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Can I add dry itchy skin to my list of symptoms? Through my entire last pregnancy I had a patch of skin on my lower back that got discolored and extremely itchy to the point that it resembled eczema. It looks like I'm going to be going through that again. I'm trying some supplements to help but so far it's driving me batty.

Kim - Wife to Liam , Unschooly mama to Nick (10/00) Lily (09/05) and Olivia (07/09)
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hi. i'm tiiiiiiired.....zzzzz.

( but no nausea yet- knock on wood!)

2vbac mama to dd1-5 3/4, dd2 3, and ds- 07/10/09
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really really tired on most days.
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I have been peeing alot!! I didn't have that happen with my girls but yesterday at work I was averaging once every half hour! I just took the test last night.

My first major clue was 32 days with no AF, although I didn't really think I was pregnant because I had just had a chemical pregnancy last month and I didn't think I would have a regular cycle afterwards. I emailed my friend to ask and she said to take a test!

CPST & mom

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Ug, I went to the store today and was so sick to my stomach around all that food! I barely made out it without throwing up-yuck! Nothing looked good and the thought of eating fish when i went by the fish counter just about put me over the edge

I actually had to lay down for awhile this afternoon since I was so tired. I even slept late this am but it didn't seem to matter. DH usually growls when I say I'm going to nap on a Sat afternoon but he didn't say a word and even told the kids to play outside while I laid down.

Full-time homeschooling mama : of a 15yo "teenager" , 12yo DIVA, 9yo builder, & 4yo treasure.
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Nausea is kicking in!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

And maybe this is TMI but... isn't it too early for increased vaginal discharge?
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I first suspected I was pregnant the day after we made love, I felt sore and crampy in a weird way and I found myself wondering.... implantation??? A few days later I smelled a cigarette, while driving in my car, with the windows rolled up and wondered again... humm... pregnant?
I began to get really tired in the late afternoon and I seemed to be peeing ALL the time... and thought, boy this all seems familiar.
And then there was the vaginal discharge and soreness, enough that I wondered if it was a yeast infection coming on. Thankfully that has subsided, and I'm left with a slightly achey abdomen that doesn't want to be touched, highs and lows of energy and an insatiable craving for RED MEAT.
Oh, and a silly side effect... I LOVE EVERYONE! Especially my husband and children... they absolutely melt me into a big puddle of happy snuggly goo. I could gaze at them all day long. They are THAT beautifull, and I love tham THAT much.

Anna Banana ~5 year old daughter ~3 year old son one angel baby and expecting July 2010
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5 weeks 6 days today and still no nausea ... just the sore nips and tiredness (which i may still attribute all to the progesterone supplements i'm taking)

Cramping comes and goes too other than that.. NOTHING
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Ugh. Last night we had sex and right afterwards I had the worst cramping, sharp pains - I was up all night worrying. I feel fine today but I got so worried I might be miscarrying. No bleeding though, and aside from feeling some pressure, I no longer have the pains. Is this normal? I don't remember it from last time.

Other symptoms:
Car sick immediately
slight nausea
dizziness if I don't eat every 2 hours
lots of gas (lol - didn't know this was a sympton either)
burning breasts
cranky and weepy and short-tempered (my poor 2 1/2 year old...)
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Tired! So, so tired.
Mild nausea, general food aversion (nothing sounds good, I have to remind myself to eat!).
Strong aversion to coffee (last preg. I couldn't get enough!).
Very mild cramps, bloated/full feeling in my abdomen.

I'm so grateful to not have sore breasts! They were so so sore the entire pregnancy last time. I'm happy that it hasn't started yet!

Kristen - doula and birth educator, wife to Ben and mama to Sydney Mu (8/06) and Cal Edward (7/09) :
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My breasts are super tender and sore - like, last night I was lying on my side and my breast was sort of resting on my arm, and just the pressure created by its own weight hurt! I think they're bigger, too, though they don't really look a lot different - they just *feel* big and kind of heavy or swollen.

I am hungry, constantly. I am also super picky. I'm all mustard greens and dandelion greens and plain pasta and potatoes with onions. Other things are harder, but I am trying.
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Well, I'm just 12 dpo today and I've had 2 bfp's. Kind of early, I know. Anyway, my main symptom...the reason that I thought I just might be a lower backache. The last time my back felt like this was when I was pg with ds. I'm really shaky today, too. Not sure what that's all about. I'm seem to be hungry but when I start eating I really don't feel like finishing. Oh, and the boobs are only slightly tender.

Kristin, momma to Cade (11/01) and Camden (7/09) . Wife to Jeff and lover of Jesus.
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I think that I am going to add the following things to my list:

really really tired
ligament pain on my right side when I lay down or stand
can't sleep
for some reason I am loving cleaning ( I usually hate to clean...I avoid it at all cost)
not really hungry either
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