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tayndrewsmama's Avatar tayndrewsmama 09:32 PM 11-16-2009
I haven't been online much at all and when I have been it has pretty much just been on FB because it is easier.

Ashton Michael was born at home on Halloween at 7:42 am. He was 7 pounds 12 ounces and 21 inches long.

On Friday I was pretty much miserable. I had a terrible, terrible OB visit on Thursday that made me freak about the possibility of being induced since he was about week late. I cried even. For those who remember, I had many, many, many, many days of contractions and most were regular and close together yet didn't result in anything.

On Friday we were out an about shopping and running a lot of errands. I was having contractions, but I pretty much ignored them. They weren't regular or anything. A Costco most people were past the point of sneaking looks at my belly and just openly staring. One teen boy nearly ran into me with a cart while staring at my belly with his jaw open. Dh nearly peed himself laughing.

We went to bed as usual and each time I woke to pee my belly was tight. It kind of freaked me out because it just seemed like a spasm or something. It didn't hurt or anything, just uncomfortable. Around 5 am-ish I asked dh to rub my sides to see if it would relax. It finally did and laid there for a moment about to fall asleep again and I felt this little trickle. Figuring I had peed a little, I went back to the bathroom to investigate. Didn't smell like I sat there just thinking and checking out my underwear. I called to dh and asked him to get me some new underwear. Then I started to stand up to wipe and it all ran out. My water broke. I freaked! I had never had my water break on it's own before this. I yelled this time to him telling him to come NOW! and that my water broke. I told him to call the midwife right away and my mom to get the kids. He was kind of laughing at me.

After I relaxed a bit, he told me the midwife said to call when contractions started or in 45 minutes. He called my mom and told her it was no hurry, but to plan on coming. I told him that was a bad idea and that she should come now. My mom can take a while. I said I wanted to take a shower and that he needed to be in there with me. I had four contractions in a ten minute shower. Afterwards he called the midwife again and she was on her way. I decided at that point that underwear was not an option any longer.

He started to fill the pool right away. The kids were up and curious too at this time. Much was a blur as it went really quickly. By the time the midwife and her apprentice arrived things were rather intense, but everyone just wandered around chatting like there was all the time in the world. I wasn't talking at all anymore and just focusing on what I needed to do. My mom arrived around 7:15 or so for the kids. By 7:30 they left. Dh was told my the midwife that he had better hurry up with the carseats. The pool was only about 1/3 the way full and she said I could get in. First she wanted me to pee so she could check me. I was standing in the bedroom and could already feel his head coming. I made it to the bathroom, but couldn't pee at all. At that time I knew it was going to happen very soon. They helped me to the edge of the bed and turned me around to lay down so she could check me. I just grabbed on to dh and told him there was no freaking way I could lay down. I couldn't move anymore. I was only three feet from the pool and couldn't get there either.

My midwife said no problem and threw down a bunch of pads onto the floor beneath me. The apprentice grabbed one of the kids' stools from their bathroom and put it under one foot. I held onto dh for support in standing and nine minutes later Ashton Michael was born.

It didn't go the way I had envisioned, but it was still perfect. It went sooooooo well. I couldn't have asked for anything better!

Ashton is doing great! He was already 8 pounds 2 ounces a week ago! He nurses all night long, which is why I really have been too tired to be on here much, but I know those days pass sooner than you expect, they are just misery at the time. Dh is still home, so it has been a huge help.

fyrebloom's Avatar fyrebloom 11:46 PM 11-16-2009
Welcome Earthside Ashton!
boobs4milk's Avatar boobs4milk 12:36 AM 11-17-2009
great birth story...glad to see you back around here! s
Serenyd's Avatar Serenyd 01:12 PM 11-17-2009

So we did have a halloween baby after all!
mom-to-jj's Avatar mom-to-jj 04:08 PM 11-17-2009
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gumby74's Avatar gumby74 08:46 PM 11-17-2009
I'm so glad to hear all is well.....i've been thinking about you and hoping that the birth went smooth! Congratulations! Benjamin just i'll interpret "Welcome Ashton....another Badger friend!"
Drummer's Wife's Avatar Drummer's Wife 08:48 PM 11-17-2009
not in your DDC but saw this from new posts and wanted to say congratulations!! Love the name Ashton
tayndrewsmama's Avatar tayndrewsmama 09:28 PM 11-17-2009
Thank you all! Since I haven't been on much at all.....were there really no other Halloween babies?
pjs's Avatar pjs 12:04 AM 11-18-2009
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