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StrongFeather's Avatar StrongFeather 10:42 AM 09-15-2009
So I texted on and off with Dosergirl last night. She made the trip to her birth center, and was (what I am assuming) is 90% effaced (she texted 9%) and between 2-3cm dialated. I know they were concerned with her not being able to sleep so they gave her a sleeping pill to try and allow her to rest.

Just got another text this morning and it didn't sound like it helped her any. Though she is still dialating

So if you can think dialating thoughts for her! She does think that she should have the baby today though! Come on Doser, You can do it!

MyZoeJane's Avatar MyZoeJane 11:28 AM 09-15-2009
Thinking of you! Hope your labor picks up and you are holding your baby soon today! :
octobermoon's Avatar octobermoon 11:34 AM 09-15-2009
OK thinking dilating thoughts and baby for dosergirl!!!
nataliekat's Avatar nataliekat 04:15 PM 09-15-2009
Come on Doserbaby! Let's do this!!
StrongFeather's Avatar StrongFeather 09:06 AM 09-16-2009
I just got a text this morning that she is 100% effaced and 8 cm. She's getting nervous about the home stretch, this was at 2:21am. It's been one long labor for Dosergirl, I know. She started contractions over 2 days ago! I am hoping that by now she is holding her LO, and resting peacefully~

~~Please Keep her in your thoughts!~~
MyZoeJane's Avatar MyZoeJane 09:29 AM 09-16-2009
Thinking of you! Hope you're holding your perfect babe and basking in the beauty of what you've accomplished!
mkksmom's Avatar mkksmom 10:45 AM 09-16-2009
I'm sure she is exhausted! I'm hoping everything is going well and that she is asleep right now!
StrongFeather's Avatar StrongFeather 11:12 AM 09-16-2009
Dosergirl had her baby at 7:30am this morning!
7lbs, 50z.
after a long LONG labor please welcome...
Coraline Mae!
Yay! I am so proud of you Momma!
hipmummy's Avatar hipmummy 11:20 AM 09-16-2009
Congratulations Dosergirl!!!!!! Welcome to the world Coraline ::::::!!!! Hopefully all of us Boston Mama's will be able to meet up soon!
KikaKika's Avatar KikaKika 11:47 AM 09-16-2009
Congratulations, dosergirl (thanks for the update StrongFeather!) !!!!
lisa_nc's Avatar lisa_nc 11:49 AM 09-16-2009
mkksmom's Avatar mkksmom 12:17 PM 09-16-2009
Congrats, Dosergirl!!!
ilovejeff's Avatar ilovejeff 12:27 PM 09-16-2009
congrats. doser!
zenproof's Avatar zenproof 12:35 PM 09-16-2009
CONGRATS DOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

octobermoon's Avatar octobermoon 12:43 PM 09-16-2009
welcome Coraline!!!:

congratulations MAMA!!!!!!
dosergirl's Avatar dosergirl 12:45 PM 09-16-2009
thanks everyone! knowing i was in your thoughts helped me through some tough hours for sure. pictures soon, she is absolutely beautiful. we didnt have the birth we planned but we had a really good experience....considering 53 hours of labor, i only pushed for 10 minutes (which makes me some kind of hero in the maternity ward i am finding
MyZoeJane's Avatar MyZoeJane 12:48 PM 09-16-2009
Congratulations! Welcome Coraline! :
bicyclingbethany's Avatar bicyclingbethany 01:14 PM 09-16-2009
Congratulations! :: Can't wait to hear your story...what a labor!
joeys_mom's Avatar joeys_mom 03:31 PM 09-16-2009
~Laura~'s Avatar ~Laura~ 04:34 PM 09-16-2009
I love her name! (the movie was great, too!) It's got the same ring as the one we picked.

Congrats, mama! You deserve an award for that marathon labor! Can't wait to hear about it!

Tashakittie's Avatar Tashakittie 04:41 PM 09-16-2009
JordanKX's Avatar JordanKX 05:12 PM 09-16-2009
Congratulations!!!! : :
Zumbi's Avatar Zumbi 08:25 PM 09-16-2009

mamamia10's Avatar mamamia10 08:34 PM 09-16-2009