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EDD 7/16 with #2. My first labor started with water gush & active labor. Could it be more obvious? This time I'm questioning everything my body does. Is this it, what was that? Very unlike me.
So today (and here's the TMI) My mucus plug introduced itself to me. I'm officially waddling, cramping and BH has increased. Nothing coming regularly, just letting me know they are there. My question how do I know what all this other stuff now coming out of me is? It feels like I might have a slow leak. The "slickness" feels familiar from my last water break. I've laid down and nothing pools. So it must not be my water. Right?
I wouldn't even question anything but after finding out I'm GBS+ and deciding to opt for antibiotics I have this 4 hr window looming over me (that I've created all on my own), and the 18hr water break scenario too.
FYI: I'm working with midwives and a doula at a birthing center.
I think I'm just looking for support from you ladies out there.
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This is my third pregnancy and I have been wondering if my water has broke a number of times this week, there just seems to be lots of fluid!? When my water broke the first time I was obviously in active labor and my second labor was very obvious with the gush so I don't know what to expect this time. I would suggest if you are worried about it to contact your MW. Good luck!
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I've heard that they can easily test your fluid to see if its amniotic or "other" and its just a litmus test or something. Definitely call the mw!

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I'm in the same boat, my DS came with gush then 45 mins and he was here. This time I've had contractions off and on (2-3 mins for 10 hours one night) and LOTS of leaking of "stuff". My MW gave me some pH paper at my homevisit to test the junk coming out of me, I've sworn my water broke several times but it hasn't, just lots of goo. Lost my plug 3 weeks ago, still nothing but goo, no water. Ask your MW for some pH paper to save you to crazy wondering.
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It's probably not your amniotic fluid.... often after the mucus plug (one of the protective barriers) comes out, your body greatly increases its production of watery discharge (called leukorrhea) which is full of white blood cells to keep everything clean in there. I lost my mucus plug on Sunday (all full of blood and everything) and since then have had to wear a pantyliner to keep dry.

Hope your body (and mine, too) gives you a clear sign soon! :

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