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18 days later and i have only just managed to get this written. going to xpost this in Birth Stories board too.

This WILL be long, this may be a bit fragmented, i am missing time, a whole 15 mins is missing from my memory!

here i go

Thursday 13th August i woke up and noticed i was loosing my show, decided that things were making a start and wanted to keep moving so i called my dad to watch my older 4 while DH and i went for a long walk, we had to go to local town to do errands anyway so we walked half way there did errands and walked the whole way back, i probably walked a good 3 miles that day, having small piddly contractions the whole time. came home had tea, chilled, had a bath, went to bed.

Friday 14th August, 2:20am, i was having a very strange dream, i was in my nanas kitchen washing steak, yes that right i was washing meat! under running cold water, i feel something funny and come awake, i wait, it went pop, trickle. Oh, my waters have gone, i tell DH, he mummlbes something and goes back to sleep, i tell him again and he wakes up. on go glasses, and his phone torch so we can havea look see as last time that happened there was Meconium in the waters. not this time, all clear.

We get up and see how things go, for some reason i start to panic. we potter around and call my doula and MW's even thought im not contracting. i was terrified of it being too fast, too intense and being alone. My Doula Rebecca comes around, a doula i met only 5 days before, she was brilliant. MW's come and hang out for a bit, nothing is happening, they stay an hour and half then give me a VE, im 1cm, 75% effaced. i get talked into going back to bed. Doula stays over to watch the kids as its about 5am by this time, so off to bed i go, every time i get a "tightening" i gush waters everywhere. i manage to sleep a bit, till about 7-7:30am. get up still nothing. Rebecca goes home to collect her 6 month old son G, i dont mind him being here during the early stages as it allows Rebecca to relax knowing she doesnt have to worry about feeding him. My dad takes 3 of the other kids out for the day leaving eldest son Ben at home. im chilling out at home, switching between resting and walking.

MW comes by at 10am, give me a check up, temp/BP and said that because of Social Service involvement it would be a good idea for me to nip up to hospital and get a trace done. what fun, did i also mention we were skint broke, it was day before money day, i had a moment of panic about how the heck i was going to get to hospital with less than £15 on us till next day and we needed bread and loo roll! then i remembered Rebecca! MW leaves, Rebecca comes back with Baby G, hes a cutie and was a welcome distraction. we chilled out at home, it was funny at one point, Rebecca, Baby G and i were all dozing on sofa while Ben and Hubby were playing on the PC/DS. it was quiet and cozy.

I was feeling a bit like i was on show, every one was waiting for me to do SOMETHING. but no, nothing was happening at all, just the odd weak contraction. Rebecca and i discussed trying a Homeopathic Remedy, She had brought her Helios Kit, we decided that i will take one, she said best to wait till after hossy trip, come 1:30pm Rebecca, Baby G and i go to hossy for a trace, all was fine, baby was happy, i was contracting a bit, was there for an hour or so.

Get home and as NOTHING is happening Rebecca asked if she could go home and see to her other 2 children and that i could get some rest and get my lot off to bed and just chill adn she would be back as soon as she could if i needed her, i said that was fine, i took the homeopathic rememdy, rested, had tea, kids came home, we got em ready and off to bed.

It was decided my dad would stay over again in case we needed him, (he stayed over night before too, same reason) around 8:30ish i became really hungry and wolfed down 4 slices of jam and toast and a cuppa tea, by 9:15 i was wrecked and went to bed. (at one point i had a really nasty tasting burp and felt like the negativity and what ever was holding me back left me) i lay still in bed and times the contractions. 15 mins, 15 mins, 12 mins, 10 mins, i fell asleep and woke up around 11oPMish mad as hell because i fell asleep and lost count of the contractions, yelled at DH for knocking my TENS machine, which he didnt and tried to go back to sleep.

Come 11:50 i needed a wee and asked DH to come with me as our loo is downstairs, we get down and i pee and as soon as i come out the bathroom i just feel something is different, i say to DH we will give it an hour and if nothings happening we will go back to bed, he says OK and puts Solitair on PC and i start pacing around the pool, after this point my sense of time is a little wonky.

Next thing i know the pains are getting intense, DH mentions something about boiling the cord tie and i tell him if he moves from his current possition i will kill him, not long after i am on phone to Rebecca and DH is adding hot water to the pool, i tell rebecca things are doing something and that i have had to hang off DH for a couple of contractions, she says well lets give it half an hours as i dont want my arrival to throw things off, i agree but then wooooh i get a contraction that i cant talk throught and hand the phone to DH, she tells him she will feed Baby G and be on her way. 5 mins later im on phone to Hospital to get teh home birth MWs out to me. its same lady i spoke to night before and she keeps me on phone a good while and listens while im having contractions i am not starting to moan throught, she says she will go and call the on call MW's and they will be there as soon as they can.

Im using my TENS machine the whole time, oh its lovely, but then it stops working and i am desperate to get in the pool, i beg DH to ring hospital back, i think its been about 20 mins, the MW are there picking up the birth kit as it was not left at mine night before.
WTF ARGHH HURRY UP I WANNA GET IN THE POOL. we are told they should be at ours in 10 mins

another 15 mins pass and NO MW< ARGHHH DARN IT I WANNA GET IN THE POOL!!! im feeling a bit of pressure by this point! and i DO NOT LIKE IT.

Oh look Rebecce is here, ah, yey, i feel a little better now. She comes in and tell me if i wanna get in, get in, i say no got to wait for MW. MW pulls up and as they are coming to the door i get a contraction and almost throw a tantrum because my TENS isnt working anymore!!!

MW walks in and i BEG to get in the pool, just for 10 mins to relax a bit, she says ok and off comes my top, off comes the TENS elcetrodes, and i pitch another tantrum as my feet are dirty!!! stupic kitchen and untiled bathroom floor and me for not remembering to fill a bowl with water to wash my feet with as i had been meaning too ALL BLOOMING DAY!!! Rebecca grabs and pack of baby wipes and cleans my feet while im sobbing throught another pain.

In i hop, second MW comes in, she doesnt seem too happy im in pool as they want to check me to see if im at the "magic" 5cm. TOUGH!!

i relax in the pool and the contractions space out a bit, Pool is not deep enought so Rebecca and DH fill it up a bit, ah thats nice, i relax, Its not warm enought but i cant seem to vocalise that to anyone. the MWs talk about wanting to listen to baby so i stand up as best i can and they get to hear the heartbeat, Fliberdegiber that hurt, i go back in the water. AH!! thats nice. off come my glasses, i have never birthed with my glasses on, i just dont like it.

Pain starts getting horrid, i start wanting my Gas & Air (G&A) Rebecca does as i asked and talks me out of it for "just one more contraction" i get EXACTLY one more before i can not take it any more. i get my G&A and im one happy camper, hmmm, giggle giggle, for me G&A is like getting Very Very drunk Very Very fast.

i am still feeling pressure anc am resisting it, i ask a MW if i should do that, she says no do what you feel you need to. so i relax and stop resisting the pressure, i am worried about an anteriour lip as i have had 3 times before, i try to get out, but as soon as i have made the decision to do so i am wracked by another pain and am sucking back the G&A like its an cold sping on a hot day!

i flip over on to my back and make some silly quip about gratuitous drugs being fun lol, i have NO idea what that was about lol. i moved because we were getting set up for me to get out for a check, i got another contraction after i flipped on to my back and something went a bit wrong, either some spit went the wrong way, or my throat spazamed but i started choking, im lay there, in a birth pool, choking on nothing, while having an contraction, still trying to use the G&A, being hauled up by Rebecca and DH and they had actually pulled me up so high my bump was out the water and OH MY GIDDY AUNT THAT REALLY REALLY HURT. once thea contraction was over and i said to the MW "i am NOT getting out of this pool!" they were OK with this, i let DH and Rebecca know i was ok, it was jsut some spit gone the wrong way. i flipped back to my knees and got comfortble.

Things move along apace and i tell DH im pushing, i panic a bit till someone tells me its ok, im doing just fine.
I decided that you know what, to heck with it, its mine, i own it, its attatched to me, im gonna blooming well have a check myself. So off i go to investigate and WOW wouldnt you know it there is a head. about 2-3" in there, i can feel squishy head, no hair, wicked cool.

MW asks to have a look, i say fine as long as i dont have to get out, she has a feel and agrees with me.

More pushing feelings i prop G&A mask against side of pool and brace against the seat of the BPIAB Eco and off i go pushing away. its different to my other 4, it seems to be taking a long time. i have another look, oh yes shes closer, i tell MW i can feel her and she is getting closer. MW asks to have a listen in again.

now previous to this they wanted to listen again but didnt have a waterproof sonicaid, so im there in pool away with the G&A faeries, and i hear the MW say "i know its a personaly question but do you have a condom?" i just yelled out from the depths of G&A land, "UNDER THE BED"
they put the condom over the end of the sonicaid to make it waterproof, they get to have a listen for a few seconds and are happy.

next push i can feel she is really close and i tell the MW its going to be pretty soon, the MW moves from sofa to a chair behind me near the pool. i was being naughty with the G&A and just breating it as much as i could as the pains were pretty much on top of each other, at one point i start "bobbing" in the pool, like i would rise up on the in breath and down on the out breath and i tell myself off as on each in breasth i was pulling up in my neather regions and making things all tense down there.

the pushing is really painfull, i find myself holding back. i had to "take over" and actively start pushing. i do this twice, then i hear a MW tell me i have half a tank left and to only use it when i need to. ok best behave on the G&A now...OOOHHHH MMMMMYYYY GOOOOODDDDDD that really really really hurttttsssssss. i push, and push and it feel like my hips are going to break and my pelvis is going to pop and im forcing myself to not hold back and there is a pop and her head is out so i grunt to the room at large "Heads Out!" they are all like whoa, the MW behind me dives forward and askes me to give a long hard push, i say no as if she asked me the stupidest question ever. she says OK. so one says she has a big head, i wanna feel the big head so i have a feel, its slimy and moving and i can still feel her kicking inside me, that was freaky, yet cool.

a few moments pass, contraction starts and i push, she is out, i lean back thinking the MW has had scooped her from behind me, Rebecca say to me "no look shes there" i look down and there is my baby, i reach down and scoop her up, her arms flail, she has a grimace on her face, next moment she is out the water and against my chest, she is moving, i tell MW she is moving, she asks has she gasped yet, i say no, i move her to a cradle position and she cries, they cheer, i breath i sigh of relief, she is OK. it is 3:22AM, i have a momentary freak out as she is so slippy i try to hand her to someone else, Rebecca calms me and helps me sit on the seat, i have a cuddle and a look at my baby, i ask Rebecca to go get Ben, who was supposed to be there at the birth but i changed my mind at the last moment as i didnt want to upset him. good thing too.

Rebecca comes back and say my dad and ben are on their way down, Dh is covering me and baby with a towel, i look down and see blood, it looks like a lot of blood and i freak out a little, i want out the pool and i want the Syntocin for Placental delivery. im worried im bleeding out. im standing up by this point and trying to get out the pol, but the cord is too short, so we decide to cut it, Ben is not here yet and i have handed the baby to DH, i ask if i can cut it, DH says OK. it takes DH and a MW to keep babys hands and feet out the way! i cut the cord and DH takes baby and wraps her in a towel. i cant move, i want to get out, blood is going down my leg and im worried, i have one leg out the pool on a chair and one leg in the pool and i feel a contraction coming on.

i tell the MW i think the placenta is coming and push, i lean forward to catch it, i catching and MW has her hands under mind and takes it off me and askes me to keep very still while she makes sure to get all the membranes out. its out, the bleeding slows right down and i get out and sit on sofa.

Snuggle with baby and put her to the breast. there a pictures taken. its been twenty mins since she was born. we gaze at our new baby and DH says Oh doesnt she look like Harrison (our 3yr old son) the name Harriett pops into my head, but no its too close to Harrison, Oh what about Henrietta! i look at Dh with a funn ysmile on my face, afraid he will hate the name, he says what, Rebecca says what. i say she looks like a Henrietta, everyone says Oh thats lovely, and so she is named, Henrietta-Rose.

i think im in shock as i go very quiet and i just cant move or think or feel anything except home tired i am and how sore i am and my god when will the pain stop. not labour pain, but the pain of exersion. i feel half a world away. Ben is here and has had a look at his new baby sister. my dad is somewhere around having listened to the WHOLE THING from upstairs and spent the last half hours needing the loo very badly. i asked for my glasses back.

the baby is weighed (8lb 3.5oz), checked and given back to me. MW wanted her dressed as she was getting cold. i asked if we could just do skin to skin, MW is a bit dubious sbut rebecca says we will jsut pile on blankest and towels and they will soon warm up and the MW gives me the baby, rebecca piles on blankets and towels and turns up the space heater she had brought.

i snuggle a bit more and feed her again. i feel funny and as some one to take the baby and DH takes her for a cuddle and i ask a MW to check me to make sure i havent done any damage, the have a look a goosh, blood. hmm, she says its just a gush. they look again, goosh. she askes other MW to have a look, err, no not a gush. im bleeding, but my uterus is rock hard and small. hmmm, not happy at all. we decided ergomietrin is needed. one MW is doing uterine massage, one is getting ther ergomietrin, the MW doing eh massages gets up to do/get something and i carry on doing the uterine massage myself. i get the injection and boy does that stuff sting. bleeding stops. im still worried but they put me at ease. i had no tears, not even a graze! during this Rebecca is on hand with homeopathic remedies for PPH/ afterpains and to aid healing.

we start getting settled down. Oh Heck we have forgotten to get the Basket sorted, no covers!! rebecca says stick a sheet on it and it will be OK till morning when we can go get some covers for it. Dh goes to get basket and put Ben back to bed. i ask Rebecca to dress baby. MW's are filling in forms/packing away etc. i have a cuppa and something to eat. i get comfy on sofa. mw hang out a bit longer because of the PPH, then leave. i decide to stay downstairs as bathroom is here, and there is no way i will make the stairs.

its around 4/5am Dad says he will stay up so i am not alone and Rebecca goes home, leaving the space heater and homeopathic kit for me. She says she will be back at 2pm for a couple of hours. DH goes to bed. i rest, doze and fall asleep at 6am, to be awoken by baby crying, at 6:21am! i spend the rest of the day flitting between so tired i can hardly move, dozing in 5-10 min snatches and being so jazzed i can hardly keep still. i let all my friends online know baby is here, have acuppa, eat some toast, and jsut aly there chilling with my new baby. loving on the fact that i have donbe it, i had a almost perfect home water birth, with a 5th baby, i showed the nay sayers wrong, i did it.

It was both the best and worst labour i have had.

remember i said i lost 15 whole mins? well turns out that just as i was saying things were getting close they were unpacking the birth kit, part of the emergancy kit was out of date and they had to call the hospital to get a replacement! the first i knew about it was a knock at the door, i had a momentary freak out as i thought it was police or summat bad!

i remember requesting that My Chemical Romance song "Famous Last Words" be played on repeat, then the next song started, i say oh no leave this one on, err no never mind, this track is titled Blood,

yeah, not a good song to have on during birth. DH deleted it from the play list!

at one point i am high as a kite on the G&A and telling Rebecca that i think she is a total star for helping me. the mw asks if she can have a star too! so i gave her a star, then the other MW wants a start too, so everyone gets a star and we all have a laugh.

Rebecca was a total star, without her i would never of done it, i would of wimped out and gone to hospital. the most helpfull thing she did other than just be there, hold my hand and all the other stuff i already posted was give me sips of water after each contraction, that was so brilliantly helpfull as G&A really drys my mouth out.

i remember at one point near the end looking in the pool and seeing summat dark at the bottom, about the size of a 5p, i pick it up, ha ha ha, its poop, i am internaly laughing my self silly, it struck me as so funny!!

i said to Rebecca in such a stupid voice, i think i pooped she gets a bucket i shake it into the bucket and she wipes my hand with a baby wipe.

My labour was recorded as being 2hours and 30 mins long, the pushing stage was 22 mins long, my shortest labour, longest pushing stage.

The one thing i was terrified of actually happened, it was short, and intense.
My waters were broken for 25hours and 2 mins before she was born. they took swabs, one came back nasty but baby is fine. totaly fine. at 18 days old she weighs 9lb 15oz. at 10 days she weighed 9lb 1oz.

teh older kids love her to bits, i have forgotten to add in when they all fisrt saw her. DD1 came down around 6:30 ish, had a look, went to loo and was sent back to bed to watch a video, DS2 came down around 7ish and had a look gave her a hug and a kiss went to loo and went back upstairs to watch a video. i asked themn to stay upstairs watch a video. they did then got up and had breakfast. around 8:30 i realised i had not heard DD2 so asked my dad to go check on her. he brought her down and as soon as she saw the baby she had her arms out and was babbling in delight, saysing baaie baaie (baby baby) and wanting to take her out my arms and hug on her and kiss her it was really sweet, mind she stunk to high heaven so it was a short first look and then she was taken away to get her diaper changed. she so wanted to nurse but i had to put her off as the afterpains were bad enought feeding Henrietta alone. the afterpains were crippiling, they had me sobbing in agony, rocking and wishing i could take something, anything for the pain, which i couldnt as i already had.

that it really

Oh and to add, her full name is Henrietta-Rose Jeri Rebecca Marie. my Doula was so brilliant and helped me so much i gave my daughter her name.

sorry its so long

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wow! What a great story! And what a great sense of humor.

Congrats again!

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Wonderful (and intense) story, thanks for sharing it!
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