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jilly's Avatar jilly 11:17 AM 05-04-2009
I've really been trying to hold off, but I think the time has come. I've been being supersticious and trying to wait until I got to 12 weeks, but 11 1/2 is all I can manage, apparently. Apparently all my pre-pregnancy fat has migrated to my belly and abandoned my hips completely, so I can't get my regular pants to stay up, and none of my shirts are long enough, even though I've only gained 5 more lbs.

Anyone else?

Doberbrat's Avatar Doberbrat 11:24 AM 05-04-2009
I think I'll be lucky to make it to 12w.

as of Sat I feel like I 'Popped' out. for now, I can hide it w/elastic pants and a long sweater but I highly doubt I'm going to make it another 2-3w in these clothes.

havent said anything at work yet and I think I really should before I show up in M-wear

or, I guess I could just let the new wardrobe speak for itself...

eta - did you go shopping or already have stuff??
Rose-Roget's Avatar Rose-Roget 11:41 AM 05-04-2009
I'm 13 weeks and have been wearing them for the past couple. I tried wearing a pair of my normal (large) jeans with a rubber band to close on Saturday. NOT a good idea. I felt sick by the end of the afternoon. Lesson learned.
charleysmama23's Avatar charleysmama23 02:23 PM 05-04-2009
I have about 5 pairs of pants from before I lost about 30 pounds 3 years ago (has it been that long!!??) that I smartly kept, so I can still wear those instead of maternity pants...though I definitely popped a couple of days ago and things are getting a little snug. I tend to gain a lot of weight but be ALL belly, my hips/thighs actually get thinner during pregnancy and it all migrates to a giant belly (I'm often accused of carrying twins or triplets when prego). Although with dd I gained 11 pounds in the first trimester, and this time I'm only up 5, so that's an improvement. But, I am wearing maternity tops, mostly because of the empire fit so I don't feel like I have a fat gut hanging out. This is the worst time for clothing, it's when I actually start looking forward to being big just so I can be all the way into maternity clothes and comfy, kwim?
strawberryfields08's Avatar strawberryfields08 03:11 PM 05-04-2009
Originally Posted by charleysmama23 View Post
This is the worst time for clothing, it's when I actually start looking forward to being big just so I can be all the way into maternity clothes and comfy, kwim?
I completely agree! I am somewhere in between my maternity and one pair of pants that still fit. I get big up high first because all of my fat seems to push upwards. Regular clothes are so uncomfortable but I feel so silly in too big maternity clothes!
jilly's Avatar jilly 06:42 PM 05-04-2009
doberbrat -- I already have maternity clothes because this is baby number three. With baby one I did a lot of long shirts and elastics in the button hole of my pants or dresses until about 20 weeks.

I saw this shirt on etsy that describes this stage of pregnancy perfectly. It said, "Does this baby make me look fat?" Um, yeah, it just looks like I gained 10 lbs, not like I'm pregnant. I love months four - six when you're just cutely pregnant but not too uncomfortable yet.
kirstenb's Avatar kirstenb 07:07 PM 05-04-2009
Oh yes, I am half in them and halk out of them, depending what I am wearing. Maternity shirts are definitely more comfortable right now! I can still wear my regular jeans with the help of an elastic band, but have the maternity jeans waiting on stand by. I tried them last week and they felt a little big still.
vegasgrl's Avatar vegasgrl 07:30 PM 05-04-2009
I have actually LOST 4 lbs, but been in maternity pants since week 5. And I've also been wearing maternity shirts, even though I don't even really have a bump, since 1) I have gone from a 36C to a 40DD (also by week 5; the 40DDs are getting tight ) and 2) I need shirts long enough to cover the maternity pants. But yeah, really nothing fits. :
Mommy2Haley's Avatar Mommy2Haley 10:42 PM 05-04-2009
Sadly I've been IN maternity since I got pregnant with my daughter in 2006. It took 18months after she was born for any weight to start coming off and even though I've lost 40lbs my size 12 pants and L shirts just don't fit. So here I am 13 weeks pregnant and growing INTO my maternity clothes rather than OUT of. What a vicious cycle!
saratchka's Avatar saratchka 11:03 PM 05-04-2009
A friend recently gave me all the non-maternity pants from her closet that didn't fit her anymore (she shrunk out of them after baby #3) and I've been wearing those. Most are still okay, as long as I don't button them. It works okay as long as I wear a belly band or a snug tank top over them. My Glamourmom tanks have been perfect!

I have a huge maternity wardrobe in my basement (her stuff and mine) waiting to be pulled out and sorted through, but I've been putting it off. It's such an enormous job and I just don't have the energy to reorganize my closet and dresser right now.
NYMama27's Avatar NYMama27 11:42 PM 05-04-2009
I was trying to wait until the midwife confirms the heartbeat this week but had no choice but to pull out my maternity clothes last week after my SIL pointed out that a)I looked really pregnant and b)I had been wearing the same pair of jeans (the only ones that fit!) for three days straight.
Shanti_Mom's Avatar Shanti_Mom 12:43 AM 05-05-2009
I've been in maternity since nearly the beginning. I'm short and its my fourth, so not easy to conceal for long!
Sleepyheaded_Mama's Avatar Sleepyheaded_Mama 12:55 AM 05-05-2009
I just bought a stash of maternity clothes this last weekend at 9-10 weeks because my normal clothes do not fit anymore. I do not look 'okay' trying to squeeze into them anymore, nor are they the least bit comfortable when I do. Usually I avoid maternity clothes like the plague until I'm safely past week 12, but I don't feel like I have a choice this time and thankfully, I don't feel jinx-y about it at all. This is my 6th pregnancy, the 5th I've been pregnant with long enough to gain 7 pounds and I am short, so yeah, abdominal muscles gave up the fight a few kids ago and I have no place to hide any weight.
Daisie125's Avatar Daisie125 01:27 AM 05-05-2009
Originally Posted by Shanti_Mom View Post
I've been in maternity since nearly the beginning. I'm short and its my fourth, so not easy to conceal for long!
Yep, same issue here... I think I was fully in them by 6 weeks.
Krystal323's Avatar Krystal323 01:30 AM 05-05-2009
i remember reading a kind of snarky, tongue-in-cheek assessment of a mama's opinion on maternity clothes:

1st baby: you can't wait to be in maternity clothes--ooh how exciting!
2nd baby: you put off wearing maternity as long as possible, stretching out all your regular clothes
3rd baby: your regular clothes ARE your maternity clothes

...sadly, that's kind of how it went with me well, no, i was really thin pre-preg last time--so i'm not sure that counts. But I totally have maternity clothes that i wore not-pregnant, and regular clothes that i'm wearing now and will continue to wear til prolly 8 months Only that last month is when ALL clothing is evil and i'd be comfy in a muumuu the whole time....

: it just occurred to me how annoying it's gonna be to be COLD and super-pregnant at the same time--all my babies were Summer babies! Hopefully this babe comes not too far after the Hallows', cause that's when TX gets cold!
crunchy_mama's Avatar crunchy_mama 09:54 AM 05-05-2009
I am still mostly in regular clothes here. It seems my bump is higher. I do have some pants that are too tight- but my favorite pair still fits comfortably as they ride low. I did have to take my belt out though to the first notch- it was on 3. I can still wear my shirts if they were longer ones, but ones that hit right at my waist look real silly. I went this weekend and bought a few shirts that are regular shirts but in a longer style. I don't want or need the full on tent yet! I have gained about 5 lbs- at 12 w2d and this is pregnancy 3.

Oh- and I can totally relate to the avoiding maternity clothes. I was so itching to get into them the first time. This time just the thought ugh- maybe if I could afford super cute ones but I will be trying to find regular clothes that accomodate for as long as possible!
mrizzo's Avatar mrizzo 10:03 AM 05-05-2009
I have been in maternity clothes for the last couple of weeks. I can still fit (uncomfortably) into my regular jeans, as long as the button is undone, but maternity pants are SO much more comfortable so I try to stick to that. Fortunately, my SIL gave me some stuff that should keep be good for now!
perditafoster's Avatar perditafoster 04:55 PM 05-06-2009
4th baby...abdominal muscles are as dim a memory as sleeping through the night and how sexy dh and I used to look...we are both train wrecks now

Maternity clothes...hate them and am in total denial, but let's face it, I need 'em! I've been wearing pajama pants everywhere; why I think that looks better than breaking out the maternity clothes, I'll never know