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happywife101's Avatar happywife101 04:38 AM 11-12-2009
Hi everyone. Just thought Id throw this out there since the doctor/nurse couldn't offer any answers to this nagging goes....this is my second pregnancy. My first was 3 years ago with my son, and he was very much positioned out in front and never pain like I am about to describe. THis pregnancy probably starting at about 23-24 weeks, I started getting pain/stinging in my vaginal area. The whole area down there feels like either you've been riding a horse all day for the first time in years or you had the roughest sex of your life (sorry, that was the best way to describe it) I am almost 29 weeks and not really any relief from this pain/stinging/soreness. The nurse did a pelvic exam last appt. because of this and I have NO infection at all, and cervix she said is long and closed. So, what do you make of this? Anyone else going through this? Does this mean the baby is positioned really low? I would love any insight into this as well as suggestions to relieve it. It especially hurts, getting up, walking around etc.

Thanks so much for reading!

crunchymamatobe's Avatar crunchymamatobe 10:31 AM 11-12-2009
My first thought was an infection - did your nurse do a swab for a yeast infection? I know that sometimes can cause pain rather than itching and not be visually apparent.

I hope you find some answers/relief!
lilbsmama's Avatar lilbsmama 10:43 AM 11-12-2009

nummies's Avatar nummies 11:13 AM 11-12-2009
I went through this too in the second trimester. It was awful! We think that it was just the pressure from the babies sitting on a nerve. One side of my labia was red and swollen and it was awful! But eventually it did go away.
happywife101's Avatar happywife101 02:12 PM 11-12-2009
Thanks for the responses. I feel better knowing that someone has gone through this, even though it is horrible.

Yes, there was a swab for a yeast infection and there was none

It must be the nerves It is just so painful all the time, its hard to want to move or do anything! Getting out of bed is a task.

Thanks for the answers!
momto9kidlets's Avatar momto9kidlets 11:51 PM 11-12-2009
Is it pubic pain or actually in your vagina?

I have severe pubic pain that feels like someone kicked me really hard in the crotch and like you described it hurts all the time. I had the same thing with my last pregnancy and only got relief when I gave birth. Heat can sometimes help and so can being in a pool (if you have the same that I have )
happywife101's Avatar happywife101 04:52 AM 11-14-2009
I think its in the vagina, and around the hurts pretty badly, but today has eased up a little. It's pretty constant, but Im starting to feel its not an indication that the baby would be coming early( because of how low she is..)

Thanks for the tips on how to relieve...