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First off- Congrats to all the mamas that have had babies in the past few weeks! I'm sorry I've been absent here, need to go through and catch up!

Is anyone one elses baby miserable because of an allergy or intolerance to something in breastmilk? My poor little Molly is a wreck. Her "baby acne" progressed from her face to her scalp down her chest, back and arms. It eventually got really red, raised and scaly on her face. (Eczema) Also extreme fussiness/gassiness. I started by eliminating dairy, then soy. Now I am on day 3 of eliminating egg, wheat (gluten), corn and peanut in addition to the soy and dairy. Just looking for support and comraderie among others with babies around the same age.

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Oh, Heidi, I feel for you!

I grew up with a mom with severe food allergies/intolerances. So far, I have been very fortunate personally and with my kids not to have that as an issue, but I know what it's like having lived with it (friends are always surprised I know how to bring them something they/their kids can eat when this is an issue!)

DD does seem to have a lot more gas and spit up than either of my DSs had. I think my eating beans makes it worse, so I'm avoiding that form of protien for now - bummer! But not a major problem, really.

I hope the elimination gives you some clarity about what's bothering your little one. Good luck!

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I WOH part-time, am a doula & childbirth educator, home/unschool, and hope we are nearing the center of chaos


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Good luck! I went through that same process with dd1... we found that wheat and corn aggravated her eczema. And we just recently learned she has Celiac Disease (a gluten intolerance which means a diet free from wheat, barley, rye, and deriative products that contain gluten for the rest of her life ).

I used the elim diet suggested by Dr Sears (it was mostly plain chicken, sweet potatoes, lettuce, and water I think? for 6 weeks or so.)

We were lucky with dd2... nothing I ate seemed to affect her. So I'm keeping my finger's crossed that ds is the same.

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My 2 yr dd has loads of allergies, and this time around I am very careful to stop and see what my babys body is telling me.

DS is so far allergic to raw saurkraut and autolized yeast extract (MSG). He got a terrible rash all over his bum and belly after I ate these things.
He is sensitive to brocolli and white vinegar so far where he doesn't get rashes, but gassy. Those I know he will out grow, but the others are actual allergies. I am not doing food elliminating, but dowsing everything I eat to see how it will affect babe. My sone may have more allergies that I don't know about, but I am still restricting the foods that were my daughters allergies (such as soy, pasturized dairy, pork, honey, sugar, egg whites, raw saurkraut, etc)

What helped to calm his gasy belly was some homeopathy combination for colic. My sister used just the single remedy chamomilla.
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Takes two weeks for an elimination diet to work sometimes, just FYI. I personally would eliminate one thing at a time, otherwise it's hard to know what did it.

Pretty sure my babe is sensitive to cow's milk proteins in my milk. So no dairy for me. My other two kids were sensitive. But I'm not sure, this time. I could just be having overactive letdown/oversupply issues this time around.
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My now-2.5-year-old has food allergies that first presented when she was 6-or-so weeks old, in much the same way you're describing--it was like one day she had normal cradle cap and a little infant acne, and then it sort of fused, and soon she had this horrible eczema all over her face and head (which eventually spread to the rest of her body). She also had occasional blood and mucus in her stools, beginning around the same time.

After a little research, I became convinced that she was allergic to something I was eating--most likely dairy. Our pediatrician at the time was really dismissive, referring us instead to a dermatologist for the horrible eczema.

When she was 16 months or so, she got a hold of a cashew and took a bite before I could take it away from her (I actually wasn't concerned about allergies as we have absolutely no family history of allergies, but was concerned about her choking). She had an allergic reaction to the cashew and, as a result, we learned that she was allergic to tree nuts.

When we went to the allergist, around her second birthday, I asked about her eczema (which she had always had to some degree, but which had gotten extra-bad, and was waking her up in the night, itching). He said that when you see eczema like that, the four most typical "culprits" are dairy, egg, wheat and soy. We tested her and learned that while she had a very mild allergy to dairy, she was severely allergic to egg (which we rarely eat, except in things like egg noodles, baked goods, et cetera). She was getting SO little egg that I didn't think that could really be causing such a horrible rash. After eliminating it from her diet for a month, though, she had totally cleared up, and she hasn't had any eczema whatsoever since we stopped feeding her anything with egg in it.

Anyway, I'm glad you're on the track to figuring out what the problem is--hopefully you'll figure it out quickly so you don't have to eliminate more than what is necessary.
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My ds was born on 7/25 and within a week after his birth I saw that he had speckly skin, like little pin pricks. It was before baby acne typically sets in, and it reminded me of dd's skin when she was a baby, so I asked my midwife about it. Dd had terrible eczema until I discovered she has a gluten sensitivity - when she was 3 years old. So I immediately quit gluten and ds's speckly skin cleared up. His baby acne, when it did come, was only very mild and no cradle cap. Dd had it all verrrrry bad. I was surprised to see the skin reaction so early in life; I could not remember how early dd's skin started to get bad.
good luck
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2 weeks ago when my LO was 5 weeks, he was awake for the better part of 24 hours. He was fussy cuz he was so tired but would only sleep for about 10 mins at a time (not normal at all!) So, I thought about what I ate and with the help of MDC, I realized the only new thing I had eaten was chocolate brownies. I had made brownie with choc chips and they were sooooo good that I ate 5 of them that night! My poor baby was geaked up on caffine!!!! I now can not eat chocolate. But my baby is happy.

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