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I am staying up a bit past my bedtime to post here, because it feels like all I've been doing is work and school for over a week! I had to stay up til almost 4am catching up on my college work because my textbook got shipped late Then I had to wake up at 8:45 to get to work on time!

We are mostly unpacked, we survived the move The downside is, this new place is quite a bit smaller than we anticipated...oh, and the dishwasher is a joke, so on top of washing cloth dipes we're having to do dishes by hand too :

This babe is kicking all the time, in crazy-high places (like, above my bellybutton already--?!). Our best guess is that I'm 20 weeks, but my midwives want me to get an u/s to have a better idea. So now that I'm getting an u/s, I find some mild curiosity creeping up about the gender! I'd really love to have a boy this time--and honestly, if we have another girl (three!), we'll be needing to move again!

I saw the belly pics thread--so many of you ladies are all trim and slim--I look like I'm smuggling a watermelon already Yay for sarong skirts, boo for not being able to wear them to work....

I think my biggest issue lately has been eating enough. Thank goodness I have a husband who can whip up dinners on a whim

So what's everyone up to?? u/s related updates? baby kicks? cool purchases of baby stuff? how's things with the rest of your family? who's still working or going to school?

And--how's everyone liking being pregnant in this HEAT? It's been over 100 every day this week. I'm surprised I haven't melted yet

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well my ms is gone WOOHOO! but yet i still despise eating! ugh food
sometimes i will crave something and eat tons of it hehe
my OB told me i am not getting near the right amount of protein i HATE meat i just dont like the taste or anything! i eat cheese and noodles and bread alot!
but yet no weight gain cept for my pre preg 36C that is a lovely 38DDD now ugh!

i had an us today with a friend of mine who works for a heart center so we could check on the baby and get a gender guess well this bean is stubborn!!!! not one good legs shot he/she sat there kicking and sucking his.her thumb the whole time hehe but she did video tape it for me on vhs but our vhs player doesn't work to work UGH dang u murfhys law!

the baby i dont feel kick much yet! and im 17weeks today! maybe its a girl this time and thats why its been so different for me!
i have come to the fact i DO not enjoy being preg i know it sounds harsh but im a huge ball of emotions i do not what to be touched AT ALL! my DH is going nuts no sex no touching nothing UGH
and where did this belly come from in a week!

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I'm in my seventeenth week (first pregnancy). Still haven't felt movement that I am sure of. My u/s is towards the end of the month, and I'm excited for that.

I had wanted a boy, but now I am going back and forth (of course I will be happy, either way.) DH is really wanting a girl (he has two biological sons).

I think I might not be so fatigued anymore. I've been feeling run-down since March. When I started my second trimester, the books said things along the lines of "you will be feeling more yourself, all happy and energetic, etc." and that was not happening. However, starting last week I have been feeling a lot less tired. School starts up again next week - so we'll see how that goes.

My major problem is *stress*.

DH yelled at me the other week because I'd been crying and worrying about this fall/winter and the upcoming year. He says I shouldn't worry about things so far in advance when things can change, that I won't have to do everything myself, etc.

I really cannot imagine how I will be able to continue working a full time job, attending college classes an hour away, and caring for a child with limited time and limited finances. DH refuses for me to suggest not going to school and gets stressed out when I imply I would like (love) to quit my job.

Depending on the shirt I wear, I am perhaps starting to look a little more pregnant than chubby. I think it also depends on whether the person knows I am pregnant. I honestly don't know who knows and who doesn't! We were at DH brother's house last week and I thought neither his bro or SIL knew, but I found out he let had let it slip to his SIL, and she didn't know her husband knew, but he had figured it out, too.

My bras don't fit right anymore and I've been wearing the same brand and size for about 10 years (since my teens) as nothing else ever seemed as comfy or supportive. If I go up a cup size, the structure of that brand's bra changes a bit and so now no bra seems to fit right.

My employer switched my insurance provider at the beginnning of June. I had chosen a practice that included midwives and that I was comfortable with even though it was out of network. With my new insurance, that same provider is in-network. I was so relieved when I figured that out.

I had actually started looking into buying baby stuff in the first couple months of pregnancy (mostly clothes, although I was considering bigger items, as well). I like the idea of buying a little bit at a time and it makes me feel a bit better as I feel at least somewhat prepared. DH had been discouraging me from doing it because supposedly everyone will want to give me things when they find out, but he has recently given me the go-ahead. I've been browsing Craigslist for some items. After I get my car fixed, I also want to get a washer and dryer.

I've had a penchant for frozen things since March - ice cream, frozen beverages, italian ices, go-gurt - and I'm sure it will pick up during the heat of summer. I kind of wilt during the summer normally, so I'm not sure how this will go. I suppose I just need to be sure to keep myself hydrated and well-rested.
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I'm glad for the chit chat thread .... good idea!

Shaknbake-- cottage cheese has a lot of protien ... I ate the every day for the first several weeks ... now I'm sick of it!

My MIL is living with us now and it's REALLY stressing me out. She is so needy and complains all the time. Nothing is good enough. Now I ban myself to my bedroom every night as soon as dh gets home.

For twin mommies -- I'm on, but let me say that this DDC is WAY better! They are stressing me out over there, not letting me post stuff in the ddc and moving it to the general forum with hundreds of women, so it's hard to track ppls pregnancy and feel like you can relate to them.

My ultrasound is tomorrow!!! Wait for the update! My mom is actually coming to the u/s. This is a big deal b/c she has never been very supportive. I don't know if our last falling out really hit home to her or what?! I had told her I was so upset how my last pregnancy (ended in miscarriage), she wasn't even excited or say congratulations when I told her I was prego, and that really hurt me. Not that I expected a big deal from her or anything, but something must have changed some where?! I'm glad for it though. Those of you with wonderful moms and lots of support are so lucky!!!

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I was 17 weeks yesterday but have only felt sporadic movement. I think my morning sickness is 99.5% gone. I posted this yesterday but no one responded but I feel so anxious for this baby to move a lot so I "know it's there".

I look 6 months pg but that's just that fat sticking out. I lost another 3# at my visit yesterday. She told me to eat....okay....I do.

This pregnancy is following the pattern of every other one I've had.

I am doing okay, stress-wise. I am a SAHM and money isn't a problem but dh is getting a 20% paycut due to hard times so I will be very cautious with what I buy for awhile.

My parents bought me an amish-made cradle and I'm having a mattress made. I am considering a new car seat (no baby bucket) but I won't be buying that til closer to the end.

When we find out the gender in July, Garage sales-here I come.

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I'm 20 weeks now and really starting to feel good! Morning sickness is gone except for sudden, sporadic throwing up of strange things like overcooked pasta my DH made last night, lol! I told him he will have to stop texting while cooking so stuff doesn't get that way!

I still have not told any of my family...I'm going to try to wait till after the wedding I have to go to on the 27th. I think I can do it. My cousin and his wife have been trying to have a baby for 2 I am pregnant accidentally while using BC!
I just haven't been able to tell them, I'm hoping she'll get pregnant soon!

Our u/s was Monday and everything looked so great! I had been worried because I didn't really feel movement but about 5-6 days ago it started all the time and now I know she's ok...

I still can't believe I passed the halfway point already, it still doesn't feel real!

I was going to use a used carseat from my friend but I think I've decided on getting a graco bucket seat and the frame stroller that goes with it. I loved it with DD and it will make long walks possible because I can't use the jogger right away. Then we can move the new baby into DD's car seat she's using now and I want to get her a Nautilus.

Is anyone still co sleeping with an older child? I don't know what to do about that. I heard the Amby thing is nice and am considering it.


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Mom2M -- we are still semi-co-sleeping with ds2. The same thing happened last time. With ds1 we got him a bed, but moved it next to our bed, so we had enough space for everyone. I must say that by the time ds2 was 3 months I was feeling so claustrophobic with one rolled into me on either side all the time that we started to work on moving ds1. With ds2, we've put a crib matress next to our bed, and he sleeps most of the night on it, just the early morning in our bed, which I think will be okay.

Krystal - eggs are my extra protein mainstay around here. Egg wraps with salsa and mayo to be precise. Yum. The great thing is that both my boys have started eating eggs for breakfast, too, so they are not as grumpy in the mornings.

Stress is not too bad around here. It was quite bad this last week, but now things have settled down. I'm pretty empathic, and my dh's job can be quite stressful, so often my stress level depends on his stress level, and he just got a little break last week. We just don't like the town we're living in, or his present job. But he wants to do further studies, which would mean a move, but not for another year. So we feel like we're in purgatory or something, staying in a place we aren't very happy, but not able to do anything immediate about it. I'm not sure I would like to move in the middle of ds1's kindergarten year and with a new baby or very pregnant anyway. Ds1 was a very tough baby and we moved when he was 6 weeks old and it was so hard. I was still sorting through things 6 months later. So its annoying but better to stay for another year.

At 17 weeks we're having sporadic baby movement. Some days we have lots, some days next to nothing, and Braxton Hicks already, which I don't remember having with either of my other pregnancies.

I really like this stage of pregnancy. I feel cutely pregnant but not huge yet, and my energy level is finally getting better. I'm glad to not be super pregnant over the summer because I"m already feeling hot. At least if cools off at night around here. The yoga video I've got this time around is great -- I haven't had any back problems so far, and I feel like I've had a bit of a strength workout after I'm done, too, which is great.

I am taking some teenagers plus my kids camping this weekend, so I hope I make it though all right. I"m sure I"ll be tired by Sunday night, but fortunately there's only 6 kids coming this year (usually we have more like 15) so it shouldn't be too bad.

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I'm feeling good so far! I still fall asleep some nights on the couch but I haven't been too tired. I'll be 20 weeks on Friday. I don't have my u/s for another week so I am starting to get a little anxious. I haven't been feeling a ton of movement but the last day or two I have been feeling more little flutters.

I haven't bought anything yet except for a few NB cloth diapers and I want to know what I am having so I can start getting some clothes!

We'll most likely be moving around December so I hope my nesting kicks in soon so I can start to get rid of some of the junk we have.

Mom2M- DS is in our bed right now. He'll be 2.5 when the baby comes and I'm not sure what we are going to do. We were very PT co-sleepers until a few months ago when DS started needing to sleep with us most nights. No big deal now, but I can see it getting pretty cramped come Nov. Hopefully we'll have enought time to find a good solution for everyone.

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I'm feeling ok. I still haven't really felt any movement but I'm 16.5 weeks so I know it's still a little early. Apart from my food aversions I really don't even feel like I'm pg. I have an appointment a week from today and I'm anxious to hear that little heart beat for reassurance.

Krystal-being pg in the heat sucks majorly. I'm in TX with the heat and humidity and I'm holed up under the AC. I'm already day dreaming of cool breezes and sweaters and it's not even officially summer yet
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I'm 18 weeks tomorrow, and I've officially "popped." One of my office suite mates knocked on my door today and whispered, "Are you pregnant?" Which lead to a wonderful, kind, reassuring conversation that has resulted in offers of maternity clothes and a co-sleeper. Yay!

I'm feeling pretty good. I've been doing lap swimming with a couple friends once a week, and it feels so great to move and be weightless. Sickness is totally gone, and I feel like my appetite has evened out a bit.

Work stuff - still debating next steps ... Husband and I talked about me "taking a break" starting in Nov, which would mean I could quit my job (or reduce it down to half time, maybe) and take a year to be a SAHM and try to start a freelance/consulting career. We were stressed about the finances for a bit (I was super over-emotional about it), until he reminded me that, hey, we get an $8000 tax credit this year for buying our house!! Hooray! However, I'm meeting with the personnel committee tomorrow to discuss leave, etc, and I'm open to the possibility of continuing here past the birth. We'll see, I suppose.

Ultrasound on July 7 to find out the sex, but we're planning on not telling the family. Hopefully I'll be able to keep my mouth shut for our family reunion July 18!

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Well, I'm going on 19 weeks, and no movement yet! This is worrying me lately. I know it's normal to not feel it til 20 weeks or even 22 weeks, but still... DH asks me a couple of times a day and I am sorry to have to say no. I would be reassured to feel the baby!

We have our 20 week prenatal with the MW next week, then the sono right after with a family friend (and her tech) so we are really looking forward to that. Can't wait to see the baby in there, and I will feel much better about not feeling movement once I hear the heartbeat and see the LO. We don't intend to find out the sex, but I'm good at 'reading' sonos from my work, so we might see it anyway. Plus, there's a chance we'll cave, bc it's hard to choose not to know when it's not the norm anymore and everyone asks what the gender is! Then we leave right after the sono to the beach for 10 days for some much needed relaxation!!!

We haven't bought anything yet. Trying to figure out what we want still, and trying to keep the baby gear to a minimum due to space and the fact that I can't stand clutter and DH has been adding to the clutter lately by bringing home more and more stuff of his that's been at MIL's house for 10-20 years (and not missed, so WTH bring it home?!). Anyway, once we figure out what we want, I plan to get going on the registry.

Also spending a lot of brain and computer time trying to figure out if we will CD or not. I'm very attracted to the idea, but hesitant to commit to the added work of more laundry. Hmph. I'm also overwhelmed by the vast number of options, of types, brands, styles, etc and don't know what we'd get if we do CD - and don't wnat to end up buying stuff we don't like. Too many choices!

Oh yeah, and I'm totally into maternity pants now! Love the elastic! Still need to find a couple of pairs for work, though - still stuck in regulars most days of the week and it's getting really uncomfortable! I've had great success at Ross, with shirts under $10 and pants at $13.
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tortoiseshell--I'm sorry you've been weepy and DH has been mad at you for it. I am juggling A LOT right now too, and I too am worried about how I will be able to stay afloat when the newbie comes. School an HOUR away sounds horrific Have you looked at online schools at all? I attend Ashford online and I love it. They don't advertise much, which equals cheaper tuition!

However, even with that, I am gonna take a 4-week break when the new arrival comes, tho! My job is awesome--laid-back, part time, I love it. My boss is totally cool with putting me on a hiatus, or giving me at-home work, or whatever I want to do. If i hated my job or if it was totally inflexible, I don't know what I'd do. If you guys don't NEED the $$ and it's stressing you out so badly, I'd vote Quit!

I have a lot of plates spinning because *I* want to, or because me and DH have discussed that this would be the best for all of us. If he was getting cranky with me about it all, I'd be livid

CarrieCo--AHHH I'm sorry your MIL is living with you!! That can't be good for your mental peace and well-being! I don't really have any in-laws (except for DH's half-sis and young stepdad), and my parents are in their 70's and they're all I've got for extended family. Makes things easier on us--we spend all our holidays together, not with each other's families... Gratz on the TWINS btw!! :

jilly--I totally get you on the "purgatory" feeling--funny way to put it We are stuck in an apartment again after months of trying to buy a house. We lost SIX contracts in 3 months and finally we just said eff it, we're renting again. : It's a nice apartment--but seriously. We had to bring some of our furniture to my mother's house because it didn't all fit. I am all for downsizing, but I've also lived in varying states of poverty long enough to enjoy the things that we finally do have. I don't think I can downsize much more without being depressed about it, yk? Not to mention, we're still in college. 4 kids + both parents in college means poverty and chaos, LOL. DH is nearly at the point where he can start working in his field, but waiting suuuuucks.

Good luck on the camping trip--it sounds like a ton of fun!

Siennaflower--I'm in Texas too by the way. I think that's three of us, just in this thread I usually handle the heat quite well--but so far, it's been misery :

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Life has been pretty busy lately for me. I went to 2 conferences in the last month, which were great, but also required a lot of preparation and work ahead of time.

The great thing was, that dh came and we went hiking and camping together last weekend - 3 days outside! It was sooo great.: We only did smaller hikes, as I have problems getting enough breath (I had to sit down a couple times, because I felt faint, my vision was black etc.). But it was sooo worth it. : We hadn't had a 3day vacation with just the two of us ever and it was really nice to just enjoy being happy.

My little sprout keeps kicking away, prenatal appointments are coming and going and life is pretty easy besides that. I sometimes even feel, I should do more to prepare for birth and the coming child, but I honestly don't really know what to do?

Money is tight, but pregnancy put me in this bubble of happiness, that nothing seems to disrupt. We will get clothing and some baby things from friends and family. And I started making a baby shopping list. But I don't really want to buy anything big yet. We'll probably go and test some car seats in our car later this month to see what fits in our 2door car.

My belly is finally showing a bit and more and more people are noticing I am pregnant Yes there are sometimes aches and pains, I still vomit about once a week, but I just feel great in my little soap bubble

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make that 4 of us in TX thank god we have a pool or id be dead!

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Updates are fun! Here's mine:

Got the medical sonogram on Monday. We think it's a girl. We are going back in about four weeks to try and make absolutely sure. I hope it is!!

Still get random morning sickness. Threw up a few days ago. Blah.

I feel Baby moving a lot more now; it's so sweet.

We're going on a 10 day vacation/family reunion in Vail starting Friday!

We named the baby Zion Merciful

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maria: I was 20 weeks when I felt the first movement of my first and the dr. was surprised at how early...don't feel like you're behind. It's supposed to happen sooner with #2 and most on here are on #2 or beyond! It'll happen! And as for CDing, for us it amounts to one extra load of laundry every two or three days, no biggie.

We were co-sleeping up until 3 months ago. We put his crib mattress (from the crib he never slept in) on the floor beside our bed and he'd start out there, eventually making his way into our bed sometime in the night. Two weeks ago we bought him a twin bed, set it on the lowest setting so he can get in and out easily and he's been in it ever since. Bringing a newborn home to join three people in our queen...well I just didn't want to cross that bridge!

I agree, the updates are fun to read! All but the heat wave in Texas...send some my way, summer is late coming this year.

I'm 17 weeks and a few days and have felt this baby moving on only three occasions starting last Saturday, so pretty sporadic. I'll be wishing for these days when baby is pushing out on my ribcage and head is compressing my bladder in 5 months! lol

No morning sickness now, yay! Pretty normal appetite and food tastes good again, thank goodness.

No weight gain, but definite preggo belly. Only a few people have touched it so far (why do they feel that's necessary? jeez) A few people commented on the "Oh you poor thing, you've got the summer to be pregnant through" with a pitying look. I love summer, don't worry about me!

We see the midwife on Sunday, so DH will get to hear the heartbeat, he hasn't yet. We're planning a homebirth and I'm hoping my mom will want to meet the m/w, as she's not keen on the whole idea.

Nothing's stressing me out...we have a mountain of bills to pay, 2008 taxes, new roof, but it's all just gotta wait. No big deal, it'll all get paid. We are self-employed and no recession in our line of work, so it's all good.

And I have something fun planned for the DDC bead swap! Sign up if you haven't yet!

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Thanks for the great thread!

Things are going ok, pregnancy wise. Baby is moving a lot some days, and other days hardly at all. I am definetly pregnant though, can't hide this bump anymore, even when I'm laying on my back. We have our u/s next tuesday, I am so excited about it!

Carrie - I can 100% sympathize with you. We are living with my in-laws until we get possession of our house, July 31st. I am pulling my hair out daily, and since we just moved to this city I don't know a lot of mom's yet. However I did meet a really nice mom off of mdc the other week. So I am getting out of the house more and more. Thankfully we are going on a holiday for 3 weeks in July so it really isn't that much more time living with my MIL. My MIL is really sick and can't do much physically. So I have to tend to her physical as well as emotional needs. Thankfully DH is home now so the burden has been lifted from my shoulders a lot.

But we are going to the lake tomorrow for the weekend. I am soo looking forward to it, so I will catch up with all of your next week! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Pam, momma to Sofie Avye Seth
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Nice to read where everyone is at. I'm 19 weeks today.

I'm not really throwing up anymore, although I've had a few mornings of nausea that were pretty easily resolved. Headaches are coming and going still but as long as I stay on top of eating enough it's usually okay.

My belly is definitely popping out, but maternity clothes fit me really strangely. I've gotten big all over, which is so much different than either of my other pregnancies. I think my maternity clothes allow for a big belly and everything else just staying the same size. Feeling baby kick around a few times a day.

We have until June 30 for the ultrasound. I'm looking forward to it. I'm hoping that I get on the excited train, or at least a little positive. Our stress level is just ridiculous around here, and though we've taken some steps to help allieviate that (one is we opted to switch out two hours of DS1's therapy for 3 hours of babysitter every other week in the evenings) I'm still just getting through day by day. I'm really trying to enjoy the baby kicks and take some time outs to breathe. DH is at least on board with letting me get as much sleep as possible, and understands that there might be evenings where I might need to opt for going in our bedroom and closing the door and having him deal with dinner.

My work as a doula has been pretty good, and I've lucked out so far that the births I've attended have not been long or overnight. It's sort of strange being a pregnant doula, but my clients haven't seemed to mind it.
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I'm at 17 weeks now and although I think I've felt movement I'm not sure. Last pg I felt fluttery type movement first. I haven't felt that yet, but I swear I've felt pressure like pushes. But I've also had small BH contractions and so I'm often at a loss to what it is.

I don't feel quite as bloated most days and actually look a bit smaller without all the bloating. But I now have a better sense of where my uterus is without all the bloat.

A bit of stress and now excitement in my life right now. I've been having a lot of stress with my work environment lately and just couldn't wait to quit. Well I just found out yesterday that I can. Dh got a new job in another state and we are moving! We've been hoping for this but prepared to be happy with whatever outcome. So I get to quit in a month, but not really excited about telling my boss.

So now I'm trying not to worry about having to find a new midwife. I'm starting my inquiries on MDC and a friend of mine lives where we are moving has a friend who just had a homebirth. So I'm hoping to get some good feedback.

Otherwise feeling pretty good. Eating pretty well but still dealing with mild food aversions and occasional nausea.
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