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My blood pressure had already been elevated for a week, and on Tuesday Nov 17th I felt like I had to lie down all day, and I had a bit of a headache. In the evening we walked to the mall so I could check my blood pressure. First at the pharmacy it was 145/99. I met dh and dd in the foodcourt and asked dh if he had all his loose-ends tied up at work, because we'd be going to the hospital that night. We finished our dinner, then stopped at the grocery store to check my bp again. First reading was about 150/105. Dh checked his bp to 'make sure the machine is working right' and then I checked mine again. It was 160 systolic. I knew from my reading-up about hypertensive disorders of pregnancy that 160 systolic is when they start medicating to bring bp down so the mother doesn't have a seizure.

I processed all this for a few seconds, then just folded my arms across the computer screen, put my head down and cried for a few minutes. I was upset that my body was giving out. I made it to 42 weeks in my first pregnancy without ever having bp this high, and this time my body couldn't handle it by 38 weeks. I asked dh for a tissue, then told him I didn't even think I could walk home myself. So he took dd home, and got our neighbours to come give me a ride home. One last check before going home was about 135/105.

My midwife showed up soon after and took my bp. It was around 140/90. Dip-stick was negative for protein. She called the hospital and informed them that she was sending me in for a NST and blood-work. Got to the hospital around 11 pm. Baby looked great on the monitor. My bp was in the 130s/80s all four times they checked while we were there. My bloodwork results finally were ready at 3 am.

The resident came in with the papers and said the results indicated I was developing HELLP syndrome, so we wouldn't be going home...they'd induce me with cervidil, then pit and we'd be having our baby very soon! I said I would prefer to avoid the pit and she said we'd have to do whatever it took to get my contractions going.

I looked at the numbers on the lab results and they seemed to remind me of my blood-work results at the end of my first pregnancy. In that case, the numbers were elevated, but not critical and just indicated it was time to induce. I asked the resident if they had phoned my midwives and she said, "Don't worry, we'll keep them updated." So I asked again, "Did you call them?" And she said, "We'll keep them updated!" So I had to go make a phonecall!

My midwife said the OB on-call was conservative, so whatever he said I could trust. We waited for him to finish in the OR and he came in and looked at the bloodwork. Well, he thought it was not too terrible! He thought it was reasonable to get the cervidil in, do the 2-hours of monitoring and then we could go home to sleep. We had to return the next day for repeat bloodwork and probably a second cervidil, but then he didn't see a reason why we couldn't again return home and proceed with our homebirth, as long as the 2nd round of bloodwork was similar to the first.

We got home at 6 am and tried to get some sleep. My mom came around noon to take dd to her house, just in case we wouldn't be coming back from the hospital. We got back to the hospital around 3 that afternoon.

The L/D ward was crazy! Some poor girl almost had her baby in the hallway! We finally were put in an overflow room around dinnertime. Baby still looked great on the monitor. My bp was still 130s/80s. Bloodwork results came back essentially the same as the previous, except my platelets were a bit higher which was great! The first cervidil had ripened me from ~1cm dilated and 3 cm long, to 2-3 cm dilated and ~1 cm long. All with just painless tightening-type contractions! The second cervidil was placed at 8:15 pm, and we got home by 11 after our 2 hours of monitoring.

I phoned my mom to update her, and she mentioned that dd seemed nervous about staying over without us (it was her first time at grandma's without us). I was happy that my mom was okay driving out here at midnight to bring dd home! I wanted her to be here for the birth.

We inflated the birth pool before going to bed. I really was hoping to sleep, because I only had about 2 hours sleep after returning from the hospital wednesday morning. But the contractions were too uncomfortable for me to fall asleep, even with a hotwater bottle on my belly. I thought a bath would relax me enough that I could sleep. The bath was nice, but I was SO tired! I went back to bed but it was too uncomfortable, so I went to the bath and then back to bed, and then back to the bath...I'm not sure how many times.

At 3 am I told dh we should get the pool filled. I stayed in the tub while he got the pool ready. I think it was ready around 4:45 and I got in. It was so nice, my contractions stopped. So I figured I must be in early labor still. Out of the pool, and back to bed! Not for long though, because the contractions were coming strong. I had a shower and checked myself and thought my cervix felt long and hard and only 1-2 cm. I thought the cervidil was making my contractions worse than they would naturally be, or that I was just being a wimp. I got back in the pool and contractions kept coming frequently and quite strong, so I let dh finally call the midwives at 6 am.

They showed up quickly, and I knew they thought from how frequent my contractions were coming and how I was handling them that the baby would be born soon. I still thought I was probably just being a wimp. I asked if they could check me without needing to take out the cervidil. I had left the cervidil in because I worried if I took it out, contractions would stop and then we'd need to go to the hospital for augmentation. Plus, cervidils usually fall out once you're dilated past 3 or so.

I checked myself in the pool, felt something I would guess about 5 cm dilated and said, "I think I'm more than a 2!" And the midwife said, "We think so too!" I think I had a shower or went pee or something at that point. When I got back in the pool, I had some contractions that I started vocalizing/moaning with and sort of pushing a bit. The midwives asked, "How were you feeling with that one?" Um, yeah, a little pushy. So we decided to do the check (it was probably around 7 am at this point). She said definitely 6, maybe 7 cm.

BUT, my cervix was basically gone on one side, but on the other side the cervidil had become wedged between my cervix and vaginal wall. The cervidil had irritated my cervix which was now swollen, otherwise I probably would have had the baby before the midwives had even arrived! I was quite concerned to hear I had a swollen cervix. That was not something I wanted to be dealing with! I asked what would happen if I pushed, and they said it would just swell up more. They said I needed to relax and breathe through the contractions and the swelling would go away, "It always does!" they assured me.

So I focused on breathing through the contractions without making my vocalizations. I took some homeopathic arnica to help with the swelling. Then I said I was going to throw up, and I did. That sort of reassured me that I really was in transition. The contractions were very painful. I thought once I was fully dilated, the contractions would be less painful and it would feel good to push. But they just kept hurting so much! My midwives said if it was a 'pinchy' pain, that was the swollen cervix. It sure was pinchy! They recommended a few contractions on the toilet to see if it helped.

So I sat on the toilet for a contraction or two, and then I said I was going to bed (like, to go to sleep!) I stood up and dh exclaimed, "There's blood!" to which my midwife replied, "Good, that means your cervix is changing!" That gave me some hope and I got back in the pool.

But the contractions kept coming exactly the same (very painful!) and still so pinchy. I remember saying, "It's SO pinchy!" The pain was so bad, sometimes I would be writhing in the pool, trying to find a position I could relax and breathe through. My midwife suggested floating on my stomach, with my belly hanging down and then just 'imagine that cervix melting away.' I was willing to try anything!

At this point I was thinking I was definitely NOT having any more babies after this, or else I would be getting an epidural next time for sure! I thought a c-section didn't seem like a bad idea...it would make the pain stop! I made a plan in my head about transferring to the hospital and getting the epidural so I could relax and my cervix could unswell. I asked the midwives several times "What else can we do?" (hint hint) but they just told me I was doing great and the swelling would go down, it always does. I said, "It hurts so bad! I don't know how much more I can do!" I thought, "There are no drugs here to help me with the pain, why did I decide to give birth at home!"

I was feeling out of control and ready to give up...I would have given up if we were in the hospital. But at home I had no choice. I had to keep going. I thought of my sweet baby and how soon I would be cuddling and nursing in bed and the pain would be gone. I reminded myself that I made it through the last contraction, and I could make it through the next one. I also reminded myself how horrible transferring to the hospital would be (fun car ride, anyone?) and that epidurals don't always work.

My midwife checked me and said I was 9 cm and fully effaced. No wonder I had felt like giving up, I was almost done! I knew it would be over soon, so I breathed through two more contractions floating on my stomach, then flipped around and started pushing! And the baby started coming out!!! THANK GOODNESS! My midwife said to relax and let my body do the work, it would be worth it. But I just wanted the pain to stop so I pushed like mad. I said, "It hurts so much!" I thought because I was early the baby would be small and hopefully not do too much damage on the way out.

The head popped out after one contraction (dh was applying pressure to my perineum to help prevent tearing). Oh, what a relief when the head is out! But I didn't take a break for long. One more push and he was all the way out and all of a sudden I had a baby! I said, "Oh my god!" many, many times, and, "It's a baby!" or something like that. I couldn't believe it was over and my baby was here. I almost couldn't believe I had just had a waterbirth, at home, but there I was!

The midwife had retreived dd from downstairs where she had been watching a movie. Dd did her part by shining her flashlight on the action while the baby was coming out. Once she saw him she said, "Baby's so small! Baby's cute, I love the baby!" I was so happy she was there.

We stayed in the pool for a bit. Baby couldn't wait to latch on. Then I went to the bathroom and the placenta came out. We went and snuggled in bed, the midwives checked me for tears and I had one superficial tear that we decided not to stitch. When Oliver was FINALLY done nursing, we checked him out. All good! The midwives cleaned up the pool for us, and then were on their way!

I'm feeling SO good! After dd was born, I couldn't even sit because of the hemorrhoids and stitches. I also felt prolapse in the days after her birth. But everything is feeling great this time. Dh is being amazing and taking care of everything around the house (ie. massive amounts of laundry!) so I just rest and take care of Oliver. I guess the birth isn't quite finished yet, because we didn't cut the cord. I think the cord will separate today or tomorrow.

And I'm already thinking about baby #3.


Oliver and his 'twin'

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So what did he weigh after all? He is a little doll, congratulations! I'm so glad the hospital trips didn't impede your homebirth, yay for a conservative doc!!

Mama of 2 sweet boys, Miles (Jan 3/07) and Avery (Nov 28/09) My fast and furious HBAC
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He was 7lb12oz at 39 weeks. Our daughter was 8 lbs exactly at 42 weeks. I guess my body can only handle 8 lbs of baby, and then it's done!

When I told my mw what the doc said, she was so thrilled and said she wanted to give him a big hug and a kiss.

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You did it! Congratulations! I was so happy to hear that everything went just fine, even after the blood pressure scare. Your son is so adorable! What a wonderful birth story too!

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So glad u got ur homebirth!! Congrats on your wonderful new babe (i love all his hair)!!!

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He is such a handsome little boy!
How wonderful for you all to have the waterbirth at home!!
I am happy right alongside ya!

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Great story! Beautiful boy- congrats!
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CONGRATS! he is beautiful

and what a cool thing, to be able to be induced but still able to go HOME--??! I know that would never fly in the hospitals where I live

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Sorry, I meant to post yesterday, but I was naking and I lost my post after Ds kicked my arm, and I didn't feel like rewriting it... but anyways....

Congratulations!!! I love the name and he is so beautiful! I think my body only allows 7lbs of baby before it says "enough". But I would love to have an 9 lb baby someday just to prove to my mil that a small person can have a "big baby" naturally. But dh says he is "done done done" So perhaps in another lifetime.

what hospital let you go home? I had dd2 at the royal alec, and found them to be really good.

Pam, momma to Sofie Avye Seth
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Originally Posted by Krystal323 View Post
and what a cool thing, to be able to be induced but still able to go HOME--??!
Originally Posted by minsca View Post
what hospital let you go home? I had dd2 at the royal alec, and found them to be really good.
It was the royal alec hospital. I was also induced with cervidil at st paul's in Vancouver, and the protocol was the same.

After they put in the cervidil they monitor you for 2 hours to make sure your uterus doesn't go nuts and that baby is handling the contractions okay. Then they send you home, even if you are having a hospital birth. They give you a little pamphlet with 'call us if' (bleeding, membranes rupture, regular contractions, etc) but otherwise you just return after 12 hours to see how things are going. Or, if you have midwives, you just call them over to your house!

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That's awesome you were able to leave after being induced and have your homebirth! Congrats!

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