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Astraia's Avatar Astraia 12:50 AM 09-26-2009
That's so stressful!!!

I'm sure it'll all work out, hopefully it works out long before baby is due (like, oh I dunno.. next week??? lol) so you have some time to relax.

Would you consider moving back in with MIL while your DH is away? I don't know what your MIL is like, but it's always hard living in someone else's house regardless of how great they might be

My baby is still really chill. DD was really calm on the inside and NEVER stopped moving once she was born. I'm sort of hoping this kid is a little bit calmer on the outside.

remijo's Avatar remijo 12:35 PM 10-02-2009
Well, all moved in to our new place. I love it. Its so nice. Astraia, moving back in with MIL is kind of a last resort type thing since we have a lease. The nice thing is that I know the landlady would be sympathetic and wouldn't rake me over the coals if I have to break the lease (at least I am hoping so). I love having my own space but my MIL is great too. I was always catching something at their house though (2 school teachers, 1 who works at the hospital and 2 who go to school full time brings in a lot of germs). We'll see how this works out - I had another interview and am hoping I hear back on a job soon and my DH has been picking up a lot of substitute teaching lately which really helps. I am really hoping this baby is calmer on the outside than my DS, he always had to be moving but was a great baby.

How are things going with you? Good I hope...

How about everyone else? Lots of hugs...
nummies's Avatar nummies 12:51 PM 10-02-2009
remijo- Glad you like your new place!

I am doing ok. Had a prenatal appointment on Wednesday. Babies are doing well in there. The midwife used two dopplers this time so I got to hear both heartbeats at the same time! It was really cool. I told her about all the BH I have been having and she wants me to get an ultrasound to measure cervical length just to be on the safe side. So I have that next week. Other than that, nothing new.
Astraia's Avatar Astraia 04:18 PM 10-02-2009
Remijo- glad to hear the move went well! Hopefully a job comes through soon for you. Also relieving to hear your DH is picking up some work- i'm sure that's a huge stress off your mind.

I'm doing pretty well. I need to go the dentist Monday for some deep planing and scaling for gingivites- YUCK. Then Tuesday I have a prenatal appointment. I don't really like going. I know this kidlet is doing great- he's moving like crazy! Last night he was moving and wiggling and my belly was shifting from side to side as he moved. It was nuts! I had an anterior placenta with DD and never felt 'big' movements like this.
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