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luvmi2kids's Avatar luvmi2kids 01:47 AM 12-24-2008
Ok my last Cycle was on Nov, 20th and I had a Normal Cycle well My fertility friend said I O late in the month like really late (and really so late like you cann't get Preggo Late) and I am on day 34 and and feeling very Sick to my Stomac My breast are tender also) So I know for sure that I am Preggo, So I tested about In the middle of the day on day 31 it was a Neg then I tested the next Morning and it was a Neg.. So If you look at my chart and the Chart is right I am 8 days DPO so it wouldn't of come up + anyways. So I am going to wait till Christmas to test I will be 10 DPO then.. But I am for sure that I am going to me a mommy to a little one again, Hubby was not that keen on it but he has sofened up
I am excited too!! So I will be coming back for sure as soon as I get My + sign!! Tell me was you all think about my Chart!!


kallyn's Avatar kallyn 02:07 AM 12-24-2008
I wish I could help read your chart! I'm not too experienced though, I've only been charting (kind of haphazardly) for 2 months. If you really are only 8 dpo though I'm pretty sure it's too early to tell for sure from a test!

I just fiddled with that site you used a little bit and here is my current chart:

What do you guys think? It doesn't have my other symptoms on there, but I've had a lot of stuff this cycle that I've never had before (cramps that aren't due to PMS, really tender breasts, spotting around 8 dpo, some weird acne of a type I don't normally get, waking up at least twice in the middle of the night with my stomach feeling awful, and today I've been hormonal super b1tch).

Basically I'm really hoping I'm pregnant, otherwise something is probably wrong with me!
Spring Sun's Avatar Spring Sun 02:15 AM 12-24-2008
That chart looks really promising, Elizabeth! you are on 13 dpo, why not test?
luvmi2kids's Avatar luvmi2kids 02:46 AM 12-24-2008
Spring I am thinking the same thing: You should Test!!

Wow it is so weird looking at everyones Chart that has posted in September and they all started like at the End on Nov. in the late 20tys and I started on the 20th and you all have a + HPT and I am so Bummed that I O so late.. But that is ok I am still Charting and so I will beable to see it that way... But it is fun to see that some of you all haven't even missed you period yet.. and gottten a + I am 3 days late and nothing yet: But Hope God Blesses me on Christmas Day!! :

If I did O so late I would of been Due in Aug But whatever my cycle wants to do I am fine with that!!!

I am excited to chare great news with you all!! And hear great news from you all!!!
kallyn's Avatar kallyn 10:47 AM 12-24-2008

Lemme say it again.


citizenfong's Avatar citizenfong 11:11 AM 12-24-2008
Okay, I looked at your chart before I scrolled down to your announcement post, and I saw that green line on your chart! I'm glad you'd already posted, cause I don't know if I'd have been able to not post that I'd seen the BFP on your chart! :

Congrats...I really thought you were pg. Welcome to the club.
winnie's Avatar winnie 02:39 AM 12-27-2008
Oooh, I am so excited to hear that you got a positive Kallyn - after I read the different things you were feeling (cramps at 8dpo, nauseous at night), I thought, "me too!". I'm at about 10dpo...is it too early to test?? Have to say, I'm feeling pretty pregnant!

luvmi2kids's Avatar luvmi2kids 07:53 PM 12-27-2008
When Should I test.. have a Weird one. I am a Full week late , I just O really late. So I am still waiting. I might test in the morning. So check out m chart and tell me what you think. Thanks and Feeling Pretty Preggo!! So I know I am, But my Hubby is still waiting to get the +.. Have me in your thought. Hope i get the Conformation in the morning.

winnie's Avatar winnie 10:29 PM 12-27-2008
Well I took a test this evening, and I am sure I can see a *very* faint line, however DP can't see it and thinks I'm imagining it!

Whatcha think?? Super faint line???

luvmi2kids's Avatar luvmi2kids 10:57 PM 12-27-2008
Originally Posted by winnie View Post
Well I took a test this evening, and I am sure I can see a *very* faint line, however DP can't see it and thinks I'm imagining it!

Whatcha think?? Super faint line???

Ya If you can see it!! You go girl Ya my Hubby is so in Denial so he is going to be so suprised when the test comes back + in the morning... hehehe So ya there is such a think as a lite line. So I would test in the morning.. it should be brighter.:
Kidzaplenty's Avatar Kidzaplenty 04:25 AM 12-28-2008
mummytobe's Avatar mummytobe 01:52 PM 12-28-2008
I am so exited for all of us,best of luck to those ttc(((hugs)))baby dust with you.
kayabrink's Avatar kayabrink 01:56 PM 12-28-2008
I'm hoping to join you too, but I'm only 6 dpo. I'm thinking of testing on my birthday (Jan 5th) because that would be a great present!
winnie's Avatar winnie 08:35 PM 12-28-2008
Well, I tested again this morning with FMU, and there is no mistaking that there is a line!! However, DP is still not convinced so I'm not doing any carwheels yet - I'll save them for when the doc gives us the thumbs up. Hopefully I can get in in the next day or two.

Feeling cautiously optimistic at this point.

MommyNicoleTX's Avatar MommyNicoleTX 08:38 AM 12-29-2008
I hope to join yall! I couldnt resist doing a test this morning at 7DPO. LOL it was - of course. But i needed to pee on something! I did provera and clomid this cycle (1st round) and got a + opk on the 22nd. I'll try to wait to test again until the 1st, or later, if i can wait! My due date would be my bday- Sept 14.

kallyn's Avatar kallyn 11:38 AM 12-29-2008
Thanks for the well wishes everyone, but I can no longer join you guys. Two days after I got my positive test I stopped feeling pregnant, so I took another test and it came out negative and then I started bleeding a lot (and it's still going). Better luck next time I guess.

Lots of for all you other lucky mamas-to-be!!!
citizenfong's Avatar citizenfong 11:44 AM 12-29-2008
Oh, Elizabeth. I'm so sorry.

mommyto3girls's Avatar mommyto3girls 12:05 PM 12-29-2008
Hoping to join here

We had not previously been TTC, we were thinking this summer after both of the little girls turned 4, but dh said he had a feeling that this is the month we are supposed to conceive! So we have been doing our best Might be TMI but he said twice he could actually feel my cervix opened around him, so it is definatley going to the right place

I am only on cd 16, but my cycles are wierd, sometimes only 22 days, sometimes 32. for the last 3 days i have felt like I was having terrible ovulation cramps, focused on the right side (the only side with an intact tube) and in my lower back. Usually this lasts a max of 6 hours and we are now at over 3 days so i am hoping that is a good thing

Anyway Hoping to join you all in a week or so
kayabrink's Avatar kayabrink 02:41 AM 12-30-2008
Nicole, we're cycle buddies... if you test on the 1st, then I won't be able to control myself anymore and I'll test too...
I actually had a personal goal (that I'm 95% sure I'll fail) to just NOT TEST. It will one day become obvious wether or not I'm pregnant, right?
Plus I have NEVER gone pas 29 day cycle (unless of course you count last time I was preggers with ds), so that would be one obvious cue for me...
MommyNicoleTX's Avatar MommyNicoleTX 09:43 AM 12-30-2008
Originally Posted by kayabrink View Post
Nicole, we're cycle buddies... if you test on the 1st, then I won't be able to control myself anymore and I'll test too...
yay a cycle buddy. not sure im much support on the "not testing" tho. haha ive already used the 3 pack of tests from walmart--i knew it was too early but i am just so anxious this cycle. my due date would be my bday-sept 14. my 1st son was born on dh bday. so i should have one on mine-thats my theory anyway! best wishes for you too!
fantesia28's Avatar fantesia28 04:14 PM 01-12-2009
I think it's amazing how many of us posted here on this thread that are now expecting! I hadn't even ovulated yet and just knew I would be here. Wow!!
becominkindacruncy's Avatar becominkindacruncy 07:06 PM 01-12-2009
I am going to test tomorrow morning and hope its positive! I will be 10 DPO. If it's - I will probably wait until Thursday to retest!
jimblejamble's Avatar jimblejamble 08:07 PM 01-12-2009
September 16!
MommyNicoleTX's Avatar MommyNicoleTX 08:27 PM 01-12-2009
Originally Posted by fantesia28 View Post
I think it's amazing how many of us posted here on this thread that are now expecting! I hadn't even ovulated yet and just knew I would be here. Wow!!
i agree. i just had a feeling it was our time to get preggo. mothers intuition is a powerful thing
mom2tig99Nroo03's Avatar mom2tig99Nroo03 10:19 PM 01-13-2009
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