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November 2009 > Kieran Padraig is here!!!- pictures added! post #46
penguintattoo's Avatar penguintattoo 05:40 PM 11-03-2009
Wow!!! Congratulations on everything!!!

ExuberantDaffodil's Avatar ExuberantDaffodil 05:47 PM 11-03-2009
Wow, awesome, adrenalin-filled story! WOO! Congrats on a cool little dude!
greenthumb3's Avatar greenthumb3 06:59 PM 11-03-2009
I was hanging on every word of your story! Craziness! 10 minutes away from a "car birth", oh, my. Glad he is here, safe and sound, enjoy
Shell_Ell's Avatar Shell_Ell 07:00 PM 11-03-2009
Congratulations! Sounds intense. Enjoy your baby!
kirstenb's Avatar kirstenb 10:36 PM 11-03-2009
What an awesome story! Congrats on your baby boy!
SunShineSally's Avatar SunShineSally 11:06 PM 11-03-2009
so happy that you are holding your baby! have a restful babymoon mama!
Sleepyheaded_Mama's Avatar Sleepyheaded_Mama 11:31 PM 11-03-2009
I am so insanely jealous, lol! Congrats, I was following your thread yesterday - so cool that that was really IT for you!
siennaflower's Avatar siennaflower 10:29 AM 11-04-2009
Congrats!! Enjoy your babymoon!!
mollusk's Avatar mollusk 11:16 AM 11-04-2009

i get so excited reading these posts!! what an awesome story! congrats to you and your fam
mom2cash's Avatar mom2cash 11:45 AM 11-04-2009
That's an amazing birth story! Congratulations on your little baby boy!
hartfelt's Avatar hartfelt 02:47 PM 11-04-2009
blessings mama. glad you guys made it there in time
notjustmamie's Avatar notjustmamie 08:32 PM 11-04-2009
Yay!! Welcome to the world Kieran!
ShwarmaQueen's Avatar ShwarmaQueen 08:42 PM 11-04-2009
Wow crazy but awesome birth story!!! Congrats mamma! Enjoy your little one!
jess152's Avatar jess152 11:08 PM 11-04-2009
What an exciting story! Welcome baby!
ldsmom06's Avatar ldsmom06 12:37 PM 11-05-2009
Congrats on your fast birth! I also almost delivered in the car too
maisiedotes's Avatar maisiedotes 07:13 PM 11-07-2009
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