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We didn't use our cosleeper AT ALL with my first. I think we may have put him in there like, twice, when my DH was still nervous about having him in the bed. Otherwise it just sat there collecting dust. With the second baby, we didn't even set it up. But once he was older he did nap in it, and then he slept his first stretch of sleep in there. That went on until I think 18 months, and then we set up the crib in our room and started transitioning him out of our bed. With this baby I've already bought stuff to wrap the mattress, an organic pad, and new sheets. I have intentions of him napping in there from pretty early on. But we'll see. I'm not going to set it up right away.

-Kangaroo Korner pouch... more for #2 because he lived in it while I was going about life with the other kid.
-Swing... both kids slept in them. My first son had such sensory issues that's the only place he'd sleep unless he was on the boob.

-Baby bath tub, bubble bath, lotions, etc. Brought them in with me, and only used water. By the time the second was born he was only bathed maybe once a week. Babies don't get dirty!
-Overalls. I might be the only person who would say this, but after two boys I'll tell you how much I detest them. It's so hard to get a car seat harness tightened with them on.
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Best things:

My absolute best purchase was the bebe sounds nasal aspirator. We didn’t find out about it until dd was about 6 months old and have loved it ever since. The bulb suctions don’t work very well for us and they take so long b/c baby get’s hysterical. The aspirator is so much faster that by the time the baby has figured out what’s going on, you’re done!

It would have been great to have when dd was a newborn b/c they have so much fluid still coming out of their lungs through their tiny noses. The tip of the aspirator would have been small enough to fit and not cause any discomfort.

Another thing I love about it is that you can see how much snot/goo you’ve pulled out of baby’s nose. It’s not really necessary to see, but it certainly is interesting.

The second best thing for us was the diaper caddy by fisher price. We didn’t use it long, probably just about 3 months, but it made changing diapers super easy as everything we needed was within arms reach all the time.

We also used our changing table quite a bit. We used it all the time from about month 4 to recently (dd is turning 2) and for $25 off craigslist, it was easily a great buy.

The worst thing:

Probably all the crib sheets and bassinet sheets we bought. Our dd rarely slept in the crib or bassinet. I would still purchase the crib/bassinet over again, since we used it occasionally for naps when we weren’t close by (like downstairs in kitchen or something). But all the sheets really got wasted. I had like 6 pair each!

Ph.D. Mama to Anaiah born 10/06/07 and Mathias born 11/14/09 and Wife to my cocoa puff DH.
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Love all the opinions about the co-sleeper! Our bed is quite high so I'd need the add-on legs, plus extra padding to make it high enough . . .it's a thought though.

As for overalls -while a PITA while potty-training - for my cousins (my aunt is a single mom and gran and I helped raise them) - all three girls - they were so skinny and tall we could not buy pants to fit. They lived in overalls, which need fit only in length, until they were two. Jumpers and dresses also *might* have worked, but not so great in daycare where they were too active and messy.


Katrina - Mama to Gabriel 11/20/2009 and Norah 10/11/2011 and Theo03/11/2013- married to Wayne -
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Ring sling (loved it in newborn days and even after)

Kozy Carrier (that was wonderful also)

Swing (for naps it was a life saver and for when i was showering. I liked him in the bathroom with me )

Bouncy seat (newborn stage this was wonderful but once they can sit it is not as great)

Gowns (they are wonderful!)

Sleep sacks (loved them)

Long sleeve night gown things (for cool night they are perfect!)

Spongey thing to lay on the bathtub floor

Footie Jammies that look like outfits for the 0-3 month and 3-6 month (I have no 2 piece outfits in those sizes because to me they look to uncomfortable and bulky)

I had a glow worm that played music and lit up that was the only way I could change Ds he loved it!

One of those things that you put the real veggies and fruit in and they can chew on it it is a mesh baggie thingie (yeah can you tell I remember the name of it well that was awsome!)

An exersaucer all my nephews loved it and so did Ds if I would have let him he would have stayed in it for an hour! He also had a Jumparoo instead of a Johnny Jump Up (we dont have the right doorways for a johnny jump up but that was awsome also when he was crabby if he went in that he was all smiles then within about 4 minutes he would be sleeping I have so many pictures of him sleeping in there!


An Evenflow care seat it was horrible my sisters Graco was great and my friends Chicco was awsome and my other friends Britax was amazing but the Evenflow I had I HATED!!! (this bean is having a Britax that will be here tomorrow )

Changing table I used it a total of 7 times and all it did was hold diapers and clothes til I got annoyed with it!

those play blankets for them to scoot on and play and mouth things he was not at all interested in it one bit nor was my nephew!

Those ducky things that you put in the bath tub to check the water

Bath toys he did not really play with anything until he was about 2 in the bath tub he just loved the water and a plastic bowl and a ladle made him super happy

Crib (NOW that was a WAST of money and space!)

Pack and play (but I have my old porta crib that I liked better and felt was safer and used that instead! so it really was similair just a little smaller)

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I love this thread, thank you! thank you!

About the co-sleeper, I think we're going for the wood/sleigh one that converts into a small crib (similar in size to the cribs you see at daycares) if/when we switch to a crib. I was also planning on *ahem* altering the mattress height to be level with the bed.

Mom to DD Nov 2009,
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Carseat (obviously, it's the law)
Beco carrier
bouncy seat
bugaboo stroller (this was a splurge from when I was still working and had money to spend--I'd say I got every penny's worth out of that thing)

Any playmat or thing that could easily be replaced by a blanket on the floor
monitor (we live on one floor and DS slept in our room until he was over 2)
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Originally Posted by frogautumn View Post
monitor (we live on one floor and DS slept in our room until he was over 2)
Really? You never used it?

We have a 1story small house but I always figured one would have been useful w/ DD. For example, for the times I was in the kitchen and baby was sleeping in the bedroom, or I was doing yardwork and baby was sleeping inside, etc. I actually put one on my registry this time around.

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I survived 16 mos! Ask me about breastfeeding a baby with posterior tongue tie, high palate, and weak oral motor skills- whew!

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I'm a first timer but we bought a monitor (on clearance) not so much for our house, but for when we go to my parents' or IL's as their houses are larger and 2-story. And we spend alot of time outside at my parents'. I have friends that swear by the video sort so they can see what the baby is doing, even when he's not making any noise (I can see this being very useful as the kid gets older!)

Katrina - Mama to Gabriel 11/20/2009 and Norah 10/11/2011 and Theo03/11/2013- married to Wayne -
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I have a two story house that's around 2200 usable sq. ft, and I still don't use a monitor. Baby is in the same room with me always.

As far as other things I've found useful;
I 15th the sling, ergo, wrap suggestion, find the right one for you.
Nursing bras, but I have big boobs.
I wear bra-less spaghetti strap tanks under my shirts for nursing discreetly. Or I cut slits in white wife beaters.
I prefer the "travel sized or fold and go" swings. I have two, one for upstairs, one for downstairs.
Washcloths. I don't use the baby sized towels, but I love baby sized washcloths.
I buy two regular sized egyptian cotton towels for baby. For at least the first year, baby is the only one who uses them.
Baskets with handles full of diapering supplies.
Dr Newman's All Purpose Nipple Ointment
Olive oil or avocado oil for massaging baby, works well for loosening cradle crap too
lightweight blankets (even though we're all having november (oops, I had a brain fart and put april the birthmonth of my two older babies) babies)
a quilt for the floor

Things I have but don't get used often:
pack n play
co-sleeper (add me to the long list of people who didn't understand it)
changing table, though I think I'll use it more this time around
pre-sewn swaddlers (baby always wiggles their way out)
diaper bag (I haven't found one yet I truly loved, I usually just shove the supplies in an oversized purse or a back pack)

Katie, mom to Stella 5.5, Mora 2.5 and baby girl #3 sometime in November, hopefully
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Baby swing (both our girls LOVED the swing)
Bouncer seat (just a nice quick place to put the baby when I needed to have my hands free for a quick moment, especially in the kitchen & the bathroom)
Baby Monitor --- we've used ours almost EVERY day for the past 4 years!
Baby gowns
Sling & Pouch

Co-sleeper (I could never get comfortable leaning over the bar nursing dd. Always was a huge pain for me & I'd always just bring dd into our bed.)
Exersaucer (for when they were bigger.. what a waste of money!)
Footed PJs with zippers --- they would never fit over our cloth diapers. I always prefer ones with buttons!

Mama to dd born 7/2005, dd born 12/2007 and dd born 11/2009.
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I mentioned in my earlier post that I liked my co sleeper to a point, but forgot to mention that at some time, DH convinced me it was a better idea to take one side off of the crib and tether it to the bed. This was at the same height as the bed was. DD and DS still sleep in the crib attached to the bed. (DD has a toddler bed in our room, but prefers to sleep next to her brother) It is also much easier to nurse with.
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*Baby Bjorn (since I could never work my ring sling) Awesome for grocery shopping, mopping and vacuuming with me. Lots of walks, too
*Peg Perego Pliko P3 stroller My son is now 2, and we've easily put 600-700 miles of walking on that thing. Still in great shape, great canopy, comfy for him.
*Bouncy seat. Really just a soft place to put him, semi-reclined, in the 0-9 month time. Crucial for eating dinner with DH!
*California Baby Super Sensitive lotion and shampoo/bodywash. Yes, it is expensive. But we had scary eczema, caused by Burt's bees products, and this was the only stuff that was ok for his skin.
*Lanolin or Un-Petroleum Jelly for any time his bottom started looking red
*Cloth diapers, especially while exclusively BFing. So easy, and so much cheaper than disposables (prefold and covers for us)
*Bassinette. DH was petrified of rolling over, so the munchkin was in a regular bassinette right next to my side of the bed for the first few months.
*PAck N Play-DS slept in this, in our room, once he got a bit older and we realized he was waking when he heard us shift or roll over. Also wonderful for the 6-9 month stage for using in the kitchen so he wasn't on the tile while I cooked. And great for carting outside on some days.

*Piles of other baby lotions and potions
*Never needed or wanted an exersaucer, bouncer, whatever
*Swing-hated it and took up so much space
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That BOON frog pod was the WORST!!! The company told me I was installing it improperly/my tub wasn't clean enough. Seriously, i tried so many times to love it (it is great in theory) I just couldn't get the darn thing to stay on the wall!
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