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October 2009 > any lovenox mama's on here?
kisskisskiddo's Avatar kisskisskiddo 06:01 PM 02-21-2009
just wondering if there are any moms on here taking lovenox or heparin???

the2amigos's Avatar the2amigos 11:25 AM 02-22-2009
Me!!! 40mg of lovenox daily. Baby aspirin also. Loads of folic acid. Progesterone cream too. Such fun! My belly is already black and blue!

What about you?
lil_stinkyfeet's Avatar lil_stinkyfeet 09:10 PM 02-26-2009
Bumping up
kisskisskiddo's Avatar kisskisskiddo 10:13 PM 02-26-2009
im doing the folic acid and aspirin as well. i dont start the lovenox till around march 9th though. we have to confirm a heartbeat (fingers crossed). whats the progesterone cream for???
the2amigos's Avatar the2amigos 11:27 PM 02-26-2009
I had so many early losses they are theorizing my progesterone is low too. Although blood work tests to be on the low side of normal. Good luck on the lovenox everyone!