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chai's Avatar chai 03:17 PM 06-12-2009
I'm beginning to think I'm not really pregnant! I have basically no symptoms. It is very strange to believe I'm actually pregnant.

Last time I POAS (a few days ago) the line was dark and showed immediately, even with very diluted pee, so I guess I should believe it. I guess only time will tell.

2sweetboysmom's Avatar 2sweetboysmom 03:58 PM 06-12-2009
There were days, last week, when I felt pretty much symptomless, though I am plenty queesy now. I am 6w3d What is your due date? Some women/pregnancies don't feel sick till 7+ weeks, if at all. My aunt only was sick when she was pregnant with girls or multiples, never with a singleton boy.
chai's Avatar chai 04:49 PM 06-12-2009
I'm only 5w2d. Due Feb 10. It is a bit early, but I just feel so normal!
lilviolet's Avatar lilviolet 08:34 PM 06-12-2009

I am 5 weeks 2 days today and I am due 2/10/10 too. I called my ob this week for this same reason and I keep POAS!! He told me not worry and to consider myself lucky that I feel so great. I also had an ultrasound today in which we saw the gestational sac and it measured exactly 5 weeks 2 days so everythign is going just as it should. SO DONT WORRY!!!
chai's Avatar chai 09:50 PM 06-12-2009
Whew! That's great to know!
folkgirl's Avatar folkgirl 02:40 PM 06-17-2009
I am not having any major symptoms. I had some boob weirdness which I wouldn't even call soreness, just ... aversion? I don't know. My last pregnancy was almost completely symptomless so I am trying to tell myself everything is cool.
Snapdragon's Avatar Snapdragon 02:43 PM 06-17-2009
I am only 2 wks (med terms that is 4 wks) and have basically no symptoms. I thought my breasts would get big and tender but they look exactly the same! I may be more hungry and tired so I guess there's that. Sometimes I feel a pulling in my womb that I LOVE cause it makes me feel like a baby is in there! but other times for hours I feel nothing. I know what you mean! I have heard of people often going quite long without symptoms!
jerseygirl8676's Avatar jerseygirl8676 02:56 PM 06-17-2009
I am VERY tired and have bouts of nausea every once in a while...Thats about it. I wish i felt sick or had sore least it would make me feel
With baby #3 i didn't have any symptoms all pregnancy...oh i am 5w6d today!
chai's Avatar chai 07:04 PM 06-17-2009
Well, I'm 6 weeks today and the morning sickness showed up finally. It's not that bad at all - I just feel sort of generally queasy, but I guess I'm starting to feel a little more pregnant!
punquin's Avatar punquin 07:11 PM 06-17-2009
I feel pretty good in the mornings and start to worry in I am pg at all. By the end of the day, I am so exhausted, gassy and having horrible diarrhea from everything I eat that it is hard to doubt. Now if this one could just stick... I am 5 weeks today.
OlyR's Avatar OlyR 07:21 PM 06-17-2009
I am 4 weeks now and I haven't any symptoms. No strange feelings in the boobs.

If anything I could say maybe some cramps/pulling yesterday and the day before. Some heartburn last week when I got my positive, some gas last week/weekend - but all of that is just me being hyper sensitive because I know I'm pregnant. If I wasn't I probably wouldn't think twice about those "symptoms" I listed.
folkgirl's Avatar folkgirl 12:44 AM 06-25-2009
Bumping this because I'm STILL freaked that I have very few symptoms, particularly no morning sickness. I feel like something of a freak! I KNOW this is normal for me because I didn't have any with my last pregnancy either, but it's still bugging me.

The ironic thing is that my last pregnancy was SO overmanaged, I really want a more hands-off approach this time, but it is killing me that there's nothing I can "do." I guess I was so used to beta/hcg/dating ultrasounds, etc. that I am flummoxed that I haven't had any of the above this time, even though that's not what I want.

I will be having a dating ultrasound in a couple of weeks, just because I have no clue of conception date. I have to admit it will be a relief to have some "proof" that everything is okay...
Snapdragon's Avatar Snapdragon 12:53 AM 06-25-2009
I am glad someone bumped this cause I was just this second thinking about this very thing! I am 5 weeks today and feel nothing! Totally normal! I am even still watching a movie or something and seeing a pregnant woman on it and feeling- oh, I want a baby, I want to be pregnant- then I go- wait, I am! But I feel so regular. I am so glad others feel this way. On some "week by week" things I read it says that at about 6 weeks people start to feel things- though everyone is different. I am hoping to feel and look pregnant sometime soon!
lucy_v's Avatar lucy_v 01:18 AM 06-25-2009
Hi! I was nosing around your ddc as my due date is March 1, so I could be February.. anyway, I'm less than 5 wks pg, but I haven't felt much of anything. I was pg in December and I immediately felt symptoms (sore boobs, cramps, exhaustion). This time, I was convinced I was going to get a BFN because I had none of those symptoms. The only thing I'm noticing is my mood & emotions seem to be getting more... unpredictable each day. I suggest googling "pregnant no symptoms," and you'll find LOTS of stories of women who had none for a long while, if not their whole pregnancies! I have a friend, in fact, whose sister had a completely comfortable and symptomless (aside from her belly) pregnancy. We just have to do our best to relax and trust that things will be fine... worrying won't help us or our babies. (I am totally guilty of "Do as I say, not as I do" there.)
Champ1437's Avatar Champ1437 09:32 AM 06-25-2009
With my two girls I never got sick until about the 8 week mark

Then my first it started at 8 wks and I had it all day all night long the rest of the pregnancy. Horrible, I was on diclectin 5 pills per day and it didn't help, just made me tired.

My second it started around that same time and I didn't get sick more than 10 times, it was done by the second trimester. But I had mono and kidney stones, which I'd rather be sick lol

This time I am not sick yet and don't know whether it will start at 8 wks or not... I kind of want it to as much as I also don't, just to know things are okay lol I know what you feel when your symptomless, but I guess I have lots of other things going on making me sure baby is growing.. but sickness always makes it real for me haha

I guess just be happy for now that you feel pretty good

I have also heard others say they were sick with girls and multiples but not their boys, so wierd.
chai's Avatar chai 12:02 PM 06-25-2009
Originally Posted by Katie34 View Post
I am glad someone bumped this cause I was just this second thinking about this very thing! I am 5 weeks today and feel nothing! Totally normal!
I'm wishing I were back at 5 weeks right now! I'm 7 weeks and sick! I was so naive LOL
beccabus's Avatar beccabus 02:39 PM 06-25-2009
Originally Posted by chai View Post
I'm beginning to think I'm not really pregnant! I have basically no symptoms. It is very strange to believe I'm actually pregnant.

Last time I POAS (a few days ago) the line was dark and showed immediately, even with very diluted pee, so I guess I should believe it. I guess only time will tell.
I felt exactly the way you do with my first pregnancy. I felt nothing. I wanted so bad to have morning sickness or something so I could feel pregnant, but I never did. This pregnancy is far different and now I realize I took that first pregnancy for granted!!! Enjoy feeling great!!
Snapdragon's Avatar Snapdragon 12:28 PM 06-26-2009
I am feeling really down in the dumps today. I don't even know if I am really pregnant. I know many of you have said symptoms come later but I just feel blah and a bit sad that maybe this isn't happening after all! I haven't taken a test since 15 DPO. I think I am going to get one right now, but I am actually scared to see the results! All I have to think I might be pregnant is that it s now about 9 or 10 days past when my next cycle would have began, so that is good.ANd I had BFP's from 11-15 DPO at which point I stopped testing. I took my temperature this morning after not doing so for a while and it wasn't very high, and I have no symptoms except feeling down. So I am going to take another test. I hope I get good results.
punquin's Avatar punquin 12:37 PM 06-26-2009
I'm sorry you are feeling down, Katie

I have my moments with little to no symptoms and it is scary. I seem to be a magnet for things going wrong in pg and the fact that I don't have full-on m/s kind of scares me. Comparing this pg to my blighted ovum in '06, I definitely am feeling a lot more "off". I feel like I have the flu - exhausted, achey, ga/diarrhea, nausea on occasion, headaches, acid reflux. If my boobs look a little smaller one morning (most likely from me not being able to eat enough the day before) I freak out... Who knew pg was so terrifying.
Snapdragon's Avatar Snapdragon 01:49 PM 06-26-2009
I am feeling better I took a FRER and it came up super dark positive right away! yay. It is just that this pregnancy has been so long in the coming and so wanted and now I am having a challenge just trusting in it, I think. But I feel so much better having taken that test. I hadn't taken one in a while so it is reassuring.

Punquin I know what you mean. I hope you are doing well.

It is comforting to know that others go through these ups and downs. Isbeing grumpy a symptom?! I feel so very much better than I did earlier today just having seen that second line.

I think I need to learn how to trust and that things can be okay. Sometimes I wonder if I use fear and doubt as a way of protection.Like that trusting and feeling good will make me vulnerable or something. Anyway.
Perdita_in_Ontario's Avatar Perdita_in_Ontario 01:58 PM 06-26-2009
Katie, I think what you're feeling is extremely normal. And yes, I think worrying can be a kind of "protection mechanism" for some people.

Grumpiness is most definitely a symptom LOL!

I'm really glad you saw the line.