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Originally Posted by hakeber View Post
We also priced the whole thing out and I think it is going to be really affordable to have a homebirth, so I am dead excited!
Hurrah! Congratulations!!!

As for me...

Weeks/Days along: 16 weeks

Appointments: none this week, one last Friday, all well with baby. My son was there and told the midwife. "It be a sister." Then later, "It be a brother." Then, "It be a boy or a girl." Cute. My blood pressure is up just a tiny bit and I wonder if it because I have been having a very pronounced need to salt everything, but my MW said not to worry about it.

Symptoms: I have been having some ligament pain and I swear I am getting Braxton Hicks contractions already. Half the time I put a hand on my belly, I can feel that my uterus is all hard and a little higher than normal. I am dead tired in the afternoons and I am either at work or at home with my toddler who is outgrowing napping.

Food: I have to have a snack before bed, but don't need to eat in the night anymore, which is good. I am eating a lot more eggs than I normally would. Sushi sounds so good! For sushi newbies, there was an article in the paper we get at work today about sushi with a couple of basic recipes: link

Body changes & milestones: Baby belly is outgrowing most of my regular jeans and trousers. I did a bit of a rearrange with the suitcase of maternity clothes under my son's bed yesterday. I worry I will need to start buying new maternity clothes - my son was born in October and a huge proportion of my stuff is for summer. I have finally been feeling the baby move a bit over the past week.

Thoughts: I have been wanting to know if this baby is a boy or a girl, too. I adamantly didn't want to know the first time, but this time I am much more curious. Of course, my DP did want to know last time and doesn't want to know now.

Someone mentioned reading Ina May's Guide to Childbirth - I loved this book when I was pregnant last time. Highly recommended.

Expat mama to my 7-year-old Halloween boy and my cheeky preschooler, who came before the midwife in January 2010... Gestating a new bean, debuting spring 2014!
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Name: Jill
Weeks/Days along: 15ish weeks
Appointments: next one is Aug. 21ist
Symptoms: not as tired as first trimester, but sleep is still a nice thing
Food: lots of dairy, trying to up fruits/vegges and lower sweets, but I have to have chocolate sometimes
Exercise: um, not where I should be, but it is SO dang hot here! Once school starts for my older kids it will be easier to get the dog out for a walk.
Body changes and other milestones: may have gained another lb or two
Thoughts: I want this HEAT of summer over with! Too hot to do much of anything outside except early morning or late evening (heat index of over 105!) I am getting more excited at the prospect of finding out the gender too...probably will at the 20 week u/s.

Jill stillheart.gif Chris (7/96), mommy to 3 sweet redheads: jumpers.gif Matthew autismribbon.gif (12/02), Michelle (8/05) and Marissa (1/10). Nursing since 2002.
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Originally Posted by hakeber View Post
Is it okay if I admit that sometimes I push my tummy out harder to look more pregnant than I am because I don't want people to think I am just chunky?

I was starting to rub my belly in public, but I stopped. (I wonder if I looked like I just enjoyed a hearty lunch! Haha.)

Originally Posted by smokeylo View Post
***I have been avoiding raw sushi, so I eat a lot of tempura shrimp and spicy shrimp rolls. Veggie and avocado or "california" rolls are also great if you want to avoid raw. ***

If you are ok with raw, tuna rolls are good, and salmon, as mentioned. If you like spicy, get a spicy tuna roll. I would have a friend who likes sushi take you out and try a sampler tray! ***
I agree.

There are plenty(!) of options for cooked fish, too. For me, I don't eat it everyday, so I have no issue with the raw fish, especially since I trust my sushi place. I would definitely order several items and try things that sound good to you. If you don't end up liking it, I think you will enjoy the experience.
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Originally Posted by Mulvah View Post

I was starting to rub my belly in public, but I stopped. (I wonder if I looked like I just enjoyed a hearty lunch! Haha.)

Kidzaplenty, I love sushi. I don't eat fish anymore, but when I did my favorites were the spicy tuna hand roll, The spider roll (which is a deep fried soft shell crab with lots of other nummy stuff), and California rolls, with crab avocado and cucumber. Shrimp rolls are good (and usually cooked) and I used to love raw octopus sashimi and good yellow fin sashimi.

Now, I do veggie rolls, they often have egg in them, other favorites are shitake mushrooms, asparagus, Avocado, cucumber, and carrots.

I also LOVE the traditional sushi (not rolled in nori but laying on top of the rice) and salmon roe sushi.

I once ate a platter of fifty pieces when I was stoned in University...Best munchie fest of my life! : I think if you know your source, and you know it's good quality, you're okay.

Rebekah - mom to Ben 03/05 and Emily 01/10, a peace educator, and a veg*n and wife to Jamie.
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Name: Serena
Weeks/Days along: 16 wks, 4days
Appointments: have an OB appt on monday for a checkup
Symptoms: peeing alot, headaches, tiredness comes and goes - some days are great, some not so great.
Food: still struggling, I gained 4 pounds over the night, I am hoping it is water weight. I am trying to eat well but also fighting cravings.
Exercise: Still trying to walk alot, we are going on a 20 mile backpacking trip this weekend, I am only carrying a light pack but am so looking forward to it. DH and I haven't had any time alone for a while
Body changes and other milestones: Still not really feeling movement except once when it could have been my imagination. I am wondering when that will start. Definitely have a belly, definitely look pregnant. Also moved up to a cup size of an F and can't find a single freaking bra that big in my town. WTH?
Thoughts: Totally pissed at my old OB - the blood tests they took totaled $2100 - I just got the bill, not to mention another $200 for my first OB visit which brings that visit total alone up to $950. I hate doctors and I hate the way the medical system gouges pregnant women with no insurance. My Dh still doesn't have a job and I am getting concerned but holding out hope...

Novel writing student Mama to ds (8y) and new DD 1-13-10.

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Name: Jenica

Weeks/Days along: 16 weeks 6 days

Appointments: Aug 18th - U/S, Aug 22nd - midwife

Symptoms: I've been getting light headed/faint the past few weeks. I have to be really careful about getting up too fast. I think maybe my blood sugar is low? Otherwise, I am feeling pretty good. The yuckiness of the 1st trimester is leaving, and while I am still tired I am not *exhausted* Oh, and on a positive note my hair is so thick!

Food: Loving watermelon! I couldn't eat pasta during the 1st trimester, but my spaghetti trial went okay tonight I am craving pickles, balsamic vinaigrette, nothing sweet (except the watermelon!)

Exercise: I am doing callanetics, and my prenatal yoga videos. We are taking 1 mile family walks a few times a week.

Body changes and other milestones: I feel like I am totally showing, but my friends think I am still small. It really depends what I have on. In baggy clothes I just look a little chubby. My postpartum pants are too small, but I have to hold my maternity pants up with a belly band.

Thoughts: Other areas of my life are so busy right now that I feel like I am not devoting a whole lot of thought to this pregnancy yet. We are moving at the end of the month, I am homeschooling 4 children. I love being able to lay down in bed and try to feel the baby move (sometimes I can!) at night. Then within 5 minutes I pass out!

Jenica - Blessed Mom to (12), (9), (6), : (2), and with a January surprise!
Missing precious Leo Malachi - m/c 7/06
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Name: Amy
Weeks/Days along: 15 weeks

Appointments: next week!

Symptoms: Still tired tired tired! And I've been having serious BH by the end of the day. I think chasing DS around is really wearing me out. I'm not nauseous anymore thank goodness and I'm not as hungry anymore but I'm eating still cause I can. And my back - oh my aching back. I think most of it is from lifting my son into and out of his car seat but I can barely stand up in the mornings - I need to get back into yoga!

Food: I've been craving turkey wraps with avocado. I was eating lunch meat turkey then got grossed out one day so I've been making a turkey breast in the crock pot each week - HEAVEN!!!

Exercise: Usually two days at the gym and then walking and chasing DS the rest of the week. Looking for a prenatal yoga class that works with our schedules. My body is beginning to ache already!

Body changes and other milestones: Well, the other day at the park my mommy friend commented "wow Amy you really popped out there didn't you?" uh yeah, thanks for the boost there : I feel really huge. I thought for sure I'd get thru the summer without having to buy maternity stuff. On a happy note I think I keep feeling little movements. My favorite part of being pregnant!!!

Thoughts: I'm trying to decide how to move my son out of the nursery and avoid buying a 2nd crib. He'll be 21 months almost when the baby is born but I just can't believe my baby won't be in a crib anymore. He's still my baby and it breaks my heart to think not only will he get a new "big boy" room but he'll also have to give up him "safe" crib. Oh well. At least getting to decorate will be fun and I can't wait to find out if it's a girl or boy. I'm secretly hoping (and feeling like) it's a girl!!! I might go overboard buying clothes since the clothes department is rather sad when you have a boy!!!!!

SAHM to a super sweet and sensitive 2 year old and a happy giggle-monster baby (1/2010).
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Amy, my son was 23 months when we moved him out of the crib (which was a sidecar to our bed, so not exactly a four-sided sleeping space) into his own bed with a bedrail. He did fine. But at 21 months (or less, as you would probably want to make the move a few months ahead to avoid too much disruption for your older one), you might need a second crib. Maybe a second hand one so it's not such a big expense? We have considered buying a second crib/toddler bed and our son will be over 3 when the baby comes! But we haven't got the space.

Thanks to you all, I had to have sushi last night.

Expat mama to my 7-year-old Halloween boy and my cheeky preschooler, who came before the midwife in January 2010... Gestating a new bean, debuting spring 2014!
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Name: Laine (zenmama108)

Weeks/Days along: 16weeks, 5days

Appointments: spent monday in the emergency room due to complications from pre-e and RH disease

Symptoms: still nauseated, hoping it will go away soon. also, bad headaches every day, although this might be related to the pre-eclampsia.

Food: french bread and brie cheese (paturized....'ve been craving it for weeks and finally gave in.... ) , cherry tomatoes

Exercise: i'm on bedrest, so exercise is limited. moving around the house a bit, and stretching whenever possible.

Body changes and other milestones: my belly has POPPED in the past week. i can feel the baby moving now, too.

Thoughts: must stay positive.
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