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HydeParkB's Avatar HydeParkB 09:36 AM 10-02-2009
I need help! I am hoping to kick this cold or flu before I deliver. I am at 41 +1 today, so I can't have much longer. I am really concerned about going into the hospital sick and trying to deliver when I can barely breathe. DH and DD are getting over the same thing. DH is on antibiotics for a related ear infection, and on steroids.

The symptoms (neck ache, ear ache/pressure, nasal congestion) started on Sunday. My OB checked me Monday and I had no signs that merited antibiotics. Well, now my nasal mucus is an icky color. I've got a bad cough, worse sore throat.

I never have developed a fever, but I rarely get fevers.

Currently, I'm am staying hydrated. Usually take some tylenol for the morning aches. The throat lozenges don't seem to help. I've been using the Neti-Pot 1 or two times a day, but I think I'm going to increase that. I've used a vaporizer for the last two night - it seems to help a little, but not much.

Any ideas? I'm going to call my OB first, and the my primary care physician. There are two doctors at my PCP office that I really don't want to go to, so I hesitate to go there.

mkksmom's Avatar mkksmom 10:17 AM 10-02-2009
This sounds a lot like what I had right before I delivered. What I did was fill a gallon of water every morning and make sure I drank it all. My mucus was an icky color, but they say that is no longer a sign of bacterial infection. It was yellow mostly first hing in the morning. I also used a sinus rinse twice a day. I was well enough to deliver by about day 5 of it. Not ideal but OK.
dancemama23's Avatar dancemama23 11:41 AM 10-02-2009
no advice, but I am with you!
Trying to do garlic too, but have bad upset stomach as well so it's hard.
Like we need this on top of being hugely pregnant!

HydeParkB's Avatar HydeParkB 12:07 AM 10-03-2009
Well, my OB went ahead and prescribed me a ZPak of antibiotics. I think right now they will do more good than harm. I'm also probably doubling my water consumption, which was pretty good to begin with. Hopefully, I'll be feeling better in a couple days. If the ZPak is going to help me, it usually takes just two or three days to show an improvement.

What is killing me tonight is that every time I cough, I really feel it in my cervix. I think I'd rather have that pain back up in my chest.
MandyB's Avatar MandyB 12:54 AM 10-03-2009
You can also start taking 1-2 cranberry and garlic supplements every hour over the next day or two. It will probably really help boost your immune system and kill that cold!