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Do you work full-time or part-time? And what are your plans while pregnant and then after your babe is born?


To answer my own questions, I work part-time (11-16 hours per week) at a local coffee shop! It's my very favorite job in the world (um, besides mothering). I'm very much extroverted and here I get paid to: make coffe (yay!), drink coffee (yay!) and talk to people (yay!). I've worked there about 10 months thus far, quite by chance. I was a SAHM for three years before venturing out to working again. Before that I was a Sports Editor for the local newspaper office. It was a great job but the hours were terrible.

As for plans while pregnant... I plan to continue working... I haven't told anybody there yet (haha.. I haven't told ANYBODY anyway!). I am running around and on my feet the whole time there, but since no shift is longer than four hours (well, one is six hours, but I don't get it often), I don't think it should be a problem.

Plans after this babe is born? I'm up in the air. I truly love my job because it's such a necessary outlet for me. I *need* interaction with people. It's part of who I am. And I love the people that come in to the coffee shop and they love me too ... but... I think my job first and foremost is mothering... So I might see what can be worked out. Maybe I'd only work 4-8 hours per week or something for a while. Nothing huge, but getting out of the house for a *bit*. ... Childcare would also be an issue. Right now, it's easy for my mom to watch my three girls (and she loves it! So do they!)... but she only has a small car in which three carseats barely fit across the back. Four wouldn't work.

Dh is off Sun-Tues... so maybe I could just get a few hours Mondays and Tuesdays... who knows... it's a long way off so I have time to ponder.

Just wondering if anybody else is dealing with this aspect too

Judy, wife to my Catholic deacon husband, mothering my five girls and a boy, and
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Well I'm actually about to start a full time job/schooling in the next couple weeks. Going to be a corrections officer! The recruiter already knows I'm pregnant and has actually pushed my paperwork through faster so I can get in on the next class session in Sept. The plan is to work until they kick me out and then to go back as soon as I feel ready after baby is born. I'm hoping to get baby on a pattern where I do the most nursing when I'm home and hopefully baby won't need much during the time I'm at work (unsure of the hours I'll get.) I'm hoping to be able to pump although I'm still leery about it due to being at a prison (germs and diseases you know!) And of course park I'll myself on the couch with baby on my days off

-:¦:-♥Sarah Lynne♥-:¦:-Wife to Michael and Mommy to Austin(5), Steven(3), Tristyn(1), and Laurelyn (6/3/2011)

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I am a grad student, so I teach labs (~20 hours a week's worth of work, but only 1-2 labs actually at school, 2 hours each). I also attend classes and do research.

I plan on going to school right through the pregnancy (and just not taking any classes the semester I'm due). I will only be teaching 1 lab/week, so I can pay my other labmates to cover my class for as long as I need-up until the end of the semester.

After the baby is born, I plan on going back to teach ASAP (only 2 hours away from babe/day max). DH works 2nd shift, so he can keep the baby any time I am gone during the day. I will try to pump a little, just in case, but hopefully the little one will be ok for 2 hours once or twice a week while I am in lab. I will continue research, but I can bring the baby into the lab and nurse on demand(no toxic/dangerous stuff-we're an anatomy/phys lab).

That is my perfect plan. Let's just see how life actually changes everything!

Kara: on a journey with DH, Mama to DS 2/2010
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My situation is a little different, but still 'work outside the home'...which could change. I babysit/nanny, generally one child at a time, and take DD with me. This is usually a plus for the families I sit for, but TWO (including a newborn)...maybe not so much. I plan to keep going through the pregnancy and I'm hoping that my existing families will be open to keeping me on after I have the baby. Hopefully I would only take off a few weeks and that wouldn't be too tough for them. I might end up having the kids over to my house afterwards instead of going to them. So I might make a little less money but it could still work out if I picked up a few more hours here and there. Planning on LOTS of babywearing to get us through!

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Not working right know, but when August 29th rolls around I will be taking Calculus, Chemistry, Speech, and World Civ I. And school is an hour commute for me. Not sure what I'll do for the Spring semester, hopefully I can get 12 hours of online classes. Actually, I'm thinking about rearranging my Fall schedule a little bit so that I can get in some classes that would be hard to take online, because Speech and World Civ are fairly common online classes at my school. I've got several job applications out right now, and I would be kinda happy to get an easy part-time job right now. School's been out since the beginning of May and I'm getting tired of sitting around the house.
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I work full time as a software developer. I am planning to work full time through the end of my pregnancy (as I did the first time) and then take as long a maternity leave as I can get.

I had originally planned to quit my job when the next baby arrived, but now I have discovered that I really like where I am working, and my first child is very happy in his current preschool, so that quitting my job and keeping him at home would be overall detrimental for our family. If I have to go back to work before 6 months I think I will try to find a private nanny for the baby - at 6 months he/she can go to the same daycare/preschool our first is in (a lovely place where I would truly trust them with an infant).

DH and I stagger our schedules so that we only need childcare between the hours of 10am - 4pm, which helps.
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I work about 40 hours a week (supposed to be 32, but I'm a consultant, and the company expects more than the bare minimum to be billed). I take Wednesdays off.

Most days I can work at home, which has been a huge bonus while dealing with this "morning" sickness.

In September, DD will start 4-year-old kindergarten, so I will probably change my hours from 4days/week to 32 hours spread over 5 days. This will shorten my days as I get towards the end of the pregnancy. DD will go to daycare the other half of the day - DH picks her up just after 4.

We haven't discussed yet how much maternity leave I will take. By law, I can take a full year and have my job more or less protected. Ontario Employment Insurance gives individuals on parental leave a stipend, which is far less than my salary, but still gratefully received. Last time, I took 6 months of leave, and then DH took 6 months. I'd like to negotiate with him to take 7 or 8 months this time, as I found working FT and pumping exhausting, and it got easier as she got older and ate more solids and needed less EBM. I also think that going back early (for Canada - I'm aware that compared to many mothers in the US, 6 months is amazing) contributed to some PPD I experienced last time. However I want to be fair to DH, and support that he wants to be equally involved, so we'll talk it through.

Perdita - newly SAHM to DD July/05 & DS Feb/10 joy.gif
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I work about 10 hours a week OOH for a WAHM-run babywearing business; my employer is a crunchy AP mom herself, so that makes my situation kind of unique.

I plan to work up until I have the baby, and then I'll probably take a couple weeks off after baby arrives (with some work from home). Then I'll go back to work as I'm able - I'll do what I can from home and I may have reduced hours for the first month or so, if needed, but I really hope to be back to my regular hours by then. I can bring my baby to work with me, so it really is just when I'm feeling up to it.

~ Colleen ~ Joyful Unschooling Pagan mama to hearts.gifenergy.gifsuperhero.gifjog.gif and babyf.gif
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I work a 40 hour a week desk job. If everything goes perfectly, I'll work until delivery then take 12 weeks off. That should bring me back into the office during a slow time (summer) and DH will be at home with the baby until he goes back to work in mid-August. I feel better about putting a 5.5 month old in daycare rather than a 3 month old. I figure I can use our storage closet for pumping and coming back during a slow time should help everyone get used to my new schedule before things get crazy busy in September.

I'm hoping my boss isn't going to be too upset with me taking the full 12 weeks I'm allotted. I enjoy my job and the people I work with and I'm the main breadwinner so I have to go back to work. I'm already trying to come up with a list of things that will need to be done in my absence to find ways to do them early or have someone trained to cover them.

WOHM: Married 2002. partners.gif Dog parents 2005. dog2.gif DS arrived 3/3/10. Newbie expected late June 2013. slingboy.gifbfinfant.gifcd.gif

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I work full time as a graphic designer, but for the past couple of years I have only gone in to the office twice a week. They moved our corporate office out of state and it was too long of a drive for me. At the moment, they are doing construction at the location where I keep my office, so I am working from home full time for a month. That works out well, as I am not allowed to do much moving around while my hematoma is still bleeding out.

I am not thinking of after pregnancy yet. I won't even let myself think of names or the nursery or anything yet. My faith was severely shattered the first time around.

Stephanie MC 11/22/06
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I work very part-time as a choir director at the church where my hubby is pastor. During pregnancy won't be an issue at all. If I feel too crappy, DH has a music background as well and can pinch-hit for me as needed (he actually had to do this last Christmas eve when I was sick with flu!)

After, I can do rehearsals with the baby in the sling if I need to. If not, there's always someone around the church willing to hold a baby. I'm really blessed. I'm going to try to schedule easy stuff for Easter through Pentecost. Plus I have two high school helpers who are really competent and awesome.

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I work - I teach Composition at a community college here - this adds up to about 30 hours a week for me (with no daycare. Woof.). My plan is to keep on doing it - my face to face class is at 7 a.m.. When DS was a newborn, I woke and nursed him from 4:30-5:30 then got ready, taught, and came home. I'll do the same with this one. I'll have to find coverage for 1 week in February, I guess, which could be interesting.

Monica, mom to Lilly (7) and Carter (4) and rainbow baby Elsa (11/27/10).
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I work full time, a 40 to 50-hour week as a reporter. Thankfully, since I work for a weekly business newspaper, the hours are more regular than some reporting jobs. But, there are still a lot of "after hours" events and meetings I need to attend.

I'm switching over to my husband's insurance right now so that I'll be able to leave this job if I so choose - I'm hoping to talk them into letting me work part time for a while after the baby and transition back into full time eventually. But, I've watched co-workers here go through pregnancy and maternity leave and have learned that my employers are *very* inflexible.

I don't necessarily want to leave, but there's no way I could do this job with an infant. I'd spend all my salary on day care, and I'd never get to see my baby, which is not OK with me. It's scary, though, to leave a full time job - especially in journalism - in this economy. I'm going to try to make a combination of freelance reporting and grant writing work.
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I work full time out of the home and plan to return after the 12 weeks FMLA granted time.

I think I would miss my job (I'm a lawyer for a gov't and it has great hours and benefits and it's the exact line of work I have always wanted) but I also have student loans to pay and we tend to spend a lot on travel and just bought a house to grow into and plan to aggressively save to buy a vacation cabin in the next few years so it's not financially feasible for me (or my husband) to stop working.
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