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thatblondegirl's Avatar thatblondegirl 07:50 PM 02-17-2009
so i haven't been overridden with symptoms yet and i want other people to tell me that they haven't either, so i am not so worried! lol i get crampy occasionally, and am tired, peeing a BIT more than usual, but other than that, i got NOTHING. i had some serious morning sickness a this point last time so i'm a little weirded out about this.

so tell me i'm not alone. that there are some symptomless mamas in this ddc with me! btw - i'm 5wks 3 days from LMP, but am 17 DPO, if that helps. lol

jillybeans's Avatar jillybeans 07:59 PM 02-17-2009
Goodness, at 17dpo I wouldn't worry at all! I'm 7 weeks today and my symptoms are just now starting. And I know bumble is fine because we saw a nice heartbeat! With my first daughter, I felt wonderful the whole first trimester. So try not to worry too much. I'm sure in a week or two you'll be eating your words.
MamaAcorn's Avatar MamaAcorn 08:02 PM 02-17-2009
No symptoms beyond slight sore nipples while nursing on occasion. I'm tired and grumpy, but that because my 1 and 4 yo have cold and have alternated needing me throughout the last couple nights.
mom-to-jj's Avatar mom-to-jj 08:21 PM 02-17-2009
I am 16DPO, and I feel 100% normal. Yesterday I was really lightheaded briefly, but that's been about it. I occasionally feel some twinges or a feeling of tightness, so I know something is going on. With DS, my BBs were sore by this point and I had daily cramping. This time, none of that. It is weird!!

I had an almost-symptomless pregnancy with DS, too, and I will take nothing over puking any day!!!
Norasmomma's Avatar Norasmomma 08:49 PM 02-17-2009
I was symptomless mostly with DD, other than feeling fatigued and getting a cold I was pretty much alright. This time is another story, that's what's so weird it really can vary so much from pregnancy to pregnancy and woman to woman. FWIW-everyone thought I was having a boy because I had no sickness, and had a girl(I knew the whole time). This time though I am convinced it is a boy because I do feel so funky.

I do feel better today, a few weeks ago I had days where I felt super. The really queasiness only really hit last week, ugh....
Aufilia's Avatar Aufilia 09:20 PM 02-17-2009
I didn't have any symptoms at 17dpo either. You're really only 4w3d at 17dpo no matter what your LMP is so your morning sickness probably won't kick in for at least another week or two....
AuntieLiz's Avatar AuntieLiz 10:32 PM 02-17-2009
I was going to say... 17dpo doesn't calculate with 5w3d, but that's probably just your cycle. It sounds a little early to be having major symptoms. I'm 7w4d and my symptoms have been relatively mild, and they come and go. My breasts have become HUGE but I can still fit into my jeans with room to spare. I have very unpredictable nausea and exhaustion spells, weird food cravings/aversions, but nothing yet that I would describe as really interfering with my life. I'm still waiting for it to hit me full force too. I'm sure your bub will make itself known in time.
preggymeaggy's Avatar preggymeaggy 11:27 PM 02-17-2009
Try not to worry. I, too, have very little symptoms. Only occasionally crampy, and feeling a bit bloated....but besides that NOTHING. no sore breasts...not really even that tired (those were my first two symptoms last time).

I think I am like 30 DPO?? Question marks, because I'm really not sure, and haven't had a dating ultrasound yet.

So, hang in there. You'll either start getting some other symptoms, or you will be one of the lucky mamas who hardly get anything. (my first pregnancy was a breeze!)
leigh09's Avatar leigh09 11:53 PM 02-17-2009
I have absolutely no symptoms other than DH telling me that I have become quite crabby (to put it nicely). I am maybe between 5 & 6 weeks pregnant with an approximate due date of Oct. 17. (I have longer and not textbook perfect cycles and will know an accurate due date with my dating ultrasound in March.)

I had a nearly entirely symptomless pregnancy with my first child and ended up with a healthy baby. I had lots of pregnancy symptoms with my second baby and ended up with a healthy baby.
Daisy10's Avatar Daisy10 10:40 AM 02-18-2009
I feel your pain! (Or lack thereof...) I'm 22 DPO and have been stressed because of being symptomless. Reading this thread has helped a lot. In the beginning I seemed to feel more symptoms, although not many. Bloated, crampiness, but now I don't really even have that. It bothers me that the few I had seem to have subsided. Anyone have that problem? Have some symptoms and then they go away?

Anyway, it sounds like it's completely normal to be symptomless (especially this early on). It's amazing how we panic... if I get cramps one day I worry that it's a m/c and if I don't feel anything, I worry about the same thing. I guess it's our motherly instincts kicking in already and being protective.

Hang in there!