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thomatuttle's Avatar thomatuttle 03:22 PM 02-04-2009
Hi ladies! So I have a wicked cold complete with yellow snot. I am 5weeks3days. Does anyone know if I can take anything that's safe right now?

Bromache's Avatar Bromache 04:13 PM 02-04-2009
Unfortunatey, it's best not to take anything but some tylenol for headache/sinus pressure... Water can help move the mucous along. If you're really miserable, consult a pharmacist. They're the experts and really helpful (and much more readily available than a doctor). I hope it's short-lived!
thomatuttle's Avatar thomatuttle 04:14 PM 02-04-2009
Well, I called my OB's office and they said it's ok to take Tylenol Cold or Benadryl. So I'm going to try whichever one DH brings home and hopefully that'll help.
Bromache's Avatar Bromache 04:26 PM 02-04-2009
Based on your symptoms, Benadryl isn't likely to help. Unless your sneezing, too, which you didn't mention. I would stick to lowest doses possible and for the shortest time necessary, but it's up to you. Hope you're feeling better soon!
binkin's Avatar binkin 04:53 PM 02-04-2009
Fair warning, I took benadryl today (I have really severe chronic allergies) because when I woke up my nasal passages were so inflamed I couldn't breathe through them. And I can't stay awake now -- I was sleepy to begin with and now, zombie-land.

and yeah, it doesn't really help colds a WHOLE lot although it will dry up the sinuses and stop your nose from running quite as much. Another thing to try is getting some saline solution up in there somehow, steam (turn on the hot water and close the bathroom door, or head over a bowl of hot water with a towel) and camphorous EOs like tea tree or eucalyptus.
Degas's Avatar Degas 07:12 PM 02-04-2009
There are a lot of home rememedies you can do. Here are some:

Hot lemonade - 1 lemon, a couple tablespoons of raw unprocessed honey, and boiling hot water. Put honey in last.


Things that are good to eat and drink in whatever fashion when you have a cold, both garlic and honey retain more beneficial properties when not cooked:
garlic - has natural antibiotic properties and boost immune system
raw honey - " "
probiotics - " "

Another remedy we've tried that doesn't taste anywhere near as good as the hot lemonade, but does the trick, is another brew, put all ingredients in a pot and boil, cook for an hour:
2 or 3 garlic cloves - minced or whole
1 onion - whole
lemon - squeeze the juice out and drop the lemon in

Take the pot off the heat, add the raw honey
raw honey - add after everything has boiled an for an hour
care for you's Avatar care for you 07:14 PM 02-04-2009
i had a horrible cold too, for about 4 days. it's finally on it's way out. wish i would have known about these remedies before i personally would probably avoid taking medicine unless you have a fever or feel like you absolutely can't make it.

other than that, get well soon!!!