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I meant to have one right at the end, but my midwives say there's no reason to at present, and they kind of creep me out, so I'm not going to, unless some reason comes up. I know that even on MDC most pregnant women have ultrasounds, but I also know that this is just about the only place where I'm not seen as a total freak for not having one. Anyone else in my boat, no ultrasounds whatsoever? (I don't even let the midwives use the Doppler, until I go into labor.)

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I haven't had an ultrasound this pregnancy (or last one either). I have been dopplered 2 times though, because the one of the midwives couldn't find the heartbeat with the fetoscope. (I asked if finding the hb is mandatory at their practice, and they said yes. Since it is the only freestanding birth center in the whole state, I had to comply!)

Anyways, I don't mind not having the ultrasound. Even though my inlaws think I'm so weird for not having one, or for not going to a hospital either. I'm like you--ultrasounds kind of creep me out lol!!

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I've been dopplered but no ultrasounds... didn't really see a need this time around.

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I was going for zero, but fate had other plans. First I had so much bleeding at 5-6 weeks that I had one to determine it was from a subchorionic hematoma. Then I had one at 20 wks to determine placenta placement, which would have ruled out homebirth for me if it were over my c/s scar. Then most recently, my little guys HR went all crazy (steady in the 180's) so my MW wanted to make sure their was no cord/placenta issues going on that was causing distress.

So yes I have had 3, but I've considered them all necessary and not optional.

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With DD I had none, I had two early ones this time due to bleeding issues and I am a big worrier, but no 20 week one. I like the idea of no ultrasounds, but like I said a big worrier so sometimes I have a freak out session because the baby hasn't been OK'd by one. Its crazy because it wouldn't matter anyway, just that I am a freak who has to have something to obsess over
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No ultrasounds this pregnancy. Dopplered once, fetoscope the rest of the time.

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I've had 16 so far and dopplered...I didn't keep count. Almost all of the ultrasounds were prior to 20 weeks, and I wouldn't have had any more if it weren't for the baby turning out of being head-down.

I know lots of mamas who skipped having any. It's not a bit deal, and they're really usually not necessary.
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I have not and do not plan to have an ultrasound with this pregnancy (though I told my midwife I would if there were specific concerns...) With my first pregnancy I had three...each one leading to the next. None of them were really necessary and beyond the time wasting and whatever possible problems it could case the baby, they're expensive!
When my mom asked in surprise "you're not having an ultrasound?". I looked at her (a mother of three healthy babies) and said "did you?" All she could say was "nope!" Even people who've had successful pregnancies before certain technologies were available still seem to think they're necessary for some reason!
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None here either. We did use the doppler a handful of times.

I also had no vaginal exams the entire pregnancy and birth
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I had one at 21 weeks. Dopplered at each clinic visit, fetal scoped with the midwives. I will have another UC if I go passed 41.5 wks, but that is it.

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No u/s, no vag exams here. I have had doppler a few times, because MWs couldn't find FHR with the fetoscope and I wanted to make sure there was one! DH misses the doppler because he says he feels disconnected (baby doesn't like to wiggle or kick on command, so often he'll be kicking, but I have DH feel and the baby stops completely). This last time the MWs had him try the fetoscope himself, but he couldn't find the HB.

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