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LilLala's Avatar LilLala 03:36 PM 11-11-2008
My doctor's office has reassured me, but I still have nagging doubts...

First, my BFP came very early. I didn't temp this month, so I'm not sure when I O'd, but was thinking it would be around Halloween (15th day, which is when I usually O). I even had spotting around that time (I sometimes have O spotting). The thing is, the spotting never stopped. Finally, a week later, I took a HPT and got BFP!
I had bloodwork done that day (Friday). My HCG was 304! They said that was good....a little high, but good. So, I went back on Monday for a second draw. This time my HCG was 415. That doesn't seem like enough of an increase to me, but they told me that because it was so high to begin with, 415 is a good number, even though it's not double.
Does that sound right? I was reassured when I talked to them yesterday, but as time goes on, I get more and more afraid and everything on the internet is negative.
My next draw is Monday and I'm hoping that it will be a lot higher then.

Any thoughts?

mrsbabycakes's Avatar mrsbabycakes 03:46 PM 11-11-2008
I'd wait until Monday to start worrying. There's nothing that can be done either way, and if your doctor is hopeful, that's good.

I've seen both happen. I've seen numbers go from 400 to 900 in a day or two, then I've seen numbers stay low and not rise for awhile. We aren't machines, sometime there is significant variation from the norm, and that's okay.
LauraReaux's Avatar LauraReaux 05:07 PM 11-11-2008
: I'm sure it won't be easy to put it out of your mind for a week, but try as hard as you can. And we'll be waiting for an update then!
LilLala's Avatar LilLala 05:37 PM 11-11-2008
Of course I know you're both right.
Sometimes I'm better than other times. I've stayed out of the gym since I found out I was pregnant; and that, along with hormones, seems to be making me nuts.

I'm going to try to concentrate on how postitive they were at the doctor's office. By circumstance, I'm going to an RE, even though this was a natural conception. I'm thinking they moniter many pregnancies from very early on, so the fact that they feel good about the numbers should reassure me a little. Deep breath in....deep breath out.

Thanks so much for your responses!!