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I have been thinking about our wonderful DDC lately!
How are our babies & mamas doing? Life taking on a new normal?

DD is 10 weeks now. She is smiling and babbling and a total joy. She loves to 'stand up' and is actually quite strong. We usually have 2-3 10min sessions a day where she holds onto my (or DH) fingers for balance and wobbles around as she bears weight.
We are totally in love with our little girl and I'm secretly hoping to turn up preggers again

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Rudy will be 11 weeks tomorrow! He is a laid back boy and is full of smiles, giggles and fun! We ended up in the hospital with him a week ago with a temp of 103.5.....thought it was vaccines....ended up being a UTI. Poor guy........we had to stay at the hospital for 2 days! we are now on the mend......have a follow up doc appointment today and will have to have a test done at childrens hospital to see about possible urine/kidney reflux.

We had a rough few nights of sleep after the whole hospital incident....and to make matters worse think he's getting a cold.......mama needs her sleep or is an emotional basket case! my partner freakin rocks....and we're looking into an electric breastpump now for her to possibly feed him......

hope you are all doing well and adjusting!
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Eleanor is 9 weeks old as of yesterday. She is smiling and eating her hands and has pretty good head control, now. She ussually gives us one long stretch of sleep each night, which is a blessing because she *will not* nap. But other than that, things are pretty great. I started school this week (only 1 online class) and juggling school with her needs is a challenge, but things keep getting easier, I am sure we will find a routine and she will settle into a more predictable schedule eventually.
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Great to hear about you LOs. QTRANDI, glad to hear your little guy is on the mend. That must have been so hard.

We have had more than our fair share of colds etc, which has been stressful. DD3 had a bad virus a couple weeks ago and was tested for swine flu (it was neg) and pertussis (thankfully it was neg!!!). She healed quickly and is healthy now.

DD3 is 9 weeks and weighs 14 lbs (she came into the world at 11.1)! She is so happy & laid back. And unlike my other two, she sleeps a lot! That has made the adjustment for DD1 & DD2 a little easier and the adjustment to homeschooling with a newborn easier for me. Last week she started almost laughing, it is the cutest sound I have ever heard! She is by far the easiest babe of my three, almost makes me want another!

I hope everyone and their babes are doing well.
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DS is nine weeks. He's smiling and babbling and still hates the carseat and doesn't have a sleep schedule. I took him to a cariologist yesterday to check on a heart murmur -- the ultrasound was perfect and it's nothing to worry about. He has gained almost three inches in length, and two pounds since his one month check up. The two month check up is tomorrow. I'm anxious about getting him vaxed. I don't feel comfortable with it, but nobody is listening to me.

I... could be doing better. Physically, I'm fine. But my regular depression is back, and the sleep deprivation isn't helping. Nor is my boyfriend's regular comments about "needing" to pump and possibly using bottles to try and get DS's spit-up under control. I don't know why it's so upsetting to me, but it feels like he just doesn't get it.

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DD is 3 months old today and she is an absolute joy. She smiles all the time and is becoming increasingly vocal by the day. She is basically only waking up once a night to nurse now so that is really helping me out with sleep. I have been back to work for 4 weeks now and she has done so well with being at daycare with her brother. She is the only baby there right now so that makes it a lot easier for her provider to make sure she is getting the attention she needs.

I am doing pretty well and settling into a work routine that includes pumping. It was challenging the first couple of weeks, but now it just part of my normal day. I'm just glad that I have been able to pump enough to send with her to daycare the next day and haven't had to dip into my freezer stash just yet.

Lindsay - Mum to Logan (May 3, 2007), Graysen (June 26, 2009) and welcoming somebody new in September 2011!
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Wow, I haven't been back to this DDC for a while! Paxton is doing well. He is a little bit past 2 months old now. Growing like a weed! DH and I keep saying that he is literally growing right before our eyes. He was born at 8 lbs, 9 oz and he is over 14 lbs already! He has outgrown all of his 0-3 mo clothes, many of his 3-6 month clothes are almost too small too. I have been scrambling to put away outgrown clothes and dig out (I have two older boys, so these are all hand me downs) 6-9 mo clothes, which is a little bit long on him, but at least he has room to stretch out, lol.

Our biggest issue right now is sleep. For a wk, he was starting to get into a routine of naps, but I don't know if it's b/c he is having a growth spurt or what, but this past wk was UNBEARABLE! He has been so fussy, wanting to be held ALL of the time. He will doze off on my shoulder (which btw is so sore, my entire neck and shoulder area are killing me, DH went for a 2 hr deep tissue massage), and then when I try to transfer him to his basinnet of crib, he wakes up crying. I'm exhausted b/c of this. I have two older kids and have to keep the household going, but find it so hard to do carrying a big lump of a baby around. He fusses when I wear him in a sling, which stinks, b/c before he was ok being worn, but now he just wants to be held. One other big issue is he HATES his carseat. This really stinks for me. I have to pick up and drop off my kids to and from school 2x a wk and also for other activities. I feel tense all of the time, b/c he cries when he is in his car seat, and then for small in and out trips, I would like to just take his car seat out and then pop it back in, but sometimes he fusses so much, I take him out, hold or wear him and then have to put him back in the seat, it's tiring.

As for nursing, he is doing well, BUT I think he is kind of a lazy nurser, esp at night. He will nurse a little, fall asleep and then wake up again to nurse, b/c he didn't fill up b/c he fell asleep last time. I can't complain too much, b/c he is sleep pretty well at night compared to my older two kids, but at the same time I'm just stretched so thin right now, b/c I have 2 other kids to take care of, kwim? He is also a very LOUD nurser. I don't know what is up, sometimes he clicks when he nurses, sometimes he doesn't. His latch is ok, I can't figure it out. Obviously, he is growing, BUT he is extremely gassy. It sounds like a firecracker went off every time he poops!

Oh and I wanted to ask. Is it normal for teething to begin already? He is drooling up a storm! I didn't remember my other two drooling this much, this early on!
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C is 3mos---I guess 13.5wks (I had to look at he calendar as I have lost track). He is smiling and cooing and sometimes with laugh--but only at his brother, J! His favorite thing seems to be watching J! He is 12lbs now and about 23 1/2" he looks like a little chubs to me, already in 3-6mo clothes (J stayed in NB clothes until he was at least 4mos). He has a little knit blanket with holes in it that he loves to hold and stick his fingers through and rub on his face--he won't sleep without it! So funny, I don't remember J getting so attached to any object.

BF is going well (even though I'm not with him much *tear*) I'm taking domperidone and pumping like a crazy women b/c I am not pumping enough anymore, but, it is getting better. He does cluster feed when I'm home so that helps and his big brother is nursing still too I have been enjoying watching them nurse together they are so sweet!

I'm doing good, I still have about 20lbs of pregnancy weight to is just not budging lol! The funny thing is I feel like I am starving all the time and I am eating like crazy! I just had a restaurant sized portion of rice, eggs, corn and I am about to go raid the fridge again because my stomach is growling with hunger! Good news is that I am totally off zoloft (was on it for PPD for DS1) as of almost 2wks and feeling great, I think a combo of the Mirena and breastfeeding and exercising and maybe just having another baby it seems like my hormones have balanced back out.

Good to hear from you all!
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C is 9 weeks old. She weighs 12 pounds now! She weighed 6lbs11ozs at birth. She is such a sweet baby. She has tons of hair unlike her siblings. I have only one complaint and that is she never wants to be put down! Even if she's fallen asleep, once you put her down she wakes within 5 minutes. We have different carriers but I don't like nursing in them. Haven't decided on birth control. One day I want to have more kids and the next day I'm feeling done and want dh to get a vasectomy. We haven't dtd yet!

Stephanie + Dh= Super blessed parents to 1 ds, and 4 dds!
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Elijah will be 3mo. is 5 days. Where does the time go!? I keep freaking out because 3 months is that much closer to a year and I am having so much fun with him, I want him to slow down! I guess that means I will have to have another in a few years when I am done with this cancer business!

He's a wonderful baby, I couldn't be happier or luckier! He's been giggling up a storm lately and smiling a ton. He's just a really happy baby, which in turn makes me happy. I've been laid up in bed from having surgery on Friday and he's been an angel, I think he understands that I am recovering right now and in pain and he's been trying to make me feel better by talking to me and laughing all day. He hardly cries anymore, when he does he makes the saddest little face first that just makes me want to hug him until he feels all better.

He's been sleeping through the night, which is great. We co-sleep so I end up getting a full nights sleep every night. We've also gotten used to sleeping in kinda late sometimes

I love watching him grow. He's changed so much since the day he was born and it's magical

Elijah Mercury (7/2009), TTC #2 with my new soon to be DH! Tattooed, 29 year old cancer survivor! treehugger.gif

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Hello everyone!

I can't believe how quickly time passes these days. Kaya is almost 3 months old and starting to mellow out (finally!). She started taking the bottle a couple of weeks ago which has really given me peace of mind. I was so worried that I would not be able to leave her for more than an hour or two for the first year - not that I want to be gone all day, but it would be nice to get to the gym or a yoga class or something. And I have a freezer full of milk that I would love to use!

She is growing like crazy though she is on the small side. She is much bigger than DS was at this age - I don't think he reached 12# until he was 6 months and she is already almost 11# at 12 weeks. She is such a beautiful baby and she has the absolute best laugh! She usually sleeps well at night (last night was a big exception, ugh) but is having some trouble with naps. Sometimes she will sleep for 3 hours at a time in her swing and other times she will NOT nap at all. I am hoping she finds a groove soon... I am exhausted and could really use a regular schedule. Wishful thinking, I know!

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