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Originally Posted by belltree View Post
We had some shirts with small stains as well. I took the time, to either paint over them with a textile marker or I stitched something over it. Now they are cuter than before
I've been known to tie-dye stained hand-me-downs. I like them much better after they are nice and colorful anyway!

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Originally Posted by tessie View Post
I've only ever used the powder because I didn't know you could get liquid. I don't know about the baby formula, I just rewash it all with a gentle detergent after soaking to be on the safe side.
I think I will get some of the powder. Dh likes using the liquid oxyclean on his stuff, and the fragrance is quite strong.

I've also got some of those magically-appearing spit-up stains on a lot of dd's baby clothes that were stored away clean over 3 years ago and come out now with yellow spots on them!

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So call me a moron, but what is oxyclean exactly? Is it an enzyme? Is it toxic or biodegradable?

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I get clothes from my sister too and when they are stained a lot, I just don't like them...but...I do have the option of donating them to a place that recycles textiles no matter what condition they are in. So if they are too stained, maybe you could find something like that instead of throwing them in the garbage.

Also, I thought none of my little baby clothes had stains? I kept a special box of them from 4 years ago and I opened it a couple days ago and saw some magically appearing stains!
I'll try that oxyclean. I hope they come off because I really obnly kept my very favorite ones.


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Sometimes age brings out stains deep in the fibers that weren't noticed before. These stained items are great for things to wear when doing a messy activity. It's not snotty at all to want a child in clean clothes when going out and about. The only snotty thing would be to have an unwillingness to put a child in something stained when finger-painting or something. You can try washing and sun-bleaching these items otherwise, or even dying them another color.

Rather than trash, always either donate to a charity (they can always find a use for them, even if they end up being used as rags), or offer them for free as playclothes on CraigsList or Freecycle (look on for the group nearest you, and people who want it will pick it up from you).
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I just have to say I love love love Oxiclean. I don't know how I did 2 years without it. Lily's Mom - the liquid stuff doesn't work as well as the powdered stuff. You can buy a big box of Oxiclean at Costco for I think around $12 (cad). I also saw it at London Drug's but I think it was $15 there.
I thought for sure some clothes the girls had were ruined with stains. I soaked them in Oxiclean and 99% of them came out clean.
I just went through all my 0-12 month stuff to hand down to whoever needs them, and I was surprised by how many of them had stains on them. I was so sure I didn't put stained clothes away. I guess stains really do seem to appear over time. So I oxicleaned them and they all came out clean.

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