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maisiedotes's Avatar maisiedotes 05:28 PM 10-16-2009
Can you tell I am getting excited- all I have done today is start threads and nest. Just wondering what you all are using for bottles, if anything. I want to just give DS the boob, but if I have to pump, which I suspect I may when i go back to work, may as well be prepared....

We registered for the Dr. Brown's BPA-Free (of course) bottles. It is a set that BRU has- some 4 oz bottles, some 8 oz (or 10 oz?), etc.

With DD, and this is a public service announcement, we had avent bottles and I was going CRAZY with them because they kept leaking. I was about to throw them all in the trash when my cousin told me avent bottles leak if you screw the top on too tight. So, if anyone is using avent, keep that in mind!

I saw a sippy cup I liked but it was $15. Um.... DD refused almost every sippy we got her (we must have tried a dozen different brands)- finally she picked out a cheapy plastic one and it is still the only one she will use. She knows what she likes.

deny_zoo29's Avatar deny_zoo29 05:45 PM 10-16-2009
My plan is breastfeed. But we do have bottles to use if necessary and when I go back to work and need to leave her at the daycare. The bottles we chose, and got 7 of at our showers, are called "Breastflow" BPA free. It has a double nipple system that is supposed to make it so the baby has to use compression and suction on the bottle like they have to on the breast, making there be less nipple confusion and an easier transition between breast and bottle and back. Not sure if they work since this is our first child, but we hope they do when we need them!
Here's a link about them:
And you can get them here in the US at Target (that's where ours were all gotten from).
ExuberantDaffodil's Avatar ExuberantDaffodil 05:46 PM 10-16-2009
My son choked really badly on the Avent. He did decently with the Dr. brown's, but all the parts started to annoy me after a while. . . I registered for the breastflow this time. I'm hoping to avoid bottles for quite some time, though.
Beppie's Avatar Beppie 05:50 PM 10-16-2009
Neither of my girls would EVER take a bottle. They always wanted the real thing. We tried so hard, too! All the techniques. But I suppose if you have to go back to work, then your baby will learn to take the bottle too.
maisiedotes's Avatar maisiedotes 05:53 PM 10-16-2009
I had such a hard time BFing with DD. I am thinking and hoping for the best this time... I at least have some clue what I am doing this time. As long as my supply is ok... <crossing fingers> I would much prefer to only BF with no pumping this time at all!
SunShineSally's Avatar SunShineSally 06:22 PM 10-16-2009
Ds never really took a bottle but this time I am going to pump and let Dh do a few feedings after we have a well established BFing relationship these are the ones I am registered for
Nuby 2 Pack BPA Free Natural Touch Bottles - 5 oz. - Nuby - Babies "R" Us
Juliacat's Avatar Juliacat 07:37 PM 10-16-2009
I still have the three-pack of Evenflo 4-ounce glass bottles that I cannot for the life of me figure out how to attach the nipples to.

I really like the idea of glass bottles. Just an aesthetic thing for me, mostly. I have to keep the nipples away from dd because she will chew on them and forcibly turn them inside out, no matter how many times I tell her to stop. She has no concept of the idea that her sibling's need to EAT is more important than her need to have a toy. I did get a free bottle with a purchase at a maternity store and I gave her the nipple of that one to play with. I still think I'm going to have to watch her like a hawk to keep her away from the baby's bottle nipples, and pacifiers too. This kid is four years old for crying out loud, it's not like she's cognitively incapable of understanding these concepts!

The only sippy cups I liked for dd were the simple Playtex kind, which are on the inexpensive side of the scale, but I'm fussy about them--water only--I don't want the safety valves getting gross. Fortunately she prefers water anyway.

I am stressing out over the baby bottles with the impossible to fasten nipples, actually. I don't know if I should call Evenflo and demand to know what's up with selling bottles that can't be attached to nipples or what.
hartfelt's Avatar hartfelt 08:02 PM 10-16-2009
when DH wants to feed, we are using the adiri natural nurser. they are expensive but look awesome!
deny_zoo29's Avatar deny_zoo29 09:12 PM 10-16-2009
Originally Posted by hartfelt View Post
when DH wants to feed, we are using the adiri natural nurser. they are expensive but look awesome!
Hope you have some bought already or buy them soon as I read on their website that the Adiri company is ceasing all business operations! Which I assume means they will no longer be manufacturing their bottles!
Scalpel's Avatar Scalpel 09:20 PM 10-16-2009
We plan to breastfeed for the majority of the time but we have DD's left over bornfree bottles which we love so hopefully the boys will take to them as well.
siennaflower's Avatar siennaflower 09:38 PM 10-16-2009
We used Avent bottles with dd and never had any problems. I was gifted some Evenflo Purely Comfi bottles from a friend who raves about them so I will give them a try, but I still plan to have some Avent on hand since I'm getting an Isis pump.
Rose-Roget's Avatar Rose-Roget 12:14 AM 10-17-2009
I'm planning to bf, as I did with ds, but we also used bottles for what I pumped. We used Avent and never had any issues, although I've read that leaking was a common complaint. (I was looking at the new Avent, and there is a ring inside the cap that I don't remember from last time, so I wonder if that's to help with the leaking. Then again, it's been 5 years, so I may have just forgotten!)

I bought a couple different types to try this time, since I needed all new, BPA-free bottles. I bought a few Avent and a few First Years Breastflow. A friend said she may loan me some Dr. Brown's. I don't want her to get major nipple confusion, but different babies take different bottles and I didn't want to fully commit until I knew what she'd like.

Oh yeah, I loved my Isis pump! I bought an electric when I went back to work, but the Isis was great for home.
Shell_Ell's Avatar Shell_Ell 12:34 AM 10-17-2009
I think Avent should print right on the packages something about the leaking. I swear to you, there were so many times my kids would get drenched.

That's the brand we used though, for both kids. Neither had issues taking a bottle.

This time I have a few Evenflo glass ones, but I don't have intentions of giving a bottle for a while.
Inspired007's Avatar Inspired007 01:05 AM 10-17-2009
We used breastflow bottles with dd before they were BPA free. This time, we'll use them again, BPA free though.

At about 6 months old, we got tired of the breastflow and dd wasn't getting enough milk out of them at one time so we switched to the Medela bottles which came with all my pumps. They were fine, but they're not great for young infants since the nipples are really narrow.

We'll likely do the same this time around, starting out with breastflow and moving on to Medela later as we see fit.

DD started on the bottle for a bit around 5 weeks old. She didn't use a bottle much, maybe for 3-5 feeds a week just to get her used to it before I returned to work. Unless I have supply issues or he has latch issues, we'll probably repeat it. I had oversupply with dd which, believe it or not, was awesome b/c I was able to store about 300 ounces of milk before I went back to work and collected anywhere from 15-20 ounces a day while at work. DD would only take in 10-15 so my supply never got low. When I finally weaned her was when we used all of her stash up. I really pray that things go as well this time around.
Juliacat's Avatar Juliacat 01:07 AM 10-17-2009
Originally Posted by Shell_Ell View Post
This time I have a few Evenflo glass ones, but I don't have intentions of giving a bottle for a while.
So, tell me, have you been able to figure out how to fasten the nipple to the bottle?
Shell_Ell's Avatar Shell_Ell 04:38 PM 10-17-2009
Originally Posted by Juliacat View Post
So, tell me, have you been able to figure out how to fasten the nipple to the bottle?
I haven't opened the package yet, but I'd assume you put the nipple through the collar and then screw the collar on? Or am I missing something?
Juliacat's Avatar Juliacat 06:34 PM 10-17-2009
Originally Posted by Shell_Ell View Post
I haven't opened the package yet, but I'd assume you put the nipple through the collar and then screw the collar on? Or am I missing something?
When I opened the package, there wasn't a collar to screw on. There was the bottle, the nipple, the thing that keeps the milk fresh for storage, and the cap to keep germs out. Nothing to attach the nipple to the bottle. Evenflo's web site was no help, and I'm not sure whom to ask next.
jess152's Avatar jess152 07:18 PM 10-17-2009
That definitely sounds like something is missing from the box!

I had Avent but the pump is cracked and broken. I think they are not BPA free, so I will pick up some glass. It's just for storage after pumping to mix with cereal, once baby is old enough, so no rush to pick them up in the next month. I've got a couple of glass Evenflo ones, but it's probably easier if the pump is compatible with the bottles...?
Krystal323's Avatar Krystal323 01:41 AM 10-18-2009
heh, i bought 3 glass bottles cause they are cheap and certainly BPA-free

I have the Avent Isis pump, and I bought some bm storage bags too, b/c I figure I can just capture the overflow on the other side when baby nurses in the beginning! I don't forsee needing major bottle-feeding/pumping, cause I'll likely only be at work 3 hrs/day when I do go back (whenever that will actually be--I haven't decided! )