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LParker's Avatar LParker 10:41 AM 09-13-2009

I must mention that, despite the fact Japanese children are only getting six shots before age 1, Autism is still on the rise there. Please note what I wrote above about brain damage from the DTaP (other vaccines can cause encelopathy, too)...

belltree's Avatar belltree 11:22 AM 09-13-2009
Originally Posted by LParker View Post
This is the schedule we have access, too. Japanes kids receive far fewer vaccines, than American children. Comparing immunization schedule of different countries made me start questionening immunizations.

Japan has additionally Tuberculosis in their schedule, probably because of the close living conditions, and Japanese Encephalytis. But no standart MMR for instance.

DTaP is one of the vaccines with the worst side effects, as far as I understand.
LParker's Avatar LParker 03:26 PM 09-13-2009
"...Special Masters have already concluded “were it not for the administration of the vaccine, the brain damages/seizures etc.. would not have occurred...”

Dr. Moulden has performed significant research, to understand the biophysical response to vaccination. See his body of work here:
Krystal323's Avatar Krystal323 03:58 PM 09-13-2009
Originally Posted by First-Time-Mommy View Post
not seeing an actual form that is just for exemption of vaccines at birth, just for school and child care.
that's the one form, they don't accept copies tho, so i recommend getting the max number and getting them all notarized. that way if anyone needs to know about your child's vax status, you have an official copy on hand to prove you've actually thought about it

as for eye goop, i am not for unnecessary antibiotics at any age.

Vitamin K, well we're not circ'ing, but I've got oral Vit K as a precaution regardless.

good luck with your research, and kudos to you for not just sticking your head in the sand about it all!
hartfelt's Avatar hartfelt 11:03 PM 09-13-2009
thank you for sharing that Lparker. hugs mama
Tattooed Hand's Avatar Tattooed Hand 11:12 PM 09-13-2009
Yes, thanks for sharing, Lparker and I am so sorry about your daughter. Thanks for all the links and info.
greenthumb3's Avatar greenthumb3 11:55 PM 09-13-2009
Originally Posted by LParker View Post

FWIW, she had the full series of DTaP and still contracted Pertussis (as did most of the school) two years ago...

I am sorry for the trouble and pain and financial difficulties vaccine injuries have cause for your child and your family.

The winter before last, my kids all came down with pertussis, too (whooping cough, for those unfamiliar with that other name). They are unvaxed and the "carrier" was a vaxed child in our preschool co-op who had been vaxed for it. The problem with the vaccine is that it masks the symptoms, so the child who is vaxed still carries the illness and can be contagious, but since the symptoms are masked, you are unaware she carries it until other children are infected. It no big deal for most other vaxed kids; they can still "catch" the illness, but do not have the symptoms to deal with.

Of course, since we are unvaxed, my kids had all kinds of symptoms (which required some treatment), but the doctor didn't want to treat them for it as he said that since there is a vaccine, kids don't catch whooping cough anymore (and if they did have it, he wouldn't treat them anyway b/c I chose not to vaccinate, so he chose to let us suffer for "our choices") He had me leave his practice signing a paper saying I wouldn't sue him after my 2 year old ended up in the hospital with pneumonia as a complication.

It's madness.
Kismet_fw's Avatar Kismet_fw 12:09 AM 09-14-2009
Besides the health issues, there's also the pain of the injection - even if "they won't remember it." Besides, you won't know til afterward if baby will scar, have skin torn by a slightly off-kilter needle, get hit right in a nerve (this happened to a brother in law with a full grown arm once, little tiny thighs have everything MUCH closer together!) or have some 3rd party bump or jostle the person doing the injection at just the wrong time.

Seriously, unless you think your baby is going to start high-risk behavior right away, at least delay vaccinations.
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