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outwardspiral's Avatar outwardspiral 07:03 PM 02-19-2009
I lost the baby yesterday. I had some brownish spotting for 2 days and then had a miscarriage yesterday afternoon so I will be leaving the DDC.

Good luck to the rest of the mama's here

SMR's Avatar SMR 07:12 PM 02-19-2009
so sorry for your loss.
joeys_mom's Avatar joeys_mom 07:14 PM 02-19-2009
oh dear, I'm so sorry.
Fuamami's Avatar Fuamami 07:31 PM 02-19-2009

I'm sorry to see you go.
KayleeZoo's Avatar KayleeZoo 07:42 PM 02-19-2009
I'm so sorry Christina
octobermoon's Avatar octobermoon 09:29 PM 02-19-2009
so sorry.
Dmitrizmom's Avatar Dmitrizmom 10:10 PM 02-19-2009
I'm sorry for your loss.
angelachristin's Avatar angelachristin 10:18 PM 02-19-2009
I'm so sorry mama.
mamamia10's Avatar mamamia10 11:00 PM 02-19-2009
I am so sorry
hugs and take care of yourself
Julia24's Avatar Julia24 11:03 PM 02-19-2009
I'm so sorry
phytoangel's Avatar phytoangel 02:23 AM 02-20-2009
take care of yourself mama.
murphysaangel's Avatar murphysaangel 03:01 AM 02-20-2009
I am so sorry for your loss.

I am not sure if this will help, but in Peggy Vincent's book Baby Catcher she cites a story that I really liked:

It says that the babies in our hearts are like angels over our heads. Each of those babies take a turn when we get pregnant to be the soul of that child, but if one of those pregnancies does not last, the angel flies back up to be with the others until it's time for the next pregnancy, and the other little angels let it go first.

I hope you feel all of our prayers and love.
CaliMommie's Avatar CaliMommie 04:04 PM 02-20-2009
I'm so sorry for your loss
lisa_nc's Avatar lisa_nc 08:46 PM 02-20-2009
I'm so very sorry, Christina.
mom2tig99Nroo03's Avatar mom2tig99Nroo03 11:05 PM 02-20-2009
i'm sorry for your loss