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January 2010 > Its a girl!!! ADDED PICS!!
RoseRed's Avatar RoseRed 11:15 AM 12-31-2009

Had the best experience of my life last night! Olivia Jane was born at 10:40 p.m. last night at home in my shower. It was the most difficult thing I have ever done but I wouldn't have it any other way!! She weighs 7lbs 7 oz so just a wee little thing.

We actually attempted to induce labor that afternoon by stripping the membranes. We did this based on a whole lot of things - but it turns out we did the right thing. Her U cord was attached to the side of the placenta and ended up detaching itself only moments after she was born. DH and I both feel strongly that someone was watching over us.

Hopefully I will get a chance to write her birth story today. I don't want to forget a thing! Such a healing experience after DD!s hospital birth!

The picture quality is bad because we didn't use the flash in the dark lit room - still working on the birth story!

nummies's Avatar nummies 11:17 AM 12-31-2009
Bec- I am sooooo happy for you!!! Sounds like a wonderful birth mama!! I am thrilled that you got your healing experience. Welcome Olivia!!
indigoscot's Avatar indigoscot 11:25 AM 12-31-2009
wow, so many babies being born! it's so exciting!

congrats mama and welcome olivia!!!! enjoy your babymoon.

acordio's Avatar acordio 11:36 AM 12-31-2009
Yay!!! Congrats!!!
JayJay's Avatar JayJay 11:38 AM 12-31-2009
Oh goodness me about the umbilical cord! Wow mama - good job! How wonderful! And hey, 7lb 7oz isn't THAT tiny Bet she looks tiny though huh? You grew a gorgeously healthy baby girl - can't wait to see pics!

*HUGE hugs* XxxX
Faliciagayle's Avatar Faliciagayle 11:44 AM 12-31-2009
Yay!!!! congratulations!
lilbsmama's Avatar lilbsmama 11:45 AM 12-31-2009
Congratulations!!!! So excited for you!
LouisianaMomma's Avatar LouisianaMomma 12:24 PM 12-31-2009
lalaland42 12:31 PM 12-31-2009
w00t! Congrats!
ratrodgrl's Avatar ratrodgrl 01:18 PM 12-31-2009
yayBec!!! I am SO happy for you that you had such a wonderful & healing birth. Thank God she came how and when she did! can't wait to see pix and read the story... enjoy your sweet girl!
Gray's Mommy's Avatar Gray's Mommy 01:18 PM 12-31-2009
Olivia Jane! Enjoy your babymoon!
JenChaffee's Avatar JenChaffee 01:51 PM 12-31-2009
So happy to hear of your wonderful birth experience! Welcome, Olivia!
seaheroine's Avatar seaheroine 01:56 PM 12-31-2009
Wow, I can't wait to read the entire story! Congratulations mama, it sounds like it was amazing! Welcome to the world, Olivia...enjoy your babymoon!
nudhistbudhist's Avatar nudhistbudhist 01:59 PM 12-31-2009
Happy Birthday Olivia! Have a restful day mama!
treegardner's Avatar treegardner 02:01 PM 12-31-2009
Leilalu's Avatar Leilalu 02:05 PM 12-31-2009
mamakims's Avatar mamakims 02:26 PM 12-31-2009
caefi's Avatar caefi 02:31 PM 12-31-2009
Congrats!!! Love the name.
remijo's Avatar remijo 02:41 PM 12-31-2009
Sounds like a wonderful experience! Congratulations!!!!
~Christina~'s Avatar ~Christina~ 02:42 PM 12-31-2009
Congrats!! I'm glad everything is ok with her!
aloya's Avatar aloya 03:36 PM 12-31-2009
Hooray mama and baby! And papa too!
Happiestever's Avatar Happiestever 03:51 PM 12-31-2009
Usually Curious's Avatar Usually Curious 04:33 PM 12-31-2009
Yayyy! Congrats!
pootula1900's Avatar pootula1900 05:17 PM 12-31-2009
Congratulations on the little girl. Weren't you due in January? Why did you feel the need to induce?
Oceanone's Avatar Oceanone 06:18 PM 12-31-2009
Big congratulations! It sounds wonderful and I am so glad for you that you had the birth you wanted. I love her name too. Enjoy your new little girl!
Kidzaplenty's Avatar Kidzaplenty 06:28 PM 12-31-2009
jillmamma's Avatar jillmamma 07:05 PM 12-31-2009
oregonmama79's Avatar oregonmama79 07:21 PM 12-31-2009
Congrats Mama!!
rsummer's Avatar rsummer 08:18 PM 12-31-2009
Wow! Someone was watching out for you. Congrats on your beautiful birth!
BoSoxMama's Avatar BoSoxMama 09:57 PM 12-31-2009
Congratulations on her birth! Eager to read the birth story when you have time to post it!
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