantly nauseous. I was also extremely exhausted and would go to bed at about 7:30 pm every night.

This time, the m/s pretty much stayed away until the end of 6 weeks. Prior to that, I had a few bouts of queasiness, but nothing too severe or long lasting. From the beginning, most food has been pretty unappealing, but if I start eating something I can usually enjoy it (although this is getting more difficult at times). My m/s is less severe and it comes and goes. I actually have periods of relief throughout the day. When I do feel sick it is gross, but it doesn't last forever. I am also hungry almost constantly, but nothing really appeals to me. My breasts are quite sore, which I don't remember with DD. I'm not as exhausted this time as I was last time, and can make it most nights until 10 pm, although I do usually take a small power nap while I'm laying with DD as she falls asleep. I do have periods of exhaustion in the afternoons when I'm at work.
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Oh man, I feel the exact same as with #1. ridiculous M/C starting at 6 weeks. Maybe I'm having another girl? Who knows, but I was sick my whole pregnancy with DD, I hope this one is different!
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Everyone of my six pregnancies has been different as far as when the m/s started, how long it lasted, the intensity, etc. Its crazy because I never know whats gonna happen and when! I'm 5w4d and I keep thinking the m/s will come soon, but then again with #3 I wasn't sick until 8 weeks. With #1 I got sick the day I had a positive pregnancy test!

Kelly - wife to the best DH and : Mama to 6 younguns
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This is my third, and every one has been different in some way. There are always simularities, but it's never all the same.
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This is my 3rd pregnancy and it is already different from my prior two pregnancies. I am waaaaay more exhausted this time around. Last night I went to bed at 8:30pm and that was stretching it, b/c I could have gone to bed by 7pm. I was just so tired. The m/s, heartburn and queasy feeling have all started sooner too. With my other two, the all day, every day (yes, until I gave birth) m/s and vomited started at 8 wks. This time it was the m/s and heartburn that tipped me off to the fact that I may be pregnant. The weird thing is that this time, instead of nipple pain, my breasts just feel a little bit tender. I have also noticed that my bra already feels too tight. My DH had already commented about it before I had even commented on it. I just weaned my 3 yr old a few months ago, so I guess I will be going back to wearing nursing bras sooner than anticipated (I can't remember where I put them!). Oh and I have food cravings and feel hungry all of the time this time. The last two pregnancies, I literally was not able to understand the whole pg women having awful cravings stereotype. I just always felt so sick I didn't want to eat. I still feel sick this time, BUT I want to eat.
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I was just saying to DH that I remember in my pregnancy with DS I was puking regularly at this point (8 weeks) and though I've had some bad moments so far this pregnancy nothing has come up. I think I was way more tired during my pregnancy with DD. I frequently fell asleep putting DS to bed at 8 pm and wouldn't get up until 7 or 8 the next day. I am tired this time around but getting 8 or 9 hours is getting me by most days.

Kim - Wife to Liam , Unschooly mama to Nick (10/00) Lily (09/05) and Olivia (07/09)
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So far everything is pretty similar to my first two pregnancies. But it's still early!

-Shannon, momma to H reading.gif 8/03, N heartbeat.gif 9/06, & P homebirth.jpg 8/11, missing S brokenheart.gif born at 11 wks 1/09 



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My third pregnancy, I am always exhausted, and I seem to have issues down below :-\ Totally different from my first one which I was sick all day, second no problems in the beginning, was a perfect pregnancy.
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I feel worse this time round with #3 than I did with the first 2. With my ds I had no sickness or any unpleasant symptoms and loved being pregnant. With dd I had some nausea and threw up once at about 8 or 9 weeks. This time, at 5.5 weeks now, I have nausea on and off through the day, really strong smell and taste sensitivity and general achyness...but that could be my age (37) playing a part!

~ Mum to ds1 , dd : and ds2
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So far the only difference is that with this one, my boobs are huge and they hurt and I have extremely sensitive nipples. Didn't have any of that with my first. My ms kicked in with both between 5 and 6 weeks. It ended at 11 weeks with my first and I'm really hoping it ends sooner than that this time! lol

Kristin, momma to Cade (11/01) and Camden (7/09) . Wife to Jeff and lover of Jesus.
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More nauseous - and instead of getting a break until 6 weeks, the m/s started prior to POAS - my guess is the day of implantation, as soon as the hcg started in my system, I got nauseous.

I sure hope it ends sooner than 16 weeks this time. Otherwise, my boobs aren't as sore this time, but getting big fast. I'm not as tired this time - OR I don't have time to be tired this time b/c I have a 2.5 yr old, one of the two.

Amy, mama to "Pumpkin" (DD1, 5/16/06) and "Squashy" (DD2, 7/10/09)
"Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance"- Confucius
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I am so sick. I have never even had one moment of morning sickness before, in all 3 pregnancies. I have a constant level of nausea, but never vomit. I am so exhausted, I feel like I got hit by a truck, I'm dragging myself around in a daze. I can't wait for the second trimester!

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Things have been milder this time... less tiredness, milder morning sickness. No food has become revolting... yet.

But I expect things to change in the next two weeks.


Mama to Laurel '06 & high needs Will '09
Crunchy in mainstream suburbia | Sleep-deprived WAHM
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With my ds I was really m/s. I threw up several times a day until around 16 weeks. It was really hard. This time I'm not as m/s. I have my moments, but nothing has come up yet. I do have food aversions this time, which is interesting without the nausea. It's strange how I just can't imagine eating certain things.

Other than that, I've had slightly sore breasts, but not too bad. So far nursing doesn't hurt too much. I've got weird crampiness in my abdomen that I think might be due to constipation. Fun! Ahh, nothing like a place where I can share TMI!

Bed sharing, baby wearing, breastfeeding mama of Vonn (dob 12/9/07) and Reuben (dob 7/17/09).
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With DS I had a teeny bit of m/s and was really tired with sore breasts.

With this one the m/s has been way worse, and I was dizzy a lot, but that's lessening limbs keep getting tingly and falling asleep which I didn't get with him. Sore breasts I fact as bad as it is we've been letting DS have water in a bottle in hope that he with nurse just a little less often. tired I honestly can't tell lol...I think I never stopped being tired since I got pregnant with DS lol
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