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You are the parent and you have the right to name the baby whatever you wish. If your daughter doesn't like her name when she becomes an adult she can easily have her name legally changed. My name use to be Barbara

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I named my favorite bunny "Blossom" after the song "Edelweiss." I think it's very pretty but you will probably get a strange reaction from having a german flower name! You could call her Ada or something.... but really, if you love a name and have your heart set on it, keep it to yourself. I have a girl name that I worry my family thinks is goofy (it's German, too, actually -- Johanna) so I'm keeping it to myself in case we do use it so they'll just have to DEAL.

Plus, there are so many weird names out there! Your kid won't be the only one with an unusual name in grade school. TRUST me!

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I think they are being ridiculous! It is a beautiful flower and beautiful name!

Plus it is pretty unique, and special, and the fact that it has special meaning to you makes it even more wonderful. If she grows up to hate it as a teenager, show her the movie Gogol. It might help her understand the significance of names to the parents who give them, and the gift that they are giving when they choose your name for you.

The truth is you could name her Amy and she might hate that too. There is little guarantee that any teenager will love their name. Eventually they become their own people, but in the meantime, you do what feels right!

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Nope, I agree with zinemama, it looks clunky. Folks will either laugh out loud or break into song when she introduces herself and it's a pain to spell correctly.
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Ok, even though I'm one of only two people who agree with your mother, I also agree with everyone else who says that it's the best bet to keep a name you are truly set on strictly to yourself.
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I would say it's not one of my favorite names, but that's true for about 90% of the names I hear! On any given day I don't like half the names on my potential list. I think naming is a very thoughtful process. If you and DH have a name that means something to you and you really like it, I say stick with it. (Now I'd definitely steer someone away from some of the names that would cause way more of a stir no offense to anyone of course - Harry Dick, Polly Esther... )

I was talking with my mom about names and she told me that when she was pregnant with me she was talking to someone (she thinks my grandma) and she shared the name they were thinking of naming me and grandma said she didn't like it. That happened to my mom twice - she stopped sharing potential names with people - to heck with them!

I agree with my mom when she says if you wait, either people won't say "yikes, what a terrible name" because they can't change anything at that point or they will love the name because it's associated to a precious baby face.

Go with what you and DH have in your hearts.

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As parents, it is your job to name this baby. If the name suits her and yhou two like it, that's the name. Why is it that people have no objections to adding yet another Jennifer, Susan, Mary, etc to the world but object to unusual names?

I think it is none of their business and you should do what works for your family. I'm sure this is only the start of peeople giving you unwanted and unwarranted advice, so take it as practice!

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Most people familiar with the word, will only be so because of The Sound of Music. Most other people who aren't familiar with it, are going to mispronounce it

I didn't have the best knee-jerk to it only because it has such a strong association with something else. As a word/name, I think it's fine. But my first thoughts when I hear it go to Baron von Trapp.

I got some grief over my kids' names too, and expect more to come for dc3.
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I think its a beautiful name, and at the end you should name your child what you want and not tell anyone before the baby is here!
With that said, here Edelweiss is a name of a large sausage making company. So its definitely not a name that I would be able to choose for my child.
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Honestly, I really don't like it. In fact I laughed when I read it. Sorry.

But if you do want to use it I'd recommend giving her a more traditional middle name then she can use that later if she doesn't like Edelweiss.
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My kids have different names because of my husbands heritage, but we like them. We get strange looks all the time and have to repeat all of our names - I have a different name, and so does my husband.

I like Edelweiss - it is a beautiful and rare flower. As for a NN - I know a very sweet lady named Adie (pronounced Aid-ee) and I thought that would be a sweet nickname for Edelweiss (spelled Edie or something like that).

Best of luck - and remember, it is a name you are choosing for who you want your daughter to be. Everyone else will learn to love her for her, not her name.

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I think we just met IRL unless there are 2 pregnant women who are naming their babies Edelweiss. I vote you mail the book Chrysanthemum to your mom. Love the name BTW.
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I think it is a pretty name, but I have to be honest with you that the first thing that came to my mind, since it is the only exposure I have ever had to that word, is I thought "like the beer?" Just my two cents.

Everyone will learn to love it over time. Maybe just act like you have others in mind, don't tell your family what they are, and then announce the name after the birth. We are not telling anyone this time, because after 4 with # on the way I am sick of everyone's opinions and my kids have beautiful names, as will this one. Good luck!

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We were very selective about who we shared name choices with prior to our last daughter being born. That being said, I did share with a few friends and online, because I wanted to get some reactions from people whose opinions I trusted and valued (in the case of my friends) and also from people who had no real stock in trying to make me happy (people online). I wanted to get some honest reactions to the names, as the kid will be the one to live with it, not me. If one of my friends didn't like a name, but it was just a matter of preference, it didn't concern me much. If a lot of people had had a negative reaction to a name though, I would have assumed that that's going to be the general reaction and either stuck the name in the middle (if it had a lot of meaning) or chucked it altogether.

I do agree that once your kid is named that it becomes their name, but I think Edelweiss will be a hard one for a kid to live with in the US. And for people who know her the name will fit, but there will be people who will see the name on paper before they meet her who might have preconceptions because of it. Likely she will end up with a nickname, like Edie or Adela or something along those lines. Especially when she's younger and her friends have trouble pronouncing it. If you used a name like Adela, and said she was named after the flower, or put Edelweiss in the middle, would it still hold as much meaning to you?

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