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mrscompgeek's Avatar mrscompgeek 01:19 PM 02-26-2009
I started running a low fever last night. The little girl I babysit had one early in the week but we thought it was her teething but apparently she had a little flu bug. . My midwife said to take tylenol if it gets too high but I cant swallow any pills without gagging so is there a liquid I can take? Or can i take childrens chewable tylenol??

mom-to-jj's Avatar mom-to-jj 01:31 PM 02-26-2009
Can you compare the packages and see what the ingredients are? As long as it's acetaminophen, I don't see what difference it would make if it's a pill, liquid, or chewable. Just make sure you figure out the correct dosage. Hope you feel better soon!:
brinalicious's Avatar brinalicious 03:23 PM 02-26-2009
You can get the children's chewable, or meltaway strips. Get the highest children's dose per tab/strip that you can, though, so you don't have to chew 8 of them. An adult dose is 325 to 650 mg (you can double check this by looking on a regular Tylenol box). I think the Junior Tylenol Meltaways are 160mg each, so you would have to take 2 to 2 1/2. Good luck, I hope your fever goes down quickly and that you don't feel too bad.