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October 2009 > Anyone else's hair turned to total crud?
Norasmomma's Avatar Norasmomma 07:15 PM 02-20-2009
My hair sucks, I mean it is bad. When I was pg with DD it turned curly and had been straight as a stick my whole life. Then pg got beautiful wavy hair and it grew and grew, from short to shoulder length in my pregnancy(which is great for me). I actually had longer hair for me.

Well not this time, it is gross, straggly, stringy and my curls that I was blessed with are falling out. It's a freaking mess and it also is gross and greasy-yuck. I had to change shampoo because my hydrating shampoo was making it really gross.

I'm getting it cut on Tuesday-I can't handle this. I'm a hairstylist you'd think I'd know what to do, but I am at a loss. It's just never been so weird.

lil_stinkyfeet's Avatar lil_stinkyfeet 07:28 PM 02-20-2009
My hair has been a little blah lately too.
I was just thinking that I should go in and have it cut and see if I can bring it back to life some!
Starr5678's Avatar Starr5678 07:47 PM 02-20-2009
When I was preg with DS, my hair was awful. It was dry, brittle, stringy and coarse. I got lots of split ends no matter how often I trimmed it. Nasty, nasty hair. I hated my pg hair, especially with everyone else was loving their silky, glossy hair.

This time, so far, there's been no real change in my hair. Time will tell though!
Leilamus's Avatar Leilamus 10:21 PM 02-20-2009
Mine sucks right now too, sucks bad! I need to get a trim but I'm not sure that will totally remedy the situation. i'm envious of the mamas with the lovely, long, shiny hair. I want it too!!!!
boobs4milk's Avatar boobs4milk 01:32 AM 02-21-2009
I have fuzzy dishscrubber hair anyway. I only shampoo once/week; otherwise, I rinse it out with conditioner every day and then use conditioner as a styling product. I've almost gotten it down to 'managable' and now BOOM I get preggo and I look like Ronald McDonald after a rough all-nighter with Grimace and Birdy.
frankenstella's Avatar frankenstella 04:02 AM 02-21-2009
Since I have been pregnant, my hair is like 10x better than it's been recently. It's wavy and soft and shiny, I hope it stays like this. It normally grows pretty fast, but I'm hoping it will grow quite a bit during the pregnancy.
Charlize's Avatar Charlize 07:37 PM 02-21-2009
I just had my hair cut off like Farah Fath's about a week before I found out I was pregnant. For those first few days, it was so easy to fix, did just exactly what it was supposed to do. Now, it lies flat. It looks greasy all the time. It's just eww. My natural curls which help with volume for this hairstyle have fallen out. I also have cowlicks in my hair, for the first time since I was a young child!

When I was pregnant with my daughters, I never had hair problems. This one is wreaking havoc on my hair. But then again, I had long hair while I was pregnant with them.

Needless to say, I think I'm gonna let my hair grow out long again (if it can during this pregnancy) or just wear a wig. Either option sounds great, but the wig idea at this point is seeming awesome!
StephM76's Avatar StephM76 03:17 PM 02-22-2009
Ugh, me too. My hair looks greasy and gross just a few hours after I wash it. My skin isn't much better
MFuglei's Avatar MFuglei 03:34 PM 02-22-2009
Mine's *VERY* greasy. I can't handle it. I actually went and got a cut yesterday, but I don't like it very much and that plus the pregnancy hormones was probably a mistake!

Last time I was pregnant, I developed allergies to 2 of our shampoos and had probably 20 sores on my scalp, so this time, at least, it's a step up.
Krystal323's Avatar Krystal323 02:00 PM 02-27-2009
Heeey, yeah, my hair has been yucky lately too--it never occurred to me what might be causing it. it's like, too oily or something.....i switched shampoos and got like 10 inches cut off.....and NOW i find the reason why it looks blah!
Norasmomma's Avatar Norasmomma 02:07 PM 02-27-2009
Well I got mine cut and it is much better, changing shampoo helped immensely also. I switched to a daily shampoo and the cut gave it a style. I should try and post a pic on the belly thread.
taylor's Avatar taylor 02:11 PM 02-27-2009
My hair has been icky, too. I was at a point where I was loving my hair, because it was soft and shiny and bouncy. But now it's dull, hard and stringy. Hmph.
Kritto's Avatar Kritto 06:32 PM 02-27-2009
Originally Posted by boobs4milk View Post
I've almost gotten it down to 'managable' and now BOOM I get preggo and I look like Ronald McDonald after a rough all-nighter with Grimace and Birdy.
: Sorry, I couldn't let this one get by without notice. Lovely mental image!