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Sharon Charis Ruth was finally here at 1:21pm on 1-4-10. Born on my stepmother's birthday, and I am best friends with her. A day after DDs bday and DSs was on the 31st. Everyone was vying for her bday. My sister's was on the 2nd, and I prayed the Lord wouldn't do that to me, because my bday is her anniversary already and with the stuff she put me through 4 yrs ago, I don't need more reminders. We are cordial though.

She weighed in at 7lb7oz, which is bigger than we expected, and 19 inches. Just a little peanut. Her head was only 12.75 circ, I guess, and I am looking at her thinking that she would have been SOOOO easy with molding. But, alas, she has that "perfect csection head".

She has been calling the shots this whole PG, and the birth as well. We came in early, because my BP was creeping up again and making me uncomfortable. First, I thought my friend tricked me into going in early, but then it worked out the best. They kept me for convenience as a 23 hr observation, we would do another NST in the morning and keep an eye on my BP. But, the nurse had put me on my side, and so they were fine, of course. I did have two with 89 and 90 diastolic on my left side, which is very high for me. It was the on call dr of the same practice as the one that took me on the last time. So, that was fine with me. He said I could see DrAdams in the morning, he had an open schedule. Lucky me I guess. I never did get to see him until the surgery.

So, what went down was this. She did great on her NST, almost too great, with HUGE variability that she has never done before. Looking back, the nurses said she was thrashing and panicking. That isn't usually caught as alarming, because some kids do that. She had been like that the night before too, but all the time that she was here before, she was NEVER that high on her HR. And, so in the morning, she seemed to be napping.

They said that I could go home and wait it out (at 16 days overdue), and she also went into great depth about a "gentle induction" saying that maybe she can have the OB just do a little pit because of my emotional issues on that. And, of course, there is that option of waiting for labor there. I had 2 days of prodromal and other signs, so it was on the brink, but I had already considered that if my labor was on and off like that, it was either from being a "grand multipara" or that the baby wasn't liking it and telling my body to stop. I had already noticed her reactions to my ctx, and they didn’t look right to me, but the nurses said they were fine.

I told the nurse that I don't want an induction that ends in a crash Cesection, because I would rather recover from a routine one. And, to go home, I would want to be reassured that she was okay, before doing so. Since I have had odd feelings about her. She did warn me that if the BPP that I asked for, didn't come back okay, that I would not have the option of going home.

So, we did the BPP, and she failed miserably. Now, I know that it is subjective, and I hadn't eaten since 5 min til midnight, but I normally don't eat until lunch as it is and I have a late snack like that. Her fluid was like a 1.5, and she had a full bladder. After having PROM at 20 wks, this doesn't surprise me. This is why everyone kept saying how small I was. But they said her bladder contents wouldn't have raised it enough. I protested that when you break a person's water, they don't have any, and they insisted that with the baby's head being a cork and the baby and mom replenishing it, it still wouldn't be that low. Her NST was good, but then looking back, the over than normal variability was not a benign sign. I asked the two nurses (who has always been VBAC and natural birth friendly) if an induction would be successful. One said it was a 50/50, and I chance the crash section I don't want. They both said that 4 out of 10 was the baby crying to come out, and not the natural way. They said they would neither attempt an induction with her. Sadly, I didn't get to talk to the dr I guess cause he had some other patients come in, until we were in the surgery room. But, they were telling me that she isn’t happy in there, and they don’t want it to become critical. So, the deal was to wait the 1hr15 for DH to get here, as she looked okay to wait. But, if she showed ANY signs of distress on that monitor, they were wheeling me in without him.

I really don’t think that there were any smoke and mirrors to any of this. The dr has always said that I have had healthy overdue babies and there was no reason to think she was otherwise. He was very much wanting to induce, because he thought she was strong enough to do it, and they don’t like women to go too overdue, but as long as things looked good, he does what his patients want. When we were walking “the green mile”, I asked what their VBAC rate was , and she said it wasn’t very high, because most women just sign up for the RCS. I kept saying I don’t know how anyone would do that. But, the practice we were using does the most VBACs.

So, they asked me to text my DH to let us know when he was 10 min out, so he did. And, we went straight in. I thought they were going to have to gas me, because after they got the spinal in, which wasn’t as bad as I was thinking, my lungs seemed to be collapsed, I couldn’t breathe. I was having HUGE panic attacks. The nurses got me calmed down and asked if I wanted DH, who originally wasn’t going to do this, because I thought HE couldn’t handle it. He said the Our Father with me, and was getting a little choked up too, but then we calmed after that. The OB talked to him about KY, and I am thinking, uh, please pay attention. I didn’t have that hard to breathe thing happen. Things went really well. They don’t sedate for after the baby, and they have her by my head being cleaned up, Daddy to take pics, and all that. She was REALLY mucous-y, and has been sneezing a lot, but seems to be doing great. She has been snorting/grunting a little, but she sounds great when the nurse checked.

The BPP showed that her 42 wk placenta looked like the best he had ever seen in his career for being that mature. But, when they took it out, it was smallish and the cord was smallish, not plump like it should be. Her hands were SOOOO wrinkly, moreso than my other 43+wkers. Her head was less than 13, but not by much. I am looking at her, and thinking she would have been a breeze, even without molding if it didn’t happen, if so, she would have just shot out! LOL Oh well.

TBH, had we gone home for a couple more days, we may have lost her. I really think that my BP is the cause of it. I think that if I had gone with our original plans to use the MW, go however overdue, and go in the hospital late to deliver, she may not have made it. I don’t think they were trying to pull anything on me, because I asked for the BPP. They should have done one last week, and when moms have BP issues, they are suppose to be routine. PTL for my preeclampsia group, because they talked of BPPs and it was the first time I had heard of that. Without them, I would have never taken this seriously. The staff kept saying how everything looked fine, but the on call dr the other night said that he doesn’t mess with mother’s intuition. That night, I thought I was in there for nothing. But, we had been NPO after midnight, my choice. The dr asked if I would take a heplock, and I said I didn’t want to since my dr could send me home, so he said that was fine. They weren’t concerned for us, really, just I was waiting on my dr for the NST, no big.

So, yes, I had a repeat section, and my recovery has been going very well. But, I do believe in my heart that it was DEF medically indicated. I lost her twin, I couldn’t bear to lose her too. I would def have blamed myself for it. I do think that drs have been placed here by our Lord, although they like to take too much liberty, there are some good ones that don’t have a God complex and serve their patients well.

So, if you have gotten this far, thanks for listening. Please go with your gut. I think that it really makes a HUGE difference in the safety of whatever mode of birth one chooses. Kymberli
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Congratulations, and I am really happy that you are both doing well! Sometimes things just work out differently to what we had planned for, and sometimes with a reason! Have you got any pictures ?


I'm Olivia. I blog about physiological childbirth, homebirth, and unassisted homebirth!
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Congratulations Kymberli! I'm glad she's finally here and doing well!

Di Linh, mama to DS1 (7), DD(4), DS2 (b 12/01/09)
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I didn't get my VBAC either due to insurance regulations and hospital policy (although my doctor tried to fly under the radar, bless his heart).

Why apologize? Maybe the other forums are a little more harsh, but it's your body and your baby and they're just strangers behind computers.

Anyway, good for you! My last c-section saved my life as I would have bled to death had they not stopped the bleeding with a c.

Congratulations on your baby!

Snarky Army wife, mom to 2 girls : 6, : 9, twin boys, 4 : and born 12/10.
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This is exactly WHY we are grateful that the medical model DOES exist! Midwives are for normal, routine healthy births and it sounds like you and your little one needed a higher level of care than that! Looks like they did the job they are supposed to do and helped you to have the least intervention with the best outcome for both of you. Be kind to yourself and LOVE THAT BABY

Congrats to you on the birth of your new little blessing! Enjoy your babymoon!

Justine--Wife to Sir Hubby, HBAC Momma to 5 kiddos including Lazlo born 1/6/10 gently at home!
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glad she is here safely! Hope you are resting up and enjoying her!
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Yes, don't worry about people disapproving, intervention free births are for low risk, low complications pregnacies and it sounds like you had alot going on!

My DD had a 12 and 3/4 in head and it wasn't cake getting her out... I wish it was!

congratulations on the safe arrival of your new little baby!

mama to Rassa, born 12/9/09
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TY ladies. My circle online are naturally minded people, for the most part, but I guess I shouldn't be apologetic. You are right. There are some people that it is UC or die, and I just can't wrap my head around that. I don't think God is going to penalize me for not "trusting him" by having the csection. It is kind of like the drowning man and the helicopter story. Even though there are drs that go beyond what I think man should, that doesn't mean that He didn't put them here for us to use. KWIM? We had already made up our minds that we weren't putting her under unnecassary risk, which would have been the reason we would have waited longer for labor to hit. But, when the results came in and the big picture was looked at, there wasn't a choice. I am very fortunate that she was able to hang on until Daddy got there, or I would have been going through it alone.

I do have pics, but I will have to get them uploaded. It will take me a little time to do that.

And, TBH, I have had less pain as far as intensity with the way they did all this, than I had with even my easiest births. Although, no one expects a woman to go through a section without pain meds, nor go through recovery without them. And, I have had some pretty fast and easy labors. I am really surprised. I remember the first csection, and it was horrendous. My hardest VBACs weren't much compared to that. Sadly, if they make the csections this easy, who will want to do a vag birth? And, so all the drs children get their colleges paid for. Kymberli
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I'd been wondering about you, Kymberli, so I hope you don't mind that I "crashed" your due date club. Congratulations on your new little girl. It seems like you are able to have some peace about her birth, I'm glad for that. I love the name Ruth, we'll be using it as well if we ever have a girl. Oh, and I'd love to see some pictures too when you get a chance! Congratulations again, I'm glad you're recovery is going well.
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I am so glad you went with your gut! SO glad! Welcome little one

Angela lactivist.gif, married for 14 1/2 years to DHtwins.gif, mother to DD 8-5-97homeschool.gif, DS 8-5-09 uc.jpgbabyf.gif, and SURPRISE!!! pos.gif due 2-17-12

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