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Still nursing here.. Seb will be 2 in May.

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me. and i hate it. dd2 is almost 3 now and the most i can manage most nights is about 5 minutes. (we nurse once to sleep) between the pain and the whole" having to hold myself back with every molecule in my body to not turn inside out and run from the room screaming", its just not happening. its sad that it has to come to this because she still needs a little comfort but crazy-making, skin-crwaling feelings are not healthy in mama either.

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I'm 24 weeks pregnant. My daughter, Noah, is almost 25m old & still nurses quite a lot. I have had NO pain with nursing her until a couple weeks ago, when my right nipple started hursting with latching-on. ?? strange. I can still express a little milk by hand so I'm guessing that my supply is still there. My middle daughter, Danica, self-weaned on the morning of her 4th birthday, 1/3/07. So, for about the first 3 mos of this pregnancy, I had 2 nurslings.

This is where I am at with tandem-nursing: I have no problem nursing an infant & a toddler/pre-schooler AS LONG as the older child DOESN"T "need to nurse constantly". When I was pg with Danica, I weaned her older sister at age 2.5. I was 3 mos pg. However, when Danica was the older nursling, it was a BATTLE. She was a very "needy/emotional" child (sorry for the labels) & she did not adjust very well, despite my efforts, to a younger sibling. With her 4th birthday came a TON of developmental milestones. I don't think Noah will be the same way. I believe she will adjust much more easily to having a new baby, than did Danica. Incidentally, Danica was 25m when Noah was born, and Noah will be 29m. I think the "age difference" will be important.

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I am, but I think we're very very close to being done. DS is 22 months and we're down to once a day, first thing in the morning. I don't think there's really anything there anymore, maybe drops. I'm having a little trouble with it because it's getting uncomfortable (not painful though) and I would like to be done, but I also don't want to cut him off if he wants to continue. It's hard to tell what he wants though, because he doesn't ever ask anymore but when I offer, he will almost always at least latch on for a minute or two. Of course with not much there it's not really surprising that he doesn't stay on longer. Then every time I start to think we're really done, he'll stay on for a while and seem much more interested. Today was the first time he really refused....the first side he kinda half-latched on and then popped off, and the 2nd side (which he likes better), he ran off to play. So I dunno.

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My nursling is almost 26 months. No milk for now, but mostly it is going quite well. She is usually nursing a few times through in the day, a few times at night. Some days she goes pretty well the whole day without nursing, some days she asks often.

Towards the beginning of the pregnancy it was very uncomfortable, now it is almost always fine. If her latch gets uncomfortable, I make her come off and try again. Once in a while if I want her to unlatch before she is ready, she clamps her jaw - not fun! But thankfully for the most part it it really going good now. I wasn't sure for a while there if I would be able to last until it got better again. I really would like her to continue nursing through the pregnancy and then to tandem, but I can't really control that.

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Still nursing here! I weaned DD1 in Dec. because I was so worried about DD2 not getting enough milk. It was a good decision, but recently DD1 has been asking for milkies again (she's almost 4). She's the kid who needed milkies enough to nurse through my last pg, so I would not be surprised if she nurses a bit after the new baby is born. DD2 is much more into nursing for the food aspect, so thankfully I don't have to deal with the pain/frustration of endless sessions. Interestingly enough, she seems more interested now than a month ago -- my breasts also feel heavier, so I wonder if there is at least something for her to consume. She is an amazing regular food eater, which I attribute to not getting much milk. I really am wanting to keep her going until the new baby arrives, as she's only 15mo.

By the way, I know that everyone is a bit different, but I stop feeling "let-down" by 6 mo PP, and still have oodles of milk. So it's definately possible to have milk but not feel letdown...

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ds (4.5) is still nursing...sorta. A couple weeks ago the colostrum came in and he thinks it's just the nastiest stuff ever, so he's been having a hard time. He'll sometimes try each side for a few seconds before giving up. He's cried about it a lot. I feel so bad for him. I'm hoping he won't forget how to nurse so he can start again when the baby's born. This has caused some animosity towards the baby.

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How interesting! I've had colostrum for weeks now, and ds insists that he still loves the taste and says it is the same taste. I tasted it myself and didn't find it very appealing at all! not anything like sweet mature milk. But I am surprised that my ds could care less about the change.

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I remember about halfway through my dd2's pregnancy, dd1 started saying that my milk (colostrum) tasted salty! I tasted it, and it wasn't what I would call salty, but compared to the super-sweet milk she had been drinking for 2.5 years it could be called that! Kids are so funny.

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I'm still nursing my ds as well. He is about 3 months past 2 and I was originally hoping to wean him before the baby comes, but now I'm not so sure. I was never completely opposed to trying tandem nursing if ds didn't seem ready to stop, and now I found out that his weight has dropped to the 1st percentile (from a little below the 5th, so it isn't as huge a drop as it seems)! It seems to have coincided with my milk drying up. I'm hoping that when my colostrum comes in, he'll start gaining more quickly.

I guess I'm just starting to feel that in addition to just loving to nurse, my ds really still needs the nutrition too!
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mamadiya ~ hugs to you! The same thing happened with dd's weight (she was always little, but went from 10th to 4th) and she's also seemed to develop several food intolerances since my milk dried up...dairy, soy, tomatoes, pineapple, strawberries...I'm sure there are more that we haven't yet identified. I think that my milk was protecting her gut in a way, so I'm really hoping that when it comes back in that she'll get some healing from it. I felt very guilty but have recently realized that I'm glad I was at least determined to nurse from the get-go ~ otherwise she would have had a LOT more issues as a newborn (and probably been on prescription formula).

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We are finished here DS is 28 months and finished nursing about 4 or 5 weeks ago. I had to night wean him back in December and January. It became such an irritating feeling when he was nursing that I couldn't sleep. After that, my supply really dropped off and he lost interest as he became more and more attached to Daddy.

We went on a trip out of state to visit DH's family in February. While we were there I became more and more sensitive during nursing. I started limiting how long he could nurse. Finally, he was trying to nurse one morning and I realized that he wasn't getting any milk. I asked him if he was getting anything and he said "nope" and quit trying. That was it. He was done after that.

DS still loves to touch my breasts and likes to have his hand in between them to fall asleep. It's great that he still wants to cuddle to sleep because he is becoming so independent during the day.

One on hand I am so sad that he is not nursing anymore. On the other hand I am glad that he is finished before his baby brother gets here. It is such an emotional experience for me to deal with his weaning, which is just amplified by all of the pregnancy hormones.

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I actually think my milk supply is coming back - or rather, the colostrum has started coming in because I heard dd gulping away about once every 2 days (usually when she's having a good long session and not a quick comfort suck).
I hope it lasts until the real milk gets here! Dd is still pretty keen on breastfeeding at night, in the morning, around nap time, and whenever I've been away for a length of time. She's only ~18mos, so I would be quite upset to stop now that my nipples are once more all healed up from her nibbling/my eczema nightmare.

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DS has almost self-weaned. He is 22m. I really was hoping to get to two years. He nursed a LOT until I stopped pumping at work at 18 m. I was pregnant by then and he started to wean very quickly. I think my supply dropped a lot faster than I thought it would. He still nurses a bit at night or at nap if I am home. Sometimes he just wants his pacifier which he is pretty attached to. I've noticed that he often has a big, big drink of water after nursing so I am pretty sure that I am dry.

*sigh* And to think that I was driving myself crazy deciding if I could handle tandem nursing.
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