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October 2009 > Anterior & Low Lying Placenta - what does this mean?
Friendlee's Avatar Friendlee 04:08 PM 05-04-2009
At my 18 weeks appointment I was told that my placenta was low lying...I remember they told my sister this too, but not sure what that means. Is it good, bad, neither?

Also they said it was anterior. What I find on the internet is very confusing regarding anterior and posterior placenta. The OB just said it meant I might not feel the baby as soon as most, but when I researched it, it seemed like there was more to it. All of these anterior placenta women were "determined" to give birth vaginally. Does this mean I am likely to have a c-section? My sister did, but it was because her baby was breech.

completebeginnings's Avatar completebeginnings 04:43 PM 05-04-2009
Anterior just means placenta is attached to the front of your uterus by your belly button. The majority of placentas attach on the back left side. I had an anterior placenta with my last shouldn't cause any problems except that babies tend to like to facet their placentas so with an anterior placenta that increases your chances of a posterior(face or sunny side up) baby. Babies are born this way all the last was. If you are medicated with an epidural and have a posterior baby you are more likely to end up with a csection since you aren't moving around helping the baby to find a good fit. Babies heads fit like a key in a lock and they move alot during labor. But that said a anterior placenta is not a guarantee that the baby will be posterior just greater odds.

Low lying is fine as long as it isn't touching the cervix(placenta previa). I too had this with my 2nd and had no problems.