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joyakshi's Avatar joyakshi 07:58 PM 11-16-2009
Originally Posted by Spiralshell View Post
I really believed I could and would give birth naturally that I never imagined myself getting a c-section or mentally preparing myself for that possibility. And then, of course, it happened. Sigh...
Hang in there -- it's two weeks for me today, and aside from some bad stabbing pains if I move the wrong way, I really am feeling a lot better now.
i think maybe i was at least somewhat prepared for c -section b/c we were breech for so long and agonized over doing a version. even though we did the version, I had already accepted a possible c- section and given myself over to whatever happens, happens. even though we expected a natural birth with a vertex baby in the end, i think I was ok with the section b/c I was prepared for it during weeks 33-37. i guess that does help. when it's totally unexpected, it's probably much harder to accept.
I hope you're feeling better these days.

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