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Nicole915 03-10-2010 03:16 PM

Is anyone else dealing with a totally changed baby? Eleanor went from being a laid back baby who sleeps great (at night) to being far more needy and difficult to soothe.

Ella went from waking once or twice a night to only sleeping an hour at a time. She's so hungry when she feeds that she gulps and coughs. We're still seeing 7 - 8 wet diapers a day, so I'm not worried about my supply or how much food she's getting... just wondering how long this will last.

We were thinking about maybe moving her out of her bassinette into her crib in the next week or two, as she's at the max age (3 months) that the manufacturer recommends... but I don't want to make any big changes while she's having a hard time. Or maybe its better to do it now when she'll be up a lot anyway?

Truckerdoo 03-10-2010 05:04 PM

Yes! Im so glad you posted this. Avett will be 3 mos on Friday and the last 3 nights has gone from a fairly good sleep w/ a clear routine to being completely out of control. He fights when we put him down, the only way I've gotten him to sleep the last few nights is either in his swing (with much battling) or else just next to me in bed (which is not my preferred place for him to sleep).

I have been going nuts trying to figure out what the hell happened, esp. considering I thought 3 mos was supposed to mark entry into better sleep, not worse sleep!

Maybe it is this growth spurt thing you mention. I hope he gets back to sleeping regularly - or better than regularly - soon!

Tattooed Hand 03-10-2010 05:12 PM

yes, I now cannot put Rassa down for even the 20 minutes a day I could before and she will not stay asleep unless I am snuggled next to her. She also woke up every 2 hours last night, joy joy.

carmel23 03-10-2010 06:36 PM

the entire first year of life is one major change after another... 'wait' for things to settle down and she'll be 2 years-old

try the change, but if it doesn't work, be open to changing back, or coming up with a new plan.

I don't know if you could, but we had some success 'sidecaring' a crib with our DD. Eventually we just took it down, but it worked for a bit--when she was too big for a bassinette, rolling over so not safe to just co-sleep, and then too little to be in a crib as it is intended to be.

I think I'm going to try the Montessori floor bed with Nico...

But anyway, yeah, this is a crazy year, and just when you think you've got them figured out, they change

evinmom 03-10-2010 09:53 PM

Originally Posted by carmel23 View Post
But anyway, yeah, this is a crazy year, and just when you think you've got them figured out, they change
So true!

justmandy 03-15-2010 02:14 PM

I'm just now seeing this. Levi is a mess! He's only sleeping while being held, last night my longest strech of sleep was 1.5 hours. He nursed fon an hour straight from 1:30-2:30...that was after his midnight feeding.


I'm trying to get my house under control b/c my book club is at my house tonight.

Add all this to the stupid time change.

I need a nap!

ithappened 03-15-2010 05:19 PM


last week was rough.. DS for about 3-4 nights ate every hour all night and was super fussy all day. my nips felt like raw meat they were getting so sore- which has never happened. . . luckily it passed and by the weekend he was back to his normal sleeping 3-5 hours at a time self.

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