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First-Time-Mommy's Avatar First-Time-Mommy 08:35 AM 11-08-2009
had to pee, it brought on strong back pain that eventually radiated to my crotch and lower stomach, somewhat my thighs. well, they were strong enough to keep me awake anyway.

i've been up since about 3:25AM and it is 4:30AM now. i walked around a little since sitting/laying made the pains persistent. eventually took a shower and it helped some i think, the pain is dull now.

not sure if they were contractions or not. there was no steady pattern just strong pains that started off mild and quickly hit me hard, then dulled off after the shower. - hopefully it's a good sign though. we'll see.

i can't lay back down at this point 'cause it hurts, think i'm going to grab something to eat. - i think i'm fine though, i'll probably last a few more days... or weeks, whichever. lol.

C-Momma's Avatar C-Momma 08:55 AM 11-08-2009
I'm with you...

I've been in "early/false/mind numbing/disapponting" labor since Friday afternoon. At some point yesterday I broke down and sobbed for hours and slept off and on. My body and mind were exhausted and out of whack.

I woke up about 4:00 am this morning in the midst of a strong contraction and had to pee. Now ctx are about 6-7 min apart reliably and I'm too wound up to attempt to sleep again.

I hope we're both holding babies soon! (or napping at the very least)
crunchy_mama's Avatar crunchy_mama 09:31 AM 11-08-2009
Sorry you guys aren't getting sleep that is so hard- I hoep something comes out of it for you or you do get a nap- those are good too- not as good as a baby though
beebalmmama's Avatar beebalmmama 09:35 AM 11-08-2009
Hope you can get some rest. I'm up too, but no pain/contractions. Just regular ole pregnancy insomnia.
First-Time-Mommy's Avatar First-Time-Mommy 10:41 AM 11-08-2009
6:36AM and still awake. i tried to lay down again once the pain was completely gone, was down for maybe 5 minutes and the pain came back hard and strong. i feel my stomach when they hit and it's not tightening so maybe they aren't contractions... maybe the baby is just in a very irritating position? no pattern, just god awful pain that comes and goes at random intervals and when i lay down. i took ANOTHER shower to dull it out which helped again, but i seriously can not lay down. maybe this will stop a little later and i'll be able to go back to bed successfully without groaning and getting right back up.