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shakenbake's Avatar shakenbake 09:55 PM 11-28-2009
ok my fellow Still pregoo ldadys lets vent!
im sikc of the calls and the looks and the rude comments
the lady that lives next door is like have that baby i want to hold her allreaddy SCREW u lady i told her well NO one is comeing in this house till she is at least 2 weks old and she looked at me upset TO bad my baby nots yours

perditafoster's Avatar perditafoster 11:37 PM 11-28-2009
These are my least favorite comments that I've gotten recently:
"You're how late????"
"Who's your doctor? What doctor would let you be that late?"
"You still haven't had that baby?"
"I guess you're having the baby since you're not answering the phone."
"What? Why haven't you been induced yet?"
"Aren't you worried that baby is too big?"

And so on and so forth. So overdue. So tired of being pregnant. Went shopping for four hours today and endured the rude stares as I pushed my 21 month old in the stroller and my six year old and three year old walked with me. Yes, I know how strange I look, seeing as how none of my maternity shirts are even close to fitting anymore. And I know I already have a baby, although technically he's a toddler, and so I know it's weird that I am about to have another baby. What, you've never heard of people having kids close together? Lots of women have 'em closer than mine. Yes, I am a week overdue. Stop backing away from me. I'm not in labor. This is my fourth child, I think I'll know when I'm in labor and go home in plenty of time. So overdue. So tired of being pregnant. Rant over.
shakenbake's Avatar shakenbake 11:41 PM 11-28-2009
overdue it sounds so bad doesnt it? can we just say we are makeing our buns a little more toasted? or something!
ladyleah's Avatar ladyleah 12:20 AM 11-29-2009
I am only at 40w and 1day and I am now refusing to answer the phone, or respond to annoying emails....I am letting my DH field the calls, because they are starting to irritate me.

I said to a "friend" the other day (obviously, not a good one).....if you don't hear from me assume it's because I am in labor, or I haven't had the baby yet--- quit calling and emailing me to see "how I am doing and if there is any sign of a baby yet????"

My favorite question in the last few days was:

"are you sure you should be driving/shopping/going out to eat (etc.) when you are so close to your due date??" "doesn't that make you nervous to be out and about" and "is that safe" (in relation to driving the car). I mean, WTF? I didn't even respond.....
JJS's Avatar JJS 01:53 AM 11-29-2009
I was due Wednesday, but so far everyone has been really supportive. Or maybe I just have not been offended by the comments. Not sure which it is. I can only patiently wait for our little one to arrive. Go baby Caitlyn!!
Krystal323's Avatar Krystal323 03:51 AM 11-29-2009
I'm thinking good thoughts for all of you ladies!! Hang in there, and--you're absolutely right--just go on with life as usual! If you sit around over-analyzing every little twinge, it will only drive you crazy--trust me I know!

Just tell people that procrastination runs in your family! Or you could lie about your due date--have fun with it--maybe tell that obnoxious checkout lady you're only 5 months along and see how she looks then

Love and light to you all ~*~*~*~
shakenbake's Avatar shakenbake 06:02 AM 11-29-2009
I might be in labor neeeeed vibes
athenalove46's Avatar athenalove46 08:59 AM 11-29-2009
Labor vibes Jen!

On my way to 3 days overdue. I am so done with being pregnant!! I haven't gotten many comments from people other than my own DH and his mom. They don't mean any harm in teasing me about "keeping the baby to myself." And that "I'm selfish." Or "have that baby already." Believe me, if I could've, I would've!!!!!! It's getting REEEEAAAALLLLY old. I've been walking my butt of the last 3 days, having more sex than DH or I can dream and still nothing. Not about to try castor oil just yet....tempting though.
Sara268's Avatar Sara268 11:10 AM 11-29-2009
I haven't been around much, but I needed to post in this thread to people who get it.

I'm currently 42+1 with my vba2c baby. Most of the people in my life have been supportive. Those that know me really well and know that this is what I really want are definitely supportive. Then there are uneducated people that say crap like, well I can't imagine them LETTING you go past 42 weeks, or when are they going to induce you? or even when are they going to TAKE the baby? I say no one will be TAKING my baby!

The worst was yesterday an acquaintence from facebook sent me a message about how worried she is about me because her sil's sister was a vbac and was never induced and her uterus ruptured at 42 weeks... ugh disclaimer people, that really put me over the edge but I kept my cool and simply didn't reply.
Daisie125's Avatar Daisie125 01:01 PM 11-29-2009
Hugs, Sara! I keep having to totally bite my tongue when I read your FB. I've wanted to reply to like 20 people

Sorry, I imagine even the comments that are close to supportive are irritating at this point. 15 days is a long time to wait, even if you trust birth - it's bound to make the nicest people snarky... I would be being downright mean on FB if it were me
beebalmmama's Avatar beebalmmama 01:16 PM 11-29-2009
I've now officially been pregnant longer than I had before. Ds was born at barely 40 +5 and here I am 40 +5 and 5 hours !!! Okay maybe he'll come today. I was up last night with a lot of painful BH, but then they were just BH contractions.
Dh is headed back to work tomorrow if baby doesn't come. I just don't want to think about that happening. I'm starting to lose my "cool whenever it happens" attitued and I'm getting anxious.
Tattooed Hand's Avatar Tattooed Hand 02:29 PM 11-29-2009
Ladies, I am not even late (today is my due date) but there is not much sign of anything but alot of BH and some occasional crampiness and back ache. But I'm already avoiding people. One friend recently told me, "we need to hang out" and then, "Aren't you afraid of labor?" And of course now I want to hang out with her like I want a hole in my head.

The next person who asks me if I've had the baby yet will get the response, "What do YOU think?!"

And as for those people who wonder "how can they LET you go so long," I mean really, who is They? And what's this LET business?! What are we, 5 years old?!
Sara268's Avatar Sara268 02:35 PM 11-29-2009
Originally Posted by Daisie125 View Post
Hugs, Sara! I keep having to totally bite my tongue when I read your FB. I've wanted to reply to like 20 people

Sorry, I imagine even the comments that are close to supportive are irritating at this point. 15 days is a long time to wait, even if you trust birth - it's bound to make the nicest people snarky... I would be being downright mean on FB if it were me
I've had to think out my replies a few times and erase and start over in order to be nice. I have to remember that OB care and intervention is all they know. I'm just glad no one has mentioned the fact that I've had 2 prior c/s on there LMAO, they'd really freak out! The supportive comments do help, well the truly heartfelt ones, not just the LABOR VIBES!!! like I get from some people! I am definitely getting tired though, these past 2 weeks have been the longest of my life!
ladyleah's Avatar ladyleah 03:22 PM 11-29-2009
I just keep repeating to myself one of my hypnobaby affirmations:

"my baby knows how and when to be born, and I will be patient" and

avoiding my phone/emails/etc......lololol

I can't imagine how much more annoying they might become as the days go on though!

I am actually fine with being "overdue" because I feel really good. It just seems that everyone else has the problem with it.....lololol
perditafoster's Avatar perditafoster 04:08 PM 11-29-2009
Way to go, Sara268, on insisting on that VBAC! It's the best feeling in the world...it really is. I had a medicated vbac with dd #2, nine days late, and didn't realize that I had actually had a vbac until the epidural wore off. Then the nurse came in and said I could get up and go to the bathroom. I was shocked! I stood up, walked, peed by myself, and got back in bed! Unbelievable!!!!! The epidural and long labor had made me kinda loopy, so that's why I say it didn't sink in that I had a vbac until I stood up. Best feeling ever!

I had an uc vbac at home with ds; planning on doing the same with this baby, whenever that date might be. Currently eight days over; feel just a bit crazed, but I want to protect her like I protected my dd #2 and ds. I feel like I didn't protect my first dd, since I allowed myself to be induced two days late and ended up with a section for ftp. What a bunch of bull, but I am damn sure gonna protect this baby. You're doing a good job protecting yourself and your baby.

And all of us overdue mamas deserve some sort of award, like a cruise, or at least a massage, for doing what's best for our babies and us! I know there are plenty of medical reasons to induce early and I'm not knocking those mamas, but those of us who are rejecting the medical community's notions of due date need to get some acknowledgement, so here it is: :j oy

Now, if I can just prevent myself from going insane until I go into labor, all will be well.
TreysMama's Avatar TreysMama 04:21 PM 11-29-2009
I'm so tired of comments from strangers and now phone calls from family!!!! Trust me family, I WILL call you if something has happened. I swear they think I won't let them know or something. And people in public are just insane! I've been getting comments for weeks about being ready to pop!

I'm just at 40w1d so have some patience people. It doesn't help that my first child came at 35.5weeks so I've been ready "just in case" for this child since then. It will be a surprise to me what is in the hospital bag when we get there since I packed it so long ago!! : )
dillNY's Avatar dillNY 04:34 PM 11-29-2009
Today I'm 41+2, and had a breakdown about it this morning. For my first birth, thanks to my stupid OBs and my naivete, I was stuck in a hospital bed without food and water for about 48 hours for a shitty induction at 41 weeks (with an inaccurate due date to boot). Very lucky not to have a C, but I definitely had some PPD because I had focused only on a natural birth, and couldn't handle having had the epidural, the episiotomy I was never even asked about, or having my baby robbed from me and taken to the nursery for hours at a time.

This time I've had excellent chiro care, am working with midwives, and have done a hell of a lot more research. But every hour that passes, I'm more nervous about being in a hospital bed with a needle in my arm

Have been doing lots of walking/hiking, sex, squats, etc. Not much going on except super active baby last night and some light contractions yesterday. Getting frustrated.
calidarling's Avatar calidarling 01:42 AM 11-30-2009
Yeah, I am about a week past my due date. Trying to be all zen about it with people but inside i am going a bit crazy. I have been ready for this baby for weeks because I have been measuring ahead the entire time. Right now I am measuring 42+ weeks.

My midwives are cool though. I can go on in their care as long as it takes, assuming all signs are good for mine and babies health. They have never had a mom go past 43 weeks in 11 years.
Mom2M's Avatar Mom2M 11:59 AM 11-30-2009
Big hugs to all of you who are still "overdue"...lol

i know how it feels and I think I heard every one of those comments too. Maia was born at 41 + 5 and when I called my best friend to tell her I was finally in labor, her husband (a pediatrician) said OMG, she's STILL pregnant! They should never have let her go that long!

Well, here we are...baby and Mom doing awesome, she just wanted some extra time and she knew just when to come!

And Sara, the people who knew I had 2 prior c sections were flipping!

Stay strong everyone, our babies know what to do!!

NYMama27's Avatar NYMama27 12:14 PM 11-30-2009
I am having a hard time with this as well. I will be 41 weeks tomorrow. My first was an induction at 41 weeks so I have no concept of how long I'll go. All I know is that I want to go into labor on my own and have my homebirth. My midwife is obviously supportive. But starting at 39 weeks (and mind you, I lied about my due date) people began texting/calling me daily. Not only are they "just checking in" but they are also making really horrid comments like telling me odd things like "you know, the placenta is an organ" (um, thanks?) and all about their friend who went to 41 weeks and had a "retarted baby" (wrong on SOOOOO many levels). I am thinking about putting up a not-so-subtle FB status to let people know that only supportive comments are welcome but I really don't want to sound angry/hormonal.
perditafoster's Avatar perditafoster 08:04 PM 11-30-2009
NYMama: your baby's placenta can keep going just fine...don't let all that stupid placenta talk bother you. People are so woefully uninformed, it's not even funny. Like the placenta's gonna suddenly stop working or something...like it has an expiration date. Sheesh.

Here I am, 10 days over...really and truly, I feel fine. With my last two, I had bronchitis at the end, and I am perfectly healthy this time. So I don't have much to complain about. I'm huge, but my pain level is pretty low; my hips ache and my pubic bone is throbbing, but not so bad I'm bed-ridden. My three children are healthy, although that might not last since my mother is here and apparently has a stomach virus. Thanks, Mom. It's the gift that keeps on giving! As long as no one else gets this stupid virus, I'll be good to go.

I'm impatient and frustrated and dying to meet this baby girl. Who are you? Why are you still in there? Do you hate your mommy? Are your sisters and brother too loud and scary???? Come out! Mommy wants to see you!!
Sara268's Avatar Sara268 08:34 PM 11-30-2009
I'm impatient and frustrated and dying to meet this baby girl. Who are you? Why are you still in there? Do you hate your mommy? Are your sisters and brother too loud and scary???? Come out! Mommy wants to see you!!
I keep asking this same thing lol!

I had an u/s today to make sure everything is still looking healthy since I am 42 weeks and 2 days. Everything looked great, AFI was almost 14, she did lots of moving and breathing and is weighing about 8lbs 14ozs. I just make a nice and cozy home I guess
ladyleah's Avatar ladyleah 09:36 PM 11-30-2009
They are making me get an u/s to check him one day shy of 41 weeks....I wish they would let me wait longer---although, he may show up before Thursday, of course!!!
baby.fatty's Avatar baby.fatty 10:08 PM 11-30-2009
I'm at 40+5, had a NST and ultrasound for fluid levels today and everything is great. Had my first vaginal exam since the 1st trimester, 1cm dilated and cervix is still 2cm long. Midwife did an "aggressive" exam to try to get things moving... nothing is moving.

I'm hoping I don't get to 42 b/c I don't think I can get around an induction with my hospital midwife practice.

Hang in there mamas!!!!
athenalove46's Avatar athenalove46 11:47 AM 12-01-2009
40+5 today. UGH. Want. baby. to. come!!!!!!!!!
NYMama27's Avatar NYMama27 03:13 PM 12-01-2009
41 weeks today. I am Elizabeth Pantley's FB friend and this was her quote today:

"Just as a woman's heart knows how and when to pump, her lungs to inhale, and her hand to pull back from fire, so she knows when and how to give birth." ~Virginia Di Orio