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Faith’s birth story

Today Faith is 4 days old and my what a busy 4 days it’s been.

After several occasions of believing this baby was coming early I was surprised and getting downright frustrated that my “little boy” had not come yet. I even told my husband that this stubborn baby would end up coming out a girl just to be stubborn. : ) My body began preparing for labor on the 30th, I had woken up with some Braxton hicks but they lasted a couple hours at 5 min apart and since I thought that would be the day I decided some rest was needed and they then went away. After my nap I woke to some slightly stronger contractions and my dh was just about to leave for work when I asked him to stay home, I did not want to labor alone as it would be at least 3 and half hours before it would even be possible for him to return home as my mom was to drop him off and go on to pick up my sister and her kids who wanted to be here for the birth. So he stayed my mom left and the contractions came and went. They came back later in the evening and a little more full force after dtd and were every 10 minutes and I had to breathe through them. We tried a few other things to help move it along including a nice walk alone around our property then neighborhood but it only made them intensify and not really do much else. So my sister and the kids are here going crazy and we’re all waiting for this baby to come and by 11pm I was too tired to stay up any longer, I’d hoped that with all the kids asleep I would go into full labor while I rested but that was not to be. After that the following days I would have some contractions that would come and go but nothing that really stuck. The kids both came down with something, Timothy a flu and Seraphim a fever and cough, I did not want to have the baby just yet and was glad that she actually hadn’t been born yet or she may have caught what they had.

On Sat I had spent all night up with Seraphim as her body was achey and she had a fever that would not let up, my poor baby was just feeling horrible. Throughout the day I had cramps and some contractions which had me thinking that something was starting since I hadn’t really had cramps much before, sure enough late into the night while being up with Seraphim I went potty and discovered I was losing my mucous plug. I told dh and also told him it was his turn to be up with Seraphim since I was gonna need my rest since this baby was coming soon. Thankfully Seraphims fever broke early that morning and we all were able to get some extra hours of sleep as she also slept in. Sunday Kris went off to work and I had a nesting urge to prepare the house and went around cleaning different rooms, starting in one and then moving to another and working in there then going back to the first to finish up. I even got my living room floors polished! Which btw came out looking fantastic! Once it was all done I laid down and relaxed and just hung out with the kids the rest of the day.

On Monday morning I woke up at 6 to some cramps and contractions that were coming every 9 minutes, went to pee and noticed bloody show, it was now that I knew our little one was coming that day. Kris was already at work since he’d went in at 5, I waited til 7:30 before calling him and telling him I wanted him home and that the baby was coming today. Kris and my mom both gave me a bit of a hard time since a. Kris had to tell his boss again and b. my mom would have to leave to get him and didn’t want to if nothing was going to happen. My contractions were every 6 minutes at this point and were intense enough I had to breathe through them and sway or rock my body. I knew the kids would be up within the hour and I could not fathom tending to them since it would be an hour before my mom returned with dh, now was the best time to bring him home… so off she went.

I got something to eat and returned to my room to continue to labor, both of the kids were sleeping in there so I kept quiet during each contraction trying hard not to wake them.

Around 8:30 dh and my mom both returned home, my mom was going to head back out to pick up my sister and her kids but my sister said she couldn’t pull my nephew out of school and there would be no one to pick him up so my mom returned home. Since both the kids were still sleeping, strange as it was since they are ALWAYS up by 8:30, kris went to nap on the couch while I continued laboring. Up til now I had not checked myself since I was worried I’d be disappointed with whether or not anything was even happening to my cervix. I’d be very upset to find a very closed cervix in the days leading up to then. But I was also curious and was pleasantly surprised to find that I was about 3cm dilated 80% effaced and had this little bubble of bulging waters. : ) I was unable to reach and feel while I was in labor with Seraphim so it was very cool for me to be able to feel that this time around, it was also especially exciting since I could also feel her head just behind it! I went and told dh and then walked around pacing during the contractions, sitting was out of the question it was just unbearable and laying down was just as bad if not worse. I was getting tired and would lay down for a minute then wonder if I wasn’t just making it take longer so up I got again and paced around more and more.

Around 10 they became more intense and I began feeling pushy at then end of each one, I went and checked and was around 8cm and seemed to me to be fully effaced and I could feel the water sack stretched across her head. At this point I told dh it would be soon and I began to try and ready an area to deliver. The contractions were getting more intense and I began trying to push to see if that would help, oh man did it feel good, it felt so much better than trying to just relax my body and so I pushed into each contraction and moaned and grunted loudly. I had Kris turn on some music earlier and one song came on, Marvelous Grace, oh it was heaven sent, it just felt so wonderful to hear it playing and as the gal sang her song I moaned and groaned in a sort of harmony with her. I cranked it up louder and louder till I could feel the vibrations of the base playing and it was soooo incredibly soothing. After about 30 min or 45 (I’ve got no clue) I check again hoping she had come down some since I had been putting so much effort into it… I was very disappointed to find that not much had changed since earlier, she was sorta just hanging out very high up there. I was pushing with each contraction in a standing position and also with a leg up to try and help make room for her to descend but it didn’t seem to help. Dh was with me trying to soothe and comfort me at this point and trying to help in any way, even offering a shower which I hadn’t thought about, it helped a bit but I was still worn out and in pain from those contractions, this was not like Seraphim’s labor at all.

I got out of the shower and just layed on my little mat naked and not caring to cover up at that point, he covered me with a blanket to keep me warm and it was now that an epidural crossed my mind, I wanted it badly, I just wanted this kid out or the pain to stop for a bit so I could get back into it. Every time I finally relaxed my whole body would tense up again for another agonizing contraction and I felt so ready for some relief, it actually did cross my mind to have my husband knock me out : ) I begged him to take me to the hospital and asked him to map the distance and even call to find out how long before I could get some sweet relief. 5 min to get to the hospital but no word on my epidural. All the things crossed my mind of the reasons not to go but each contraction made me long for it. I finally laid down utterly exhausted and decided to give in to the contractions. Kris went and told my mom I wanted to go to the hospital and she came in to talk to me and rubbed my back during each of the contractions. I was thinking how nice it would be to have some red wine to take the edge off and help ease the contractions a bit, that was really all I wanted now. It was after another 30 min or so of laying there with contractions that my water finally broke and there was relief for a few brief moments where the pressure was relieved… And then my body began pushing and I pushed and grunted and was giving it my all and then it would stop and I would just totally relax and rest and then here it came again. I was thinking of my cat at this point and wondering how it was that she could do this and make no noise, the beginning of a contraction it was just painful and I would moan loudly and then into a grunting pushing motion as though my body was throwing up. I had about 3 contractions like that and realized this baby would not come with me on my side and it I wanted it over with I had to get up, I rested and resolved after the next one I would switch to hands and knees. As soon as it was over I got up grabbed a pillow to lay into and then felt her moving down the birth canal as the next contraction came on…

Oh man how could I have forgotten the intense feeling that is and how much it feels as though a bowling ball is coming out!? After that one was over I told my mom to go get dd so that Kris could catch and called to kris and told him if he wanted to catch his child he better get back there now! He came in and tried to get the camera working but it was all full!!!! Of course I didn’t care at that point and told him to get down there and get ready. And another contraction hit and I pushed and roared in agony and pain and then screamed a high pitched scream, so loud I just couldn't NOT do it. I wanted to be quiet so as not to scare the kids but there was just no stopping it, the screaming the roaring that actually helps. It felt like and eternity to get her head out, it took two contractions but seemed sooo much longer and it felt like I was splitting in half, I asked why her head wasn’t out yet since with Seraphim her whole body was out in two pushes and I just wanted it done! Then finally I felt a small pop as her chin came out and had relief for a brief moment before the next contraction came on and had me pushing out her body. Her shoulders were apparently stuck and my mom helped to turn her a bit and got one shoulder to pop and then the other followed and then the rest of her came out though it felt very slow for her to slide out the rest of the way. Oh what relief, I rested for a minute listening to Kris and my mom talk and just being so thankful that she was out and then turned over to have a look. We had a little girl! I sat back and got comfy and held her and then saw Seraphim standing nearby and said hi to her to assure her that mommy was ok. Faith was rooting a bit so I offered the breast which Seraphim was none to happy about and screamed no no no don’t don’t. She was very upset that someone else was gonna get her milk. Lol soooo cute.

About a 15 minutes later I decided to try and birth the placenta and found to my dismay that what happened with Seraphim’s birth was happening again, the placenta comes out whole but not all the way detached, I’m left with part still hanging on inside, so after laying down and massaging and taking placenta out and letting Seraphim have mommas milk to help the placenta completely detach I gave up and decided I was not gonna just lay there and be uncomfortable anymore. With Seraphim’s it ended up coming out after a couple hours anyways so I decided that we’d cut around the placenta and leave just enough hanging out to be able to tug on it a little later if necessary, but really I figured it’d come out on it’s own with more time. I got up, showered and then got comfy and snuggled in bed with my girls ate some yummy soft tacos and then enjoyed a nap.

We pondered some names and decided to go with a named dh came up with

Faith Glory-Anne Joy (Sounds like Faith, Glory And Joy : )

Born at 1:38pm

She weighed in just over 9 lbs but it’s hard to be sure of the weight since it was 9 when Kris held her and 9lbs 10 oz when my mom held her… Kris was leaning forward though so I think my moms was more accurate, but either way she is bigger than the last two who were both around 8lbs.

Her head was 14in and she was 21in long


The rest of the story is about the placenta….

After waking I found that my bleeding was minimal and had hoped that I could get the placenta to detach but it still had not let go. I looked it up and decided to wait it out one day at a time while monitoring bp and being sure to keep an eye out for a fever or any other sign of infection.

Then Wednesday I got a headache but that turned out to be a tension headache so I was no longer concerned till Thursday morning when I rolled over to nurse Seraphim back to sleep and began shaking uncontrollably with chills. I had no fever and hadn’t the whole time, but I figured chills was my body's way of trying to work up a temp and decided to go in to the ER.

I dreaded going, I do not have pleasant experiences in hospitals, mostly because of my choice to home birth so I get the usual attitude. I've also had some unpleasant experiences with incompetent docs and nurses where I was overdosed because they were not careful nor were they monitoring me.

But concerned about having milk supply issues (as I've seen tends to happen with retained placenta) and not feeling quite so hot with all the pain, I went in...

Thank God all the nurses and doctors were actually very pleasant and I was taken care of very well. I had an elevated white count and the ultrasound showed obviously retained placenta but also a pocket of air and apparently some infections create air so they decided to do a D&C.

I feel soooo much better now, ahhhh such sweet relief! My body was having some serious cramping pains prior to going in on top of feeling like I had another baby coming out my wahoo. Now? I feel like before having dd2, comfortable down there.

Nichole, wife to Kris SAHM to Timothy : :10-11-03, Hosanna , Seraphim 8-17-08 : caught by Grandma! Faith 1-4-10 : Caught by Daddy!
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Beautiful story! Thanks for sharing it! Mine was super-long, too!

I hear you about the roaring... it was the only relief I got from the intensity. I didn't scream but, man, I sounded like a wild animal!!! DP also commented that I went from sounding like Darth Vader to sounding like a fully mature male lion! That must have been transition...

I'm glad you were treated well in the hospital and that you are feeling better now. Retained placentas sure aren't fun! Enjoy your babymoon!!!

Beth )O( Homeschooling Mama to blahblah.gif DS (7) luxlove.gif DD (5) and sleepytime.gif DS (1) & #4 on the way in October!!! love.gif
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What a terrific story. Im glad you were treated well and got your d&c. Beautiful name!

Mandy, Jesus loving, homebirthing, cloth diapering, baby wearing, breastfeeding, non-vaxing, food growing, homeschooling, hippy mama of 4.
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Congratulations again! I'm so glad that you are feeling better now. What an ordeal. Great birth story. I can totally relate to how the pushing felt like such a long time. My last baby came out in fewer pushes as well.

Di Linh, mama to DS1 (7), DD(4), DS2 (b 12/01/09)
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congratulations. i am so glad you had her and are feeling better now. you have a beautiful family.

oh and that is abeautiful name
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Congratulations! I'm glad you're feeling well again. What a beautiful name!!

Cynthia, loving my husband Isaac, my silly boy Jacob (Apr 07), my sweet little Luke (Dec 09), and my darling Lily (Aug 12)

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Congrats, Momma! Glad you are holding your beautiful baby girl!!

If you want to sound wise, go to school. If you want to be wise, go to nature.
My 3 sons! 8/92, 1/97 & 12/09!!
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I read this when you posted it, but it's so hard to get a free hand to write a response! I loved how you just followed your body's instincts and just let the baby come when it was ready. Amazing that your mom played such a big role in the birth- what did she think about the UC, and how did she come to be so supportive?
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My mom actually played a very big part in my last UC as well, and it was during my pregnancy with dd1 that she and I both studied up on UC and possible complications and what not. My mom was unsure about it still but very supportive the first time around, while dh was totally unsure, thought I was crazy and pretty much ignored the pregnancy.

Afterwards my mom thought it was the most amazing thing since she was also present for my first birth which was in the hospital as well as my sister's births that were both in the hospital. After that she became a HUGE advocate for UC and homebirth and tells everyone everywhere she goes that she got to catch her Grand-daughter and shares all the details.

Dh had a different perspective after the first UC as well but still wasn't too gung-ho about it, there was a lot health wise that we had to go through after the first UC which was very distracting and draining....

So with this UC dh and my mom both knew it would be at home obviously, but this time I told dh that he HAD to catch... my mom caught dd1 and seeing how much that meant to her I knew it would be awesome for him, he just has to be pushed sometimes. And ya know, dh is sooooo glad that he got to be there to catch and see it from a different perspective. He has more of an appreciation for pregnancy, birth, women, babies.... I'm so thankful for such a wonderful support team!!!

I can't imagine birthing in any other way... a hospital just sounds soooo unsupportive and a midwife would be too distracting to me, I don't even want to hear my mom trying to give me instructions I just want to be able to focus on what my body is needing me to do to get the job done.

Nichole, wife to Kris SAHM to Timothy : :10-11-03, Hosanna , Seraphim 8-17-08 : caught by Grandma! Faith 1-4-10 : Caught by Daddy!
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Justine--Wife to Sir Hubby, HBAC Momma to 5 kiddos including Lazlo born 1/6/10 gently at home!
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