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darcytrue's Avatar darcytrue 04:21 PM 02-17-2009
Is anyone else craving frozen stuff? I don't mean ice cream. I've been chomping on crushed ice water, coke and pepsi icees from the gas station (yum!), cherry shaved ice. OMG this stuff is soooo good. It's like nothing else can hit the spot. I'm wondering if anyone else is doing this. I never went through this with my other two. It was always food I craved.

Julia24's Avatar Julia24 04:49 PM 02-17-2009
not this time - I pretty much RUINED my teeth bc I was like that my ENTIRE pregnancy with Grace! I read somewhere that it's a calcium/protein need or something like that (craving ice type things), but nothing seemed to help alleviate my NEED to crunch!
PreciousTreasures's Avatar PreciousTreasures 05:14 PM 02-17-2009
With my second it was like I couldn't breathe unless I was chomping ice all day long. I literally felt like I was going to suffocate until I was able to get a huge cup of ice.
I've also been told that it's a sign of anemia. I never had anemia but was borderline for most of my pregnancy.
Have you been tested for it?
2boyzmama's Avatar 2boyzmama 07:23 PM 02-17-2009
Hey, at least you know you're staying hydrated
darcytrue's Avatar darcytrue 11:02 AM 02-18-2009
I haven't been tested for anemia but it's possible. I've always had a problem with that during each pregnancy so far. The ice water is best though, so I figure that certainly can't hurt me.
robbins611's Avatar robbins611 10:48 PM 02-18-2009
It is a sign of anemia. I've had this in a couple of my pregnancies and my iron was running low. Time to up your diet with iron rich foods