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Anyone here have a fast labor and then have subsequent kids? What were those labors like, in terms of length/intensity?

DD was born via c-section after 36 hours of labor, etc. DD was born 2.5 hours after I first thought, "Hmm, I think I just had a contraction." My mw's are pushing me at every apt to call at the first possible signs of labor so they can get to the hospital in time and I can get there in time. Everyone seems to be guessing this one will be equally as quick. My preference would be to birth at home solo than to birth en route to the hospital But I tell you, with two weeks left, every twinge, contraction, cramping etc and I'm on high alert that it's the start of labor.

So what gives? I know one fast labor statistically gives you good odds of going fast again, but what are your stories (or friends' stories)? Fact or fiction?
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Well I can't speak for myself, but can speak for my mother.

I was her first: born two hours after the first contraction.

My brother came next, in about 4 hours.

My sister next - they didn't even get her into the delivery suite for that one - she was in the "getting ready" room taking off her pantyhose and oop...out came the head!

My other brother was born gosh, well about 4 hours again I think was the labor.

The one exception I do believe was brother who died, who was born fairly quickly, but more slowly than the others - he passed away from a placental abruption (the same as my Josie) at the hospital before being born back in 1986.

All four live births were natural and totally un-medicated with anything. Finn, who died, was medicated with gas and air, I think - and a shot of narcotic because the emotional aspect made the labor very hard to handle, obviously.

So in her case certainly, it was always pretty quick. Because of her history, I am being treated as a woman who may well have a precipitous labor as well. We're built the same, my mother and I, so it wouldn't surprise me.

Hope that helps a bit!

Mama to Josie , lost 10/10/08 at 37.4 weeks .and my rainbow baby, Isobella Mai ...born 1/12/2010!Pregnant with Prairie Baby, AKA #3. Due October 17th, 2015.
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DD1 - 3 hours
DD2 - 47 minutes
DS1 - 1 hour 40 minutes (slow to start due to polyhydramnios issues)

They've all been super fast. With DD1&2 I didn't start labor until I was in transition, which is why they were short -- I'm guessing. With DS1 I was induced at 4 cm and started active labor at 5 cm.

I was pitocin induced with DD1 at 6.5 cm and AROM at 6 cm with DD2 because I wasn't contracting. I'm currently 5 cm and 80% effaced. Have been for about three days. No labor in sight, but we are preparing for yet another precipitous birth. I have to set up the birth pool now and hopefully have the water filled before labor.

Aeona - married to super hot nerd Toby . . . mama to Grace (10) Evangeline (8) Duncan 11.14.08 , Henry (5) born at home and Ruby, 11.27.14.
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DS1 5hrs
DS2 2hrs
Praying this one isn't less then 2hrs (but not uber long either!) because I need to get my kids to a sitter/the sitter needs to get here!

Mama to 2 little men (2004 & 2005) and a little lady who just arrived january 8th
Always remembering our little angels up above.
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My #2 was precipitous and then #3 was more reasonable:

#1 - 9 hours active labor (no early signs, no early labor)
#2 - 2.5 hours active labor (no early labor again, very first contraction was HUGE)
#3 - 5 hours - the first three hours were slow and mild and I didn't know what was going on because I hadn't had "early labor" before. It was a nice way to get started, actually.

No idea on #4 here, could be 5 hours again, or could be 4 contractions that end with a baby!

Rita, 36
married forever and homeschooling the kids: '96, '98, '05, and mystery person due 1/9/10
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I had a 2.5 hour labor from first contraction to delivery with my 3rd child.

#4 I was in labor for 7 hours (had to be 'augmented' due to SROM)
#5 I was in labor for appx 2 hours.

Mom of 7, ages 13, 12, 9, 7, 5, 4, and 2.5!
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#1 - 6 hr (but induced, epi, forceps, etc.... doc wanted him out by a certain time )
#2 - 3 hr 55 min (I joke that God had mercy on me in this labor knowing he would be our most challenging child!!)
#3 - 6.5 hr (posterior, and pushing hurt so it took me awhile to get the courage to just do it through all the back labor)
#4 - 5 hr (posterior again)

This baby is in a better position so hopefully will be another quick labor. Though I'm having prodromal labor this time and that's never happened before.

Alicia + James = Gabriel (9), Uriah (7), Ayla (5), Noah (3), Azriel (1), and due Oct. 2011

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baby #1 - 6.5 hours
baby #2 - 1.5 hours
baby #3 - 1 hour

i'm 38 weeks now, and hoping my midwife (who is 45 minutes away) makes it in time. but she probably won't, and my husband caught our second, so we've done this before.

Wife to j, homeschooling mom to five wonders

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I never consider labor labor until I'm in active labor, so...all my labors, minus the first (b/c I had no idea what was going on and went to the hospital too soon and got augmented with pitocin) were pretty "fast".

#2: 1.5 hours
#3: 4 hours
#4: 3 hours

What constitutes a fast labor, tho? I hear women speak of being in labor for 3 days or so and I think, "Woah."

I get the feeling this baby will be fast. She's already prepping and stuff.

Yes, yes.  I'm fabulous. loveeyes.gif  Moving on...

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#1 was 12 hours w/about 2.5 hours hard labor
#2 was 5 hours w/about 1.5 hours hard labor
#3 was 3 hours w/ ditto
#4 was 3 hours w/ditto
#5 was 3 hours w/ditto

I pray each time that I don't flip to a long labor! After such awesome labors I'm afraid I wouldn't have the patience for a long labor.
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