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Anyone else needing to get out of the house and do stuff? Today was a snow day so husband (a teacher) and DS2 was home, plus the baby and me of course. Husband was on the computer all frigging day - no joke! We got up around 10am and after breakfast he stayed on until 7:30pm. In his bathrobe. I was dying to have someone, anyone!, to talk to or see so in the afternoon I trudged out in the snow w/baby for a walk. It was gorgeous and my spirits lifted immediately! Yay outdoors! When I got home and husband was still doing his thing I paced around the house w/baby. All day... It does not help that I have been eating rice, rice milk and sweet potatoes exclusively for three days now. Exasperated w/boredom since husband doesn't even talk to me, I decided I just had to get out of the house around 5pm. Again, I trudged out but this time grabbed the keys and took baby for a car ride (after digging out from our 1+ft of glorious white snow and an unplowed driveway). It is amazing what just seeing outside of my four walls does for me... To know that there are other people out there is a wonderful thing. *sigh* When I talk to husband about his extensive computer use he says "I am doing work, do YOU want to go out and get a job???" Ok, he might have a point, but my god, how frigging BORING! And why so nasty?
I have one LLL meeting a month that is a wonderful thing - how else do you all meet other moms w/kids?? I joined a meetup group near me too, but so far have not made it to anything since the baby has been born. I am really going out of my mind with the lack of things to do that occupy my inner-voice. I read when nursing if awake but I don't have a good one this time and the library was closed. Also, we have no tv - so vedge-ing out I do on the internet which I can't do while baby is awake since he does not like me to sit... What a whiner I am! It does feel better to get it out though!

If you want to sound wise, go to school. If you want to be wise, go to nature.
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I have a compulsive need to get out of the house. My house is tiny and I like it clean. My DD has a lot of energy. We go on walks, skating, storytime at the library, playgroup, grocery shopping, and dance class. I also work out at the gym 3x a week. If I do not get out of my house I go crazy, especially if DH is home and veging. I love how he thinks you can get up with the kids in the morning and somehow coast into a relaxing day. How cute. *insert 3yo jumping on the baby's head here.*
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It'll be better once Spring gets here -- it is just around the corner! I am sure those of you in the States are SO sick of all the snow by now!

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yeah, its been raining/snowing here pretty much constantly since Tues. we don't have a car and my vitality was a bit sapped this week from plugged ducts. so I haven't benn out of the house since monday

I'm going for a walk alone later today for sure.

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I've been dying to get out, and I'm normally a homebody...I guess I got out more than I thought before the baby! We've had some lovely sunny days off and on, but it always seems like I miss them, and on the days I could manage to get out the door, it rains. But today it's sunny and we're going to visit my parents, so I'm thinking I'll see if my dad wants to go for a walk with me and Nimbus. We've just started using the Ergo this week, and I want to take it for a spin. Our neighborhood isn't safe enough for walks, unfortunately.

It drives me nuts, though, that whenever I mention taking Nimbus out somewhere, my mom always tries to discourage me. (It's safer to stay home, he's still little, etc., though I think he sleeps better and is happier if we go out for a short time early in the day.) My mom is wonderfully supportive and was an AP mom before there were "AP" moms, but occasionally we'll disagree on something and it's hard because she's a strong personality and I still look for approval from her, you know? So it's been hard for me to let myself get out and do something random just for the sake of getting out.

I missed my mommy group this week, and I was really sad about that. It was so fun to be around all the other moms and babies last week. But it's at an inconvenient time for Nimbus' schedule and my getting some sleep. Or a shower before I go. I'm sure they'd understand if I hadn't showered, but I put my foot down about leaving the house if it's been more than two days, and somehow I always miss my window of opportunity for a shower. I live in a good city for finding fairly like-minded parents, so I really should take advantage of that more and get out there and meet some new people. But that requires showering. There's always a catch....

Cloud, mommy to her happy little Nimbus, born 11/09!
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I started getting out everyday with the LO at around 6 weeks PP. I found that it was best for everyone involved (DD, DP, and myself) if I got some fresh air and had an agenda each day. Other than the week we spent snowed in from the blizzard, I take her for walks, to the mall, a family member's house, etc.

Once a week, we also would go to the new mom's group at the Breastfeeding Center. I'll be returning to work next week so we're done with the meetings, but they were wonderful for us. It was nice being around other new moms who also needed to get out who were also BFing. FF is the norm in my circle. I ended up meeting a mom in my neighborhood whose son was born the same day as DD, both at 10 something in the morning. We're also the same age and born 3 days apart! Crazy huh?

I did a few LLL meetings but probably won't join. The days/times are not really WOHM friendly, so attending meetings will be pretty inconvenient.

As scared as I am of returning to work, I'm a bit excited as well. I miss my friends and coworkers. And I don't think I'll drop these last 20 lbs until I do.

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Update: Baby girl born Nov 19th!
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Ah, Cloud-- really people don't notice if you've showered. My record in the winter is horrible. I have some good hats that go with everything.

I have to get out everyday, at least to pick kids up from school, and get my 3 year-old out every so often. We have a lovely park to walk to, and a new library branch to walk to... and a cafe with mom/tot stuff happening... gymnastic classes and stuff.

Some days it is hard to get out, and I;m frazzled. But then there are days like yesterday when I feel so cool with my beautiful baby and children in the library.

I still haven't gotten my friggin' haircut, which I will imagine make everything easier.... on the days when I can't even brush my hair and I just shove it all in a hat. But if I go out the way I do, anyone has got to look better.... (with milk barf on my shoulder )

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My husband and I are both in 'computer work' so I completely commiserate with you about the not talking thing. It sucks. I think sometimes we can go entire days and evenings without talking.. its really sad.

Ive been pretty down the last few days since returning from visiting my family, it made me realize how alone I am here. I need to find some mom friends but its hard in this area as people either have kids very very young or very very old and Im smack in the middle at 30.

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Originally Posted by ithappened View Post
people either have kids very very young or very very old and Im smack in the middle at 30.
Yeah, I hear you on this one - which is ESPECIALLY difficult for me because I had my first when I was really, really young and now I am really old! lol, at 36, I feel it. I meet people w/babies and we are ooing and ahhing about our experiences but then it comes up that this is my third. When most hear my others are teenagers (and one headed to college this summer!!) I get the wall up again. What a bummer.

Also, husband is in computer work and never talks. At least you & yours are on the same page!! I am feeling so BORED all day long if I don't go out and am dying for conversation when the afternoon comes along. If I talk to my husband to try and get his attention away from the computer, all he looks at are my boobs and I am having a hard time with that.

If you want to sound wise, go to school. If you want to be wise, go to nature.
My 3 sons! 8/92, 1/97 & 12/09!!
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