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ApplePieBaby's Avatar ApplePieBaby 09:23 AM 06-16-2009
My body was starting to go from PIH to pre-e/HELLP again so they decided to do my c-section on Sunday before I got too sick. My boys were born at 33 weeks 1 day, I really never expected to get so far with twins. They are perfect- little, but they are working on breathing and eating and doing way better than I imagined in the NICU.

Ryan Matthew
6/14/09, 1:59pm
3 lbs, 10 oz
17 inches

Dylan Jacob
6/14/09, 2pm
4 lbs, 7.5 oz
17.75 inches

wanderinggypsy's Avatar wanderinggypsy 09:33 AM 06-16-2009
Yay!!!!!! Congratualtions!

They are sooo adorable you must just be head over heels in love. And good for you on holding them in as long as you did. You did a fantastic job and those little guys look like they'll be out and about with the NICU long gone behind them before you know it.

Again, congratulations on the beautiful babies.
wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 10:31 AM 06-16-2009

Congrats on the healthy babes and healthy mama... I'm sorry for the pre-e scare, sudden surgery, and NICU stay but wow! They look great and it's wonderful that they caught things before you had bigger problems.

How are you feeling? I hope you have a wonderful babymoon and speedy recovery!
Kutie.Pie's Avatar Kutie.Pie 11:11 AM 06-16-2009
Congrats! Your boys are beautiful! I'm glad to hear that they are doing alright and will be praying that they continue to do well and that you heal quickly after having a c-section. It must be such a joy to be able to see your babies! Have fun getting to know them outside the womb now.

My friend just had her twins yesterday via c-section as well, but she was about 3 weeks farther; they're boys as well! There must be something about twins this time of year.
NaturalMindedMomma's Avatar NaturalMindedMomma 11:20 AM 06-16-2009
OH MY!!!!! they are ADORABLE! COngrats mama and I hope you have a speedy recovery.

dorenavant's Avatar dorenavant 11:23 AM 06-16-2009
Congratulations! What a couple of cuties!
Flower of Bliss's Avatar Flower of Bliss 12:00 PM 06-16-2009
They're beautiful Congratulations. I hope you're all home together soon.
MiamiMami's Avatar MiamiMami 12:08 PM 06-16-2009
Oh ApplePie Congrats! You have been in my prayers! They are so very handsome:
Amanda Williams's Avatar Amanda Williams 12:40 PM 06-16-2009
Oh my, they are perfect!!! Congrats, APB!
chrissy's Avatar chrissy 12:48 PM 06-16-2009
Congratulations!! They are beautiful! That is awesome that you were able to carry them so long!
Spring Sun's Avatar Spring Sun 12:59 PM 06-16-2009
They are both just so beautiful! Congratulations!!! I am so happy that they are doing well and am glad you got to hold them in so long. Way to go mama!
slimkins's Avatar slimkins 01:03 PM 06-16-2009
Congratulations APB!! They are so cute and look like they are doing well. I hope you make a quick recovery and congratulations again for making it so far with them!!
leighann79's Avatar leighann79 01:11 PM 06-16-2009
Congrats!! They look great! I hope they get to come home real soon.
mouso's Avatar mouso 01:17 PM 06-16-2009
I am glad all is well and hoping they get to come home soon! :
adoremybabe's Avatar adoremybabe 01:19 PM 06-16-2009
Congrats! They are perfectly wonderful!
sunshynbaby's Avatar sunshynbaby 01:34 PM 06-16-2009

Quickbeam's Avatar Quickbeam 01:53 PM 06-16-2009
Awww, they are handsome little guys. Congratulations to you, mama.
Abraisme's Avatar Abraisme 02:02 PM 06-16-2009
: Congratulations :
Onemagicmummy's Avatar Onemagicmummy 03:10 PM 06-16-2009
huge congrats on the twins birth. glad they are doing well

hugs all round

Michigan Mama's Avatar Michigan Mama 03:25 PM 06-16-2009
That's wonderful! So glad to hear everything is going well!!! Congrats on your boys!
August09baby's Avatar August09baby 03:31 PM 06-16-2009
They are beautiful!!!! Congratualtions :::::

I am glad everything went well and that you were able to keep them in longer than you expected - and their weights are excellent! As a fellow twin mom to be I am so happy to hear it all went well.

Take good care of yourself and your beautiful babies.

Welcome to the world Dylan and Ryan::::
ombrooklyn's Avatar ombrooklyn 03:51 PM 06-16-2009
YAY! Congrats! The boys look great!
texaspeach's Avatar texaspeach 04:02 PM 06-16-2009
Jilian's Avatar Jilian 04:05 PM 06-16-2009
CONGRATS! They are beautiful, and a good size for 33 weekers too! I hope their stay is fairly short and they are home soon.
snowmom5's Avatar snowmom5 04:06 PM 06-16-2009
Congratulations!!! (brings back memories. My 33-weekers are now 6 y.o. and out riding their bikes.) I hope the NICU time passes quickly!!!
JayJay's Avatar JayJay 04:09 PM 06-16-2009
OH mama, they are SO adorable! I love that they're doing so well and wanted to come by and offer you the most enormous congratulations and HUGE hugs. I hope you are also doing well after the section.

GenomicsGirl's Avatar GenomicsGirl 04:41 PM 06-16-2009
Congratulations!!!!!!!! :
crazycandigirl's Avatar crazycandigirl 04:48 PM 06-16-2009
:Congrats on your beautiful little ones!:
tankgirl136's Avatar tankgirl136 04:49 PM 06-16-2009
Congrats on your two handsome little guys. Here is to a quick stay in NICU so you can hurry up and start hugging those boys at home!! Blessings to your family!
Mom&BabyChiro's Avatar Mom&BabyChiro 06:00 PM 06-16-2009
And another congratulations on your beautiful boys!!! ::
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