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September 2009 > Anyone else with a clingy older child?
skydancer's Avatar skydancer 10:06 PM 09-09-2009
I feel like the worst mother! My 5 year old dd won't keep her hands off me and it is driving me NUTS!! She is obsessed with her baby sister and she's not even out yet! I just don't want to be touched at all. Are any of you dealing with this problem?? How do you get them to keep their hands off while still making sure that they feel loved and involved in the changing family dynamics? Tips??

2boyzmama's Avatar 2boyzmama 10:23 PM 09-09-2009
It's not like this all the time for me, but I certainly have my moments where I think I might maim the next person who touches me, particularly if they touch my belly!!

I've had to cut Connor's nursing sessions short a few times, too, I just can't handle the sensations sometimes.

Ian has been coming to bed with me in the wee hours of the morning recently, and I'm finding that I actually like it! I guess he's feeling the need to reconnect with me. He's never done this before, he didn't cosleep as a baby (had severe reflux and couldn't lay flat) so for him to come sleep with me is unusual. But I don't mind it. Maybe you can try that?

Otherwise, I try to sit down with the boys every night and watch a movie together, read a book, sing a song, something just me and them.
schoolmom07's Avatar schoolmom07 10:27 PM 09-09-2009
Not sure what to tell you as I am struggling with a 7 year old who cries about everything right now. I am hateful because I am tired, stretched, and just plain over this pregnancy. We are arguing about EVERYTHING and when I just lose it to where I can't even make a coherant sentence anymore she falls apart. I know how overwhelmed she must feel as I am past that point myself. Today, we went to the hospital and I just wanted them to take this baby out of me only to be sent home again with the news that what the mid-wife told me yesterday was an exaggeration. Who do you listen to? The woman who did an exam yesterday and did not hurt me a bit? Or the one at the hospital who went DIGGING for my cervix like she was hunting buried freaking treasure? All through this pregnancy no information from any of the 8medical personnel has been coinciding with anothers and I feel just so confused. How can we even deal with our other children when our bodies are betraying us so? I can only send hugs to you and hope you are putting your feet up as it is 8:30 and I am done and going to bed...*SIGH*
darcytrue's Avatar darcytrue 10:57 PM 09-09-2009
I get like this in the evenings. DD hugs and kisses my belly throughout the day and most of the time it doesn't bother me, but by evening time I don't want to be bothered. That's the time of day baby is moving more and pressing on my bladder and I'm just all around the most uncomfortable at that time of day. I usually explain this to DD and she understands thank goodness. I love that she is so excited about her little sister coming soon but yeah, sometimes it gets old.
AbiSolsticebaby's Avatar AbiSolsticebaby 03:00 PM 09-10-2009
I am so right there with you my 3yr old drives me crazy at times "I need you mama" "hold me" AHH! Give me some space child, really I do feel for her though I just want my body back.
nataliekat's Avatar nataliekat 06:45 PM 09-10-2009
Oh, they always do this!! When I was nearing the end of my second pregnancy, my DD just wanted us to stay in the house all the time, just me and her. She didn't want to go anywhere or do anything. And she wanted to sleep with her arm around my neck every night. Ack!!

This time she's almost 7 and very emotional right now. Nervous about how things will change with the new baby.

Oddly, DD2 seems unaffected. Different personality, I guess.
Earth Momma's Avatar Earth Momma 08:17 PM 09-10-2009
YES I have 3 of them behaving like this, they all want to lift my shirt and talk to the baby and kiss and hug the baby - but i kinda like it! its just making us all closer, the 2 yr old has been teh worst but I think he understands that he is giving up his roll as the youngest so we are very close right now - like we're both preparing for the transition!

they say funny 4 yr old DS said "baby, I love you real bad, come out"
2 yr old was telling me that one booby was for him and one for baby - today when I was getting out of the shower he said "baby come out, get your booby"

hope baby comes out soon!