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binkin's Avatar binkin 02:00 PM 02-01-2009
I think in other DDCs there are stickied posts at the top, where the first post has a list of everyone and their EDD, and then maybe a little information like age, number of kids, stuff like that. Sort of like maybe

binkin -- 29yo, Baby #1, planned home waterbirth with a midwife. EDD October 12th.

We could add boy/girl, etc. as well. When should we start a post like that? I would offer to keep it but I think I'm too superstitious to do that before I hear a heartbeat

Bromache's Avatar Bromache 02:19 PM 02-01-2009
I would like that! How does everyone else feel? Could look like:

Username/Real name (if you're comfortable sharing)
Age (ditto above!)
Baby #_
Birth plan
Gender predictions
Anything else?
BtotheG's Avatar BtotheG 02:55 PM 02-01-2009
That would be fun!
jillybeans's Avatar jillybeans 06:14 PM 02-01-2009
Sounds good to me! I won't do it though. Last time I did I miscarried, so I too am way superstitious.
Degas's Avatar Degas 05:46 PM 02-02-2009
Sounds great! I am too busy at work for the next couple months to do it, but I like your layout Bromarche - I nominate you! jk - only if you want to...

Are we going to do it on this thread or another?
binkin's Avatar binkin 02:04 PM 02-03-2009
I think we could make a new thread, with the threadkeeper starting it, so that all the info can be in the first post? I would love to do it but honestly I'm just too nervous -- my cheapie HPTs are still so faint and I am superstitious like that. Hehe.