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View Poll Results: How much caffeine do you plan to consume within your pregnancy?
None. 13 22.03%
Maybe a cup or two for the pregnancy. 7 11.86%
Once a month 1 1.69%
Once every other week 1 1.69%
Once a week 4 6.78%
Couple times a week 11 18.64%
Once a day 12 20.34%
Twice a day 6 10.17%
Three times a day 0 0%
Other, explain. 4 6.78%
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What are you ladies doing?
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Couple times a week for me...

I don't drink much coffee anymore... I was trying to cut down for the last few months because I was taking way too much before...

I do drink black tea a few times a week and the rest is herbal...

Mama to Xavier (July 02) , Colin (Sept 04), Khéna(Nov 06) & Wilhelmina (Jan 10)
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I need a little caffeine in the morning just to get my innards going, KWIM! So, I have a cup of not-too-strong black tea every day. A couple times a week I might get a small half-caff latte or something instead. I'm comfortable with that.

Happily muddled mom to baby Kiki, 11/2010

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None. Of course, I don't have any when I am not pregnant either.

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I plan to keep it to 1-2 cups of coffee a day at most, and probably do decaf sometimes instead too. I just like the taste of coffee, so switching to decaf is not a big deal for me. The tough part will be keeping up with 2 different kinds as DH definitely prefers with caffeine.

Jill stillheart.gif Chris (7/96), mommy to 3 sweet redheads: jumpers.gif Matthew autismribbon.gif (12/02), Michelle (8/05) and Marissa (1/10). Nursing since 2002.
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Maybe like a half cup of coffee once a week or so, and probably like 2 or 3 diet sodas during my whole pregnancy.

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I usually drink decaf coffee if I have some but will on the occasion have a coke or some chocolate. So I would have it just a couple times a week at the most.

Angie wife to Joe and Mom to Lucas(10) and Alex (7), Elizabeth (4), Joey (2), and #5 due May 29
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I'm a coffee lover. If morning sickness does not dictate otherwise, I will stick with 1-2 cups per day. Last pregnancy I was not able to tolerate it past about 6 weeks though, even the smell made me gag. Which is crazy for me, I'm pretty passionate about my coffee, love roasting my own even, and drink only the best. So, at this point I do not plan to cut it out, but my body may dictate otherwise. I will also have soda occasionally when we go out, probably coke, maybe once or twice a month. I have tried hard to cut soda and HFCS out of my life, but I love the stuff and still allow myself to have it when we go out to eat or to a party where it's readily available.

Alisha, Army wife to Nathan , Homeschooling mama to Scheeli (May 2003) , Bronwynn (Nov. 2004) :, Piper (Nov. 2007) , and Wesley (January 2010)
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this is probably going to come off sounding insane, but here it is. i sometimes think that caffeine caused my miscarriage.

i usually drink 2 to 3 cups of dark black tea every day. when i found out i was preggers i cut it out. but, there was a day, that i said i'd allow myself one little cup just to get through an afternoon at work when i was exhausted. well, i had my cup and i was flying. it was almost like i had taken speed.

when i ended up miscarrying, i was measuring right about where i was the day i had that cup of tea.

now, most days, i know that many many people have caffeine their whole pregnancies with no problem and the miscarriage probably had nothing to do with what i did or didn't eat or drink.

but, late at night, i can't help but wonder if i overloaded her little heart that day.

so, for this one, i've decided i'm either sticking with one cup a day or none at all. as of today, i'm doing one cup a day.

mom to Andrew   born Feb 6th, already a mom to child with fur; and still missing and still wondering about the lost possibilities Mar 17, 2009
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I typically avoid caffeine, but the last couple days I have had .5 can of pepsi both days because that was what could wash down the burger I was eating . I think I have maybe had like 5 sips of coke in the last 3 years, not sure why I packed in so much yesterday and today?! And I do love my chai tea, and really don't like the taste of the decaf, oh well. And chocolate is a bi-weekly occurence here, sometimes more, sometimes less. I thin I covered all the caffeine I consume, thank god I hate coffee- otherwise I am sure I would be one unhappy mama if I gave it up.
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I don't really plan my caffeine intake. If I have a cup of coffee here or there I'm not going to freak out, but as the baby gets bigger I will probably avoid it more as it tends to give me heartburn and also make the baby super active in my tummy, and my bladder just can't take it.

Plus caffeine is in so many things...I don't know if I am willing to totally give up my chocolate or my green tea.

Rebekah - mom to Ben 03/05 and Emily 01/10, a peace educator, and a veg*n and wife to Jamie.
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I don't normally drink coffee or soda just because it doesn't appeal to me. But I have the occasional bit of chocolate (have you guys tried the new meltaway Hershey's Kisses?? they're sooo good. and I like the bolthouse protien smoothies (the Mocha Cappachino) so I'll end up getting a bit of caffine every once in a while.

student momma to two great girls

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I was a 2-cup-a-day coffee drinker, and I gave it up for this pregnancy. Mostly because caffeine crosses the placenta, and it distresses me to think of my poor little fetus, all hopped-up on caffeine and no way to deal with it. Some adults can't even handle caffeine, ya know? But that's just my own weird take on the issue.

I still drink a cup of decaf, maybe once a week. And I'll still eat a bit of chocolate.

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i plan on eating five servings of chocolate a week in my third trimester and right now, when i work (twice a week most of the time) i drink one cup in the morning to get me ready for the loooooong stressful day. (usually there 14 hours)

Momma to DS 1, age 8 and rainbow baby DS2 4-21-11.
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Originally Posted by nummies View Post
None. Of course, I don't have any when I am not pregnant either.
This is the same for me too!

Bec, Married eternally to Dan for ten years. Parents to A (8/17/06) O (12/30/09) one love lost (2/07/09) and my little twin angels (9/24/11, 10/11/11)

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I don't drink much caffeine when I'm not pregnant so I haven't given it much thought. I only ever drink coffee in the morning if I am dead tired and that is very very rare so it's not a big deal for me not to have any. I will drink a caffeinated soda on occasion, like once a week or less, but that doesn't worry me since most sodas only have around 35mg of caffeine in a serving. There's not too many times that I really want something with caffeine.

freethinking mom to DD 4/2006 and DS 1/2010
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Caffeine is a necessary ingredient in my iced tea. I drink three or four large (like 35oz) glasses at least.

I have no intention of changing.

When I have the craving, I will toss in a large cup of coffee (16oz) several times a week as well. If you count the dark chocolate that I also like, every week or so, that should be about all my caffeine intake.

Any misspellings or grammatical errors in the above statement are intentional;
they are placed there for the amusement of those who like to point them out.
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Last pregnancy, I had diet pepsi maybe 2 times a week. Decaf coffee maybe every 2-3 weeks. Chocolate as needed! I planned to do that again, but soda seems to make me nauseous, so I guess I'll be getting less caffeine this time around.

Mimi :yawning: the happy mama of one DD & one DS ; married to my sweetie.
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I tried a sip of my husband's coffee this a.m. and almost gagged. I usually love coffee but not right now so maybe I'll try again in several weeks when I am not feeling so pukey. I won't have much caffeine though, maybe a cup of coffee each week during our big Saturday morning hot family breakfasts. We'll see.

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If I could stand anything caffeinated right now, I'd be okay with one large unit of something. One of my own cups of coffee (not the standard 5 or 6 oz), or one can of soda. But as it is, I've not had any such thing in nearly a month. I also know that when I've not had caffeine in my system regularly, it really affects me, so I doubt I'll have much of any at all for the remainder of the pregnancy or even beyond.
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Oops, I misrepresented myself, LOL. I said one or two cups thinking that meant per day not for the entire pregnancy. Coffee was making me sick but now it's not so I'm back to about a cup/day.

Amy - Blessed wife to Jesse (the best dad in the world), mother of 10 on earth plus 8 in heaven.   PROUD to be a Catholic! : winner.jpg familybed2.gifhomeschool.gif

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I had a cup of coffee in the morning every day (once I was done with m/s) with my last pregnancy. Occasionally I'd have something in the afternoon, too. That's basically what I've done with BFing, too, so I figure I'll just keep up with that (as long as I feel ok!).

Lauren (33), writer, recovering academic, WOHM to a highly sensitive child (Robin, Feb '08) and mellow little Holly (Jan '10). Newly diagnosed Bipolar I. rolleyes.gif
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no coffee for me right now. But I put other because I will likely loosen up and enjoy a cup or black tea once past the first trimester.

Mama to a beautiful baby girl born 01/21/2010
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I usually drink 1-2 cups of coffee a day. As soon as I got my bfp I gave it up, but this morning I couldn't resist a cup of decaf. I'm going to do my best to avoid it but I'm not going to beat myself up if I need a cup here or there.

Mom to a beautiful little Rose
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I normally drink about 8 cups of tea a day, so I have been cutting back. I haven't missed it, because by grumpy tummy is not interested, but I have been drinking a little so as to avoid the horrendous headache I'd get if I quit cold turkey. I got it down to one, and now I'm just drinking one or two ginger-lemon green teas per day. I'm quite happy with that.

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